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Thread: WA - Woman faces charges for "stealing" fire extinguisher to put out car fire to save child

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    Exclamation WA - Woman faces charges for "stealing" fire extinguisher to put out car fire to save child

    Good Samaritan could face charges for trying to help rescue child from burning truck

    by Kara Kostanich

    Wednesday, September 27th 2017

    SNOQUALMIE PASS, Wash. – An Idaho woman who acted as a good Samaritan when a child was stuck inside a burning truck could face charges - all over a fire extinguisher.

    “I’m in absolute shock,” said Tequila Isaacson who jumped in to help when the pickup truck went up in flames.

    It happened near the Washington State Department of Transportation restroom building on Snoqualmie Pass.

    On Tuesday one of the glass front doors on the neighboring Red Mountain Coffee remained boarded up after Isaacson broke the window on Sunday to gain access to a fire extinguisher.

    “We turned around and the whole vehicle was on fire,” said Isaacson. “There were flames shooting between the cab and the bed of the truck - taller than the truck.”

    The pickup was parked in the parking lot next to the coffee shop when it went up in flames with a child inside. The boy’s parents worked to get him out as another man called 911 and Isaacson frantically searched for a fire extinguisher.

    “I ran back around from where the glass door was and I pulled a post out of the bed of my truck and hit the door to get to the fire extinguisher,” said Isaacson.

    When first responders arrived, the 34-year-old told authorities she broke the glass door to get the extinguisher.

    But, Isaacson was stunned by what the Washington State Patrol Trooper told her next.

    “He was telling me that using a fire extinguisher that doesn’t belong to me is theft and you’re not allowed to steal it, no matter how good your intentions,” she said.

    Isaacson said the trooper told her she would need to pay to replace the glass on the door, or else.

    “He out right stated that unless I was willing to pay for it right then and there, he would be charging me with burglary,” said Isaacson.

    Isaacson said it was instinct to jump into help to try to prevent the truck from exploding before firefighters could get there.

    “Talk about no good deed goes unpunished,” she said.

    The Washington State Patrol said their trooper did talk to Isaacson about who would be responsible and the consequences. They said so far, no charges have been filed.

    According to WSP, they will be reviewing the way this case was handled with the trooper, adding they are grateful for Isaacson’s courageous effort to help save the child.

    It’s not clear why the truck went up in flames.

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    The store owner was probly an ancap.

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    The owner of the shop should do a chip-in to pay for the window and recharging the extinguisher (if they are not covered).

    Trooper should be taken to the woodshed.

    Edit: And parents of "Tequila" should be slapped upside the head of that is her given name.
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    “He out right stated that unless I was willing to pay for it right then and there, he would be charging me with burglary,” said Isaacson.
    This quote, if true, sounds like the trooper was trying to come away with some cash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dean.engelhardt View Post
    This quote, if true, sounds like the trooper was trying to come away with some cash.
    Yeah, that'd be my impression in her place.

    I used to listen when I heard there are good cops out there, and maybe by good they meant that cops weren't grown in test tubes, but a drop of sewage in a barrel of wine makes a barrel of sewage. Its not like being a gendarme was ever a noble profession to begin with.

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    It’s not clear why the truck went up in flames.
    Something, a rock, mulch, acorn, fell between the cab and bed and ended up on the fuel pump. Regular driving caused the wiring to fray causing a fire which eventually burned through the tank and ignited the fuel vapor. Happened to me. I had a thread on it here in the way back.
    On a side note fire extinguishers can be heavy and should have been used upside the troopers head.
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    Theye have combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution,

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    Why settle for an emergency call when you can add a criminal bust to your resume?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian4Liberty View Post

    Edit: And parents of "Tequila" should be slapped upside the head of that is her given name.
    Yeah, Sativa would have been a better name.

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    It's okay, since Tequila didn't break any serious laws, only trespassing, she won't be charged and the cop was the hero....

    Fact Check: Good Samaritan Facing Charges For Saving Child From Burning Car


    Tequila Isaacson Will Never Be Charged For Taking A Fire Extinguisher

    Snoqualmie Pass, WA – A Washington State Patrol Trooper’s statement that a good Samaritan could be charged after she worked to save a child from a burning car has news agencies reporting that she could be charged for the act.

    However, the facts of the case, as reported, indicate that she would never be charged, and the Washington State Patrol isn’t pursuing the case.


    No charges have been filed against Isaacson, nor will they be, because she didn’t commit a burglary.


    In the end, Isaacson did commit a crime of trespassing by unlawfully entering the building.

    In order to be criminally charged for trespassing, the Washington State Patrol would need to investigate it as a criminal case and then forward the case to the prosecutor. A prosecutor would also likely require a statement from the Department of Transportation that Isaacson wasn’t authorized to enter the building. Then the prosecutor would have to believe that they could convince a jury to convict her, and decide that was something they actually wanted to pursue.
    So "Tequila will never be charged" because.......the cop accused her of the wrong crime and a jury would not be likely convict her of trespassing?


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    Reason 2,487 why I hate cops.

    When his cruiser goes up in flames and he's stuck inside, I hope justice is served... Whatever the good Lord deems that to be.

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