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Thread: NY Federal Reserve catches fire

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    The roof is on fire????


    (Wow, 1984, really???)
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    Quote Originally Posted by dannno View Post
    The roof is on fire????


    (Wow, 1984, really???)
    A generator on the roof sparked the fire sometime before 8:40 p.m., fire officials say
    No injuries have been reported
    The extent of the damage is unclear
    I was hoping this was the big one.

    This has made me realize how right Ron Swanson's philosophy really was. If Libertarians ever cornered the firefighting bureaucracy, we could actually do a lot of good in this country...
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    This is the essence of tragedy,
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    Fire has never collapsed a steel framed Federal Reserve Building in the history of mankind.

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    "There's been such a terrible loss of value in the fiat currency...maybe the best thing is to just pull it...."

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