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You might be able to win an election by yelling MAGA. It's certainly more plausible than convincing all the MAGA adherents that they are actually naughty boys who need to join an intellectual libertarian movement and give up their uncouth ways.
Never said anything about an intellectual libertarian movement

All I'm talking about is ignoring the culture war and talking about, you know, liberty..

..the talk can be as low-brow as necessary.

Since when have candidates ever won by convincing voters they care about the wrong issues? The correct answer is never. If you don't want the moral majority vote fine. Don't pursue it. But it is a needed part of a winning coalition in many races.
Never said anything about that either

FOX didn't sit down and explain to people in the summer of 2015 that immigrants were about to rape and murder them all.

It just played emotional anti-immigrant stories non-stop for 3 months.

How do you get people to turn away from that (or the like re bathrooms, cakes, or any other trivia)?

Stop talking about it. Stop posting story after story after story designed to provoke tribal, culture war reactions.