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Thread: Trump's 70-Point Immigration Reform - Here's A Better Way

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    Trump's 70-Point Immigration Reform - Here's A Better Way

    Trump's 70-Point Immigration Reform - Here's A Better Way

    The White House has rolled out the President's 70 point plan to reform the immigration system. Will building a wall, hiring more officers and prosecutors, mandating E-Verify, and other enforcement measures help solve the problem? Or is there a better way?
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    Gotta love Ron. "Its not immigration, its the welfare state." His explanation isn't perfect -making it sound like immigrants can just walk across the border and demand benefits is way more simplistic than reality- but his principles are in the right place. He knows that in a free society you wouldn't have welfare programs or immigration regulation, you would have the free market directing cheap labor moving to and from the country. And of course he doesn't support either "E-Verify" nor the mass deportation of illegal immigrants. His understanding of immigration's "circular flow" is really excellent too. He even come sout against the "merit system" for immigration!

    And listen to the results of Trump's Wall -$27 billion in tax funds stolen from the people and it being built on land 2/3 of which is going to be seized from private owners through mass government violence. Nothing says "private property rights and freedom" like theft and oppression!

    There is a "constitutional conservative" for you. Even understands that people can be immigrants without being or wanting to be citizens.
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    Ugh, e-Verify... just what we need - more state technology.

    Nothing to see here folks... move along or I'll unleash tech upon your miserable prole-self.

    Trump's a smart guy in many ways, but his world is very small in some regards and I don't think he understands freedom quite well enough.
    Through lives and lives shalt thou pay, O' king.

    Pray for reset.

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