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Thread: Paul Manafort, Who Once Ran Trump Campaign, Indicted on Money Laundering and Tax Charges

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    Quote Originally Posted by timosman View Post
    Mueller Hoping Manafort Will Choose to Testify Against Trump Rather Than 'Die in Prison' -
    Please not Alan Dershowitz again?!?

    Alan Dershowitz was introduced to Jeffrey Epstein by his, Trump’s, Kissinger’s and Clinton’s friend Lynn Forester (these days “lady” De Rothschild).
    Jeffrey Epstein is of course the well-connected paedophile and (also) a long-time friend of Trump:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suzanimal View Post
    Because, although she no longer holds office, the Clintons are still major power players. The Bushes no longer in office either and I'd like to see them face justice.

    He's not my guy and if I'm recalling phill's posts correctly, he's not his either.

    Here's a thread where he specifically went after Trump supporters.

    Why not go after both?

    From what I've read so far, I'm starting to think the list of who hasn't colluded with the Russians or Ukrainians is shorter.
    Isn't history funny? Seems phil is now a 'Trumphumper' only a few months later.
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    ID: 0fdb2c

    Jul 31 2018 13:28:47 (EST)

    Public DOMAIN.
    [RR] exonerated Manafort FOR THE SAME CHARGES (8) years ago.
    Can you locate the orig court docs?

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    Trial Manafort started

    Yesterday, 31 July, the “first” trial of special cover-up artist Robert Mueller has started.

    Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, earned more than $60 million from 2006 to 2015 as a political consultant for former President Viktor Yanukovych’s Party of Regions and its Opposition Bloc successor in the Ukraine.
    Mueller has accused Manafort (in the first trial) of:
    1) Laundering $30 million through a web of offshore accounts into the US to evade taxes, especially through foreign accounts located in Cyprus;
    2) Defraud several US banks to get more than $20 million in loans.

    It is expected that the government’s star witness will be Rick Gates, who worked with Manafort for Ukraine and on the Trump campaign (even after Manafort resigned as campaign manager). Gates was charged alongside Manafort but he made a deal with Mueller.
    The only other “big name” on the witness list is Tad Devine, who’s probably best known for advising on Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign. Before that Devine had worked with Manafort for the Ukraine.

    Mueller had indicted Manafort in September 2017 for his lobbying for the Ukraine (this will be the “second” trial). The charges include not registering as a foreign agent in his Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) statements.

    The first (Virginia) trial is expected to last about 3 weeks and will be followed by the second (of another 3 weeks).
    Manafort has pleaded not guilty.

    None of the charges brought against Manafort have anything to do with Russia interfering in the US presidential election (all of the charges date from before he worked on Trump’s campaign):

    Mueller has cut the charges up in 2 trials to confuse the public. It would be “easier” to judge Manafort if all the charges would be evaluated in one trial…

    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
    Can you locate the orig court docs?
    Of course "Q" is great at cryptic writings, but not in finding "evidence" (Miles Mathis is even worse)...

    Here’s the 30 pages indictment of February (the first trial, fraud and tax evasion):

    Here’s the 31 pages indictment of October 2017 (the second trial, including not registering as a foreign agent):

    I don’t think I exaggerate that I found more interesting information in a single day searching the internet. Some of the interesting information Robert Mueller “forgot”:
    - The Russian Alfa Bank that was communicating with the Trump Organization and the Spectrum Health of DeVos family during the election:

    - The British SCL Group and its Cambridge Analytica subsidiary and its connections to major Trump funder, Robert Mercer:

    - Wilbur Ross, who controlled the Bank of Cyprus, which was used to funnel money to Manafort.
    - Oleg Deripaska, for a time Manafort’s most important client, who’s close to Vladimir Putin and even closer to Ivanka’s one-time boyfriend Nat Rothschild.
    - That from 2012 to 2014 Mercury (of Manafort and Gates) and the Podesta Group were jointly working for the Ukraine.
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    Ron Paul is right. At a certain point, the truth is irrelevant in the sheep's eyes.

    “Force the normies into taking sides. At the moment they are just like "meh, I am minding my own business" retreating culturally into their private bubbles and "safe-spaces" since they don't understand what is going on. When the actual "us vs them" starts, they will be forced to fight or they'll die.” - Anonymous Poster

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    Quote Originally Posted by AuH20 View Post
    Ron Paul is right. At a certain point, the truth is irrelevant in the sheep's eyes.
    The good thing is we are a republic.

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    Bronfman’s and Oliver North’s Saudi partner in crime, Adnan Khashoggi, has been involved in a bunch of scandals. There are stories about: Iran-Contra, money laundering for Ferdinand Marcos and 9/11.

    Paul Manafort has also been in business with Marcos:
    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter
    Manafort has also represented amongst others Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos and Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, to improve their public reputations.
    There is an even closer connection between Manafort and Khashoggi through his representative in Spain - Abdul Rahman Al Assir from Lebanon. Al Assir was once brother-in-law of Adnan Khashoggi. He arranged big weapons sales to African armies.
    The London-based Sourakia once wrote:
    The miracle of Al Assir is that he will have lunch with Don Juan Carlos [king of Spain], dinner with Hassan II [king of Morocco], and breakfast the next day with Felipe González [prime minister of Spain].
    In the late 1980s, Manafort became friends with Al Assir. In 1989, Manafort took Al Assir as his guest to George H.W. Bush’s inauguration.
    In the ’90s, Manafort and Al Assir were putting together big deals. Including an arms sale from France to Pakistan, that involved bribes and kickbacks to high-level officials in both countries. Manafort and Al Assir were not only business partners but even “very brotherly”. Manafort became the godfather of Al Assir’s child. They went on a holiday together near Cannes.

    In 2003, Manafort’s partner Rick Davis was invited to a meeting in Manhattan with Nathaniel “Nat” Philip Victor James Rothschild, heir apparent to the Rothschild trillions:
    (archived here:
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