The lawyer who beat President Obamaís recess appointment power grab is now the Trump administrationís top courtroom attorney, after the Senate on Tuesday confirmed Noel Francisco to be solicitor general.
Heíll now oversee the administrationís legal strategy as it prepares for one of the most momentous Supreme Court terms in memory, with President Trumpís travel ban and landmark religious liberty and voting rights cases already on the docket.
The 50-47 confirmation vote split along party lines, suggesting Democratsí attempts to obstruct Mr. Trumpís nominees continues despite new pledges of bipartisan cooperation this month.
Mr. Francisco will jump right into a number of heavy legal battles, with the new Supreme Court term opening in just a few weeks and Mr. Trump facing across-the-board legal challenges to his agenda.
Jonathan Turley, law professor at George Washington University, said the confirmation will also bring needed relief to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has been leading the Justice Department with ďa truly skeleton staff.Ē Mr. Francisco will now be able to help shape courtroom strategy for the department.

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