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Thread: Moscow Offers To Mediate Talks Between Saudi Arabia, Iran

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    Moscow Offers To Mediate Talks Between Saudi Arabia, Iran

    Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said his country is ready to establish dialogue or organize bilateral contacts between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Tasnim News reported Oct. 11. Bogdanov said Russia has offered several times to resolve the issues between the two countries.

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    more mediation efforts... Egypt+Russian disarm more proxies in Syria + plus decade old Palestinian rivals

    Hassan Ridha- @sayed_ridha ∑ 51 min.
    Negotiations in Cairo result in Jaish al-Islam, Jaish al-Ababil & Aknaf Bayt al-Maqdis signing agreement to ceasefire in south of Damascus

    Hassan Ridha- @sayed_ridha ∑ 50 min
    Egypt & Russia acted as mediators and the agreement was to open all corridors to allow aid into the neighbourhoods + prevent evacuation deal
    (so.. no 'transplanting' of rebels)

    Hassan Ridha- @sayed_ridha ∑ 46 min.
    Mohamad Alloush (JaI political branch) thanked President Sisi & Egyptian authorities for their role in the Syrian crisis in the negotiations

    Hassan Ridha- @sayed_ridha ∑ 43 min.
    Egyptian intelligence envoy visited Damascus at the starting period of the negotiations and met with Syrian Government/Army officials


    BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking
    Palestinian militant group Hamas signs reconciliation deal in Cairo with Fatah rivals after 10-year rift
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