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Thread: Sen. Rand Paul Forces Vote On 16 Year Undeclared War

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    Sen. Rand Paul Forces Vote On 16 Year Undeclared War

    Sen. Rand Paul Forces Vote On 16 Year Undeclared War

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has forced a debate and vote on his amendment to repeal the authorization for the 2001 war on Afghanistan and 2002 authorization for war on Iraq. His colleagues in the Senate are pulling out all stops to avoid even a debate on the issue. Why?
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    They voted to table Rand's amendment 61-36. The only Republicans who voted with Rand were Lee and Heller. All of the other Republicans support endless war, and therefore support big government and massive debt. Cruz is worthless. Here is the roll call vote.

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    Rand & his ilk are way too outnumbered to do any good.

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