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Thread: Public statute proposal: The 'Jim Carrey Law':

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    Public statute proposal: The 'Jim Carrey Law':

    First draft, thoughts:

    Proposed public statute to replace the recent repeal of the HIV statute, as by SB239:

    This shall be known as the ‘Jim Carrey Law’ and provide protection to the public as by the below context:

    It shall be a Class-1 felony to knowingly infect through direct or indirect means another individual, or to pass about materials for profit or charity, which have been known or should have been known to permanently contaminate another party with biological contagions that inflict physical deformities, discomfort, psychological or mental health concerns, or require lifelong medical treatments including but not limited to sexually transmitted diseases, living biohazards, and the like. [e.g., Hansen's disease, herpes, hepatitis, HIV, AIDS, qualifying radiologicals, qualifying biologicals, etc.]

    Whenever any violation of the above has resulted as a consequence of the commission of another crime this statute shall run concurrently and provide a reasonable multiple of time based upon the totality of charges and criminal history, up to and not to exceed 20-years. [e.g., rape, molestation, battery, ADW, etc.]

    Whenever any violation of the above has resulted in a corresponding death of another, a charge of this statute shall run concurrently for no less than 50-years per occurence.
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