CNN International has less than a week to eliminate violations uncovered by Roskomnadzor, otherwise the US broadcaster’s license in Russia may be suspended, the country’s communications regulator said. “We’ve recently issued an order to [CNN]. It instructs the television channel and the broadcaster to eliminate the violations that we detected before October 11,” Vadim Subbotin, Roskomnadzor deputy head, told Interfax.
“Under the law on mass media, if the order isn’t executed, the broadcasting license can be suspended by Roskomnadzor,” Subbotin warned.

According to the official, the watchdog is currently reviewing the paperwork provided by CNN in response to the complaints.

“We’ll have more precise information somewhere around October 11,” he said.
During his earlier speech at a session of the Russian Federation Council’s Committee on State Sovereignty Protection, Subbotin said that he “wouldn’t like one to draw parallels between the activities of Roskomnadzor and the activities our colleagues from the US Justice Department are now conducting regarding our [Russian] media.”
“We treat every media outlet equally, no matter of their state of origin – America, France, Germany,” he said.

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