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Thread: Paramedic disarms police officer having a panic attack

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    Default Paramedic disarms police officer having a panic attack

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    Default Officer Starts Shooting at Nonexistent Threats Deputy has panic attack and starts shooting at non-existent phantom threats.

    "Deputy Justin Johnson did not mention the panic attack in his report on the December 2016 incident, and he remains on active duty, court records show.
    Brian Keith Mullinax, 41, and his girlfriend, Tina Carrie Jo Cody, 37, spent 42 days in jail on felony charges, accused of causing what was described in court statements as a "panic attack"

    From Free Thought Project:

    Deputy Justin Johnson is a Sevier County Sheriff’s Office deputy. Johnson was called by paramedics to a Sevier mobile home park where Brian Keith Mullinax, 41, and his girlfriend, Tina Carrie Jo Cody, 37, live. Cody’s mother, Robin Sutton is their landlord. Sutton lives in one mobile home while the couple lives in another. Sutton claimed her daughter and her boyfriend stole her purse. Johnson was called to investigate.

    Upon arrival, the officer approaches Cody and gives her two conflicting commands, “Walk over here!” and “Don’t move!” Apparently not knowing what to do, she took off running. Johnson chased her down, … She later told the officer she just got out of a mental health facility.

    As officer Johnson was attempting to get Cody in handcuffs, he must have believed he saw Mullinax with a gun—he was unarmed. He wheeled around, with his Glock drawn, pointed it at the man and opened fire in a volley of seven shots. …
    He ran downhill to the far end of the field away from the mobile home, abandoning his suspects, the paramedics, and the citizens he fired upon. …
    He radioed dispatch:
    Get me help, shots fired, get me help! I’ve got a guy with a gun. I need some help. Shots fired!

    At around the 5:30 minute mark … Johnson lost it completely. He had a full-blown panic attack, sounding as if he was crying, he remained frozen in place, gun drawn, arms extended …

    one brave paramedic, Michael O’Connor, moved in to disarm the officer who was noticeably and audibly out of control. … The calm, cool, and collected paramedics and their demeanor stood in stark contrast to the officer who could not keep it together.

    But what happened next some are calling a travesty of justice. Cody was charged with resisting arrest while Mullinax was charged with assault … the only shots fired were those from Johnson’s gun … the couple was charged for the officer’s own panic attack. …

    According to the Knoxville News Sentinel:
    The video showed Mullinax obeyed Johnson when – after Johnson had fired seven shots and ran away – the deputy ordered him to the ground, and he never moved from that position during or after Johnson’s panic attack.

    Even still, with eyewitnesses present, the couple went to jail for 42 days … the law required for them to get a hearing within 10 days of being jailed, but they did not get their hearing. Now, they’re arguably being charged for crimes they did not commit. … Mullinax is set to appear in court on Tuesday on charges he assaulted the officer. ...

    Mullinax is set to stand trial in Sevier County Criminal Court on Tuesday on a charge that he assaulted Johnson. A lower court judge already dropped felony charges … a grand jury refused to indict Cody for causing the panic attack. She remains charged with resisting arrest.
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