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    Lightbulb Stop Socialism Memes

    Hey everyone,

    I know it's been a couple years. I wanted to do a little pre-planning with everyone BEFORE the primary season starts. Our biggest challenge isn't the GOP frontrunner--it's the corrosive mark socialism makes. This is a brainstorming thread.

    What I propose is that we bookmark this thread and grow it. Every reply to this thread may be a commonly said remark by a socialist followed by a meme we may all use in reply.

    Why am I proposing this? Because our opponents rarely freaking read their own literature, I think we have to meme them.

    What I will say that some may not like? "Taxation is theft" is not the best argument to make with them--they worship the State. We need something they can think about. Something that maybe even shocks. Use cited data, their philosopher quotes, ANYTHING to make them pause. There are too many mis-information memes out there like "roads are socialism"....sorry I'm digressing.

    I'll start:

    "But Socialism isn't Communism!"


    via Imgflip Meme Generator
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