Up-Close Video Taken by Las Vegas Taxi Driver Suggests Multiple Shooters, One on Fourth Floor

An up-close video taken by a taxi driver who was in the driveway of the Mandalay Bay as the shooting started shows distinct muzzle flashes coming from the fourth floor of the hotel, not the 32nd where Stephen Paddock allegedly was located. As well, distant bursts of automatic fire can be heard which cannot be echoes, as they take place long after the initial fourth floor bursts and are different in cadence and duration.
A number of witnesses, including a wounded concert-goer, steadfastly maintain there was more than one shooter. The taxi driver's video has been called "the Zapruder film" of Las Vegas. Answering why there was no broken window, observers have noted many kinds of high-rise windows can be removed easily and replaced.... READ FULL ARTICLE...

Analysis of Taxi Driver Video