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Thread: America's Downfall: Divide and Conquer

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    Default America's Downfall: Divide and Conquer

    Lauren Southern Published on Sep 25, 2017

    G Edward Griffin author of The Creature from Jekyll Island
    Red Pill University:
    Truth is a social construct. 👁👁

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    “We have enslaved the rest of animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form.”

    — William Ralph Inge


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    This interview must have been super uncomfortable for Lauren Southern to do. He was describing the sort of politics she peddles and she just sad there and nodded like a bubble head doll
    You can maintain power over people, as long as you give them something. Rob a man of everything, and that man will no longer be in your power. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    Quote Originally Posted by LibertyEagle View Post
    Trust principles; not people.
    My Che avatar is my unique way of giving a big middle finger to the, the neocons, the globalists, imperialists and most importantly to the left and right political establishment who hate his guts till this day. My admiration for him ends where his anti imperialist pro communism ideology starts.

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    Truth is a social construct. 👁👁

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