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Thread: Liberland: How one man plans to build a new libertarian paradise in Europe

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    Liberland: How one man plans to build a new libertarian paradise in Europe

    This is an older article written in April 2016. I found out about it yesterdaywatching a Anarcast youtube (video below)video interview of Vit Jedicka the President of Liberland. I looked to see what kind of article I could find about it and found the one below.

    Exclusive: Vit Jedlicka is the self-proclaimed president of 'the youngest country in the world', a land free from regulation on disputed territory between Croatia and Serbia. He tells The Independent he now has too many backers to be stopped

    Adam Withnall

    When he plunged a flag into the banks of the Danube and declared the birth of the Free Republic of Liberland, Vit Jedlicka was dismissed by governments and media organisations as a joke.

    Yet one year and many diplomatic missions later, his vision of a libertarian paradise born on a patch of unwanted land has 400,000 would-be citizens, the backing of a range of political movements around the world and even its own national beer.

    Thanks to the efforts of the Croatian border police, Liberland has still technically not got a single inhabitant, and its 7 sq km of boggy wetlands boast just one dilapidated building, an abandoned hunting lodge.

    But speaking in an exclusive interview with The Independent, “President” Jedlicka reveals that plans are nearly in place for a group of Liberlanders to break through that police blockade in such numbers “there is nothing they can do to stop it”.

    Liberland lies on the Croatia-Serbia border, roughly halfway between Zagreb and Belgrade. A product of a border dispute between the two countries lasting a quarter of a century, it lies on a portion of territory which neither country is willing to claim.

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    Serbia has no problem with Liberland though Croatia does. Two days ago a representative of Liberland spoke in the Croatia parliament about independence.

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