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Thread: Platform to Restore the American Dream

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    Platform to Restore the American Dream

    If anyone can please give me their thoughts on the following platform if it would be accurate to what Ron Paul would do as President. Also, if there are any other suggestions please let me know as I am a novice. I think it is important to work together so we all have a clear understanding of what we are aiming for in a platform for fixing America. Thank you!

    Platform to Restore the American Dream

    Foreign Policy

    1. Close all military bases worldwide starting with the middle east
    2. End all pre-emptive war authorizations
    3. Withdraw from the UN, NATO, NAFTA, World Bank, & IMF
    4. End all foreign aid & military aid
    5. Secure the borders, merit-based immigration, no amnesty

    1. Abolish the federal reserve, re-establish gold standard
    2. Outlaw fractional reserve banking
    3. Abolish the federal income tax and IRS
    4. Significantly cut spending, balanced budget amendment
    5. Significantly cut regulation, 2:1 congressional amendment

    1. End Special Interests/Lobbying
    2. Campaign Finance Reform
    3. Term Limits for congress and justice department
    4. Criminal Justice Reform
    5. Abolish Patriot Act
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