In the words of the local sheriff....

“love triangle, excluding the pit bull."

"a man brought a dog to a gun fight"

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'Love triangle, excluding the pit bull' hospitalizes 2 men

CLAREMONT – In what Catawba County Sheriff Coy Reid called one of the most unusual cases he’s ever seen, two men were hospitalized for injuries in a dispute over a woman Thursday morning.

Deputies responded to a call in the 5000 block of Gateway Drive in Claremont, finding one female witness, one pit bull, one man sitting on the hood of a car with a gunshot wound in the leg, and another in the backyard suffering from several dog bites in what Reid called a “love triangle, excluding the pit bull."

The incident began when William Raymond Code arrived at the scene with his pit bull and found Jordan Rafeal Norwood and the female together in bed.

Code broke out a window, threw the pit bull inside the house and climbed in alongside him, according to Reid.

Norwood came outside and locked himself in a car, followed by Code and the dog, according to Reid.

Norwood retrieved a gun from the car, before pursuing Code and the dog.

“It’s a little confusing after that, but (Norwood) ended up getting severely bitten by the pit bull, firing his weapon until all the bullets were out of it.”

Code was struck in the leg with a bullet; according to deputies, the dog did not appear to be shot.

Both men are being treated for their injuries at separate hospitals.

Reid said that the pit bull, Zeus, was taken by animal control
; the female witness is being interviewed by detectives.

“The statement we have from (Code) is that he never (told the dog to attack) (Norwood); we don’t know how that started for sure yet, we’re early in the investigation,” Reid said.

“We’ve seen love triangles, but a man brought a dog to a gun fight; probably first one I’ve seen like that.”

No charges have been filed as of yet; the investigation is ongoing.