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Thread: Breaking: Bodily Fluids Found In Detroit Airport Soap Dispensers

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    Default Breaking: Bodily Fluids Found In Detroit Airport Soap Dispensers

    Everybody is here playing the "Golly! I wonder what's in the soap dispensers?" game.

    Detroit. Soooooo broken.

    The unusual substance isn't being tested because sources said it was pretty apparent what the substance was. They said it was likely a bodily fluid, but it hasn't been confirmed because testing hasn't been done. Officials said it's not believed to be spit.

    Why would anybody put something in an airport soap dispenser? Investigators said it's nothing sinister, but someone with ongoing access to the restrooms who has a grudge.
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    $#@!'s sake...

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    Nothing sinister?! Are they retarded or more sinister than the creeps jizzing in soap dispensers? Detroit is so desperate.

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    Oh cum on. Nobody is that dumb.

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    When you have a long layover at an airport and you are bored...
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    This is a serious issue. People wash their hands to remove germs. This is going to be an epidemic with this sort of thing happening everywhere. Government needs to figure out a way to make the American people feel that their soap is safe. If you like your soap you can keep your soap. People should have safe choices. They should be able to freely choose to use the red soap or the blue soap. This is also a good opportunity to form the soap police. There should be cameras in all restrooms. Any person caught leaving the restroom without washing their hands should be fined. But first we must ensure the people that their soap is safe.

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    So women's birth control dissolves in liquids. Anyway, I've heard of someone putting women's birth control in soap dispensers. Awful. That is basically estrogen.

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