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Thread: Re-Construction of Syria

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    Re-Construction of Syria

    After six years conflict, substantial resources are required to rebuild Syria.
    The World Bank estimates that apart from the human capital lost in the war,
    the country will need billions of dollars to support reconstruction efforts.
    Funding might prove a challenge though, considering the economic sanctions placed on the Syrian government by the West.

    “Estimates by the World Bank show that if a political solution is reached today and reconstruction begins,
    it will take 10 years for the Syrian GDP to get close to its pre-war (2010) real GDP level, if the economy grows by 5 percent on average,”
    World Bank’s latest semi-annual MENA Economic Monitor report stated.
    “Growing at lower than this rate i.e. at 3 percent growth rate, will delay the recovery by another 10 years.”

    “The scale of destruction and forgone economic growth (the loss in GDP relative to a “no-war” counterfactual in Syria)
    alone is estimated at $200-300 billion.


    Russia sends 4,000 tons of pipes, cables & machinery in reconstruction aid to Syria – MoD


    Iran strikes deal with Syria to repair power grid

    LONDON/BEIRUT: Iran signed deals with Damascus on Tuesday to repair Syria's power grid, state media said,
    a potentially lucrative move for Tehran that points to a deepening economic role after years of fighting in the Syrian conflict.

    Shunned by Western powers, the Syrian government is looking to friendly states such as Iran, Russia and China
    to play a major role in rebuilding the country, as the war heads towards its seventh year.

    On Tuesday, Iran and Syria signed a memorandum of understanding during a visit by Syria's electricity minister to Tehran,
    including building a power plant in the coastal province of Latakia with a capacity of 540 megawatts.

    The agreement also includes rehabilitating a 90-megawatt power station in Deir al-Zor province.

    Two contracts were also signed, including for Iran to supply power to Aleppo city.

    The agreement involves restoring the main control center for Syria's electricity grid in the capital Damascus.


    Iran aims to export electricity and create the biggest power network in the Islamic world
    by hooking up Iran's national grid with those of Iraq and Lebanon.
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