Last week the NRA has pushed for gun control by asking the ATF to "review" the legalities of bump stocks. The talking points from those close to the NRA are such that they want the ATF to ban bump stocks so that the issue can be considered resolved and everyone can move on. The NRA is willing to sacrifice some 2nd Amendment freedom in order to prevent a bigger power grab, or so they say. What they have been repeating over and over again is that if Congress gets involved the result could be much worse than just a simple ban on bump stocks.

To anyone who has worked in politics and understands what is going on this is pure baloney.

The NRA is a Republican establishment protection machine. The insiders of the NRA are very close to the establishment. Some of the top NRA staff are literally married to the establishment. The NRA does not want a vote on this issue in Congress because they do not want Republican incumbents to have to go on record on the 2nd Amendment.

Again, the NRA is trying to protect incumbent Republicans from having to vote for or against a ban on bump stocks. That's why they are pushing the ATF to make this ban so that Republican Congressmen don't have to get involved and possibly take a stand.