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Thread: Albukamal: SAA vs. US in Heated Race to Deir Ezzor Oil Fields

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    Albukamal: SAA vs. US in Heated Race to Deir Ezzor Oil Fields

    Syria/Iraq Border

    US-backed forces on collision course with Syrian Army in ‘race for Deir ez-Zor oilfields’

    The race between legitimate Syrian government forces and the US-backed SDF umbrella group
    to control the oil rich Deir ez-Zor province has intensified following the lifting of the blockade by Syrian troops last week
    and risks turning into direct confrontation.

    The Pentagon confirmed that US-led coalition forces will support the mainly Kurdish militia in the “Khabur River Valley offensive” as part of the advice and assist mission. The US-coalition also said that it will offer the SDF equipment, intelligence and logistics support, in addition to “precision fires and battlefield advice.”

    “It’s going to be a race,” former Pentagon official Michael Maloof told RT. “It is going to be a race because you’ve got the Syrian army with Russian assistance coming in from the West and you have the United States coming in from the north and the East.”

    The SDF has meanwhile promised not to attack Syrian government forces.

    “We have clear instructions that after Daesh is eliminated, we should not act against the forces of the [Bashar Assad] regime or against the Russian, Iranian forces or the Hezbollah movement, which are allied with it,” SDF spokesman Talal Silo told Sputnik Monday.

    As the SDF military offensive to expel IS and secure parts oil rich province continues, tribal figures aligned with SDF have already proposed measures to form their own form of government. Tribal figures on Monday called for “establishing a preparatory committee that will discuss the basis and starting points for a Civil Council for Deir ez-Zor.”

    The statement published by SDF’s media office said the consultations would aim to reach a “formulation that will express the aspirations of all our people in Deir ez-Zor.” The statement, however, did not mention if the city council activities would be coordinated with the central government.

    Maloof believes the US is intentionally using the Kurds to permanently entrench themselves in the oil rich Syrian province that is bordering Iraq.

    “I think the US activity, their initiatives now are calculated. They are meant to try to maintain a US presence in Deir ez-Zor,” Maloof pointed out.

    “Even though the Syrian army and the Russian air assistance has basically taken over the place, the United States really wants to maintain that area. They want to occupy it with the help of the Kurds.”

    “I think the United States has the intentions of building a base there. The US has political and strategic intentions for that region; aimed principally at trying to maintain influence in neighboring Iraq ultimately.”

    “Ultimately the Syrian army needs to reoccupy their own area, their country,” Maloof said “I think there is going to be a need for the United States and Russia to talk about this because this could create even greater conflict on who is going to ultimately occupy Deir ez-Zor and indeed that entire region.”

    Syria’s victory at Deir ez-Zor turns the tide on US regime-change plans

    Heated Race to Albukamal

    Wael Al Hussaini @WaelHussaini
    Under a media-coverage blackout the #SAA crossed #Euphrates River on several points,
    #SDF southern path will be blocked soon and for good.

    Race to Albukamal: US-backed forces attempt to block Syrian Army’s path...

    Race to Albukamal: Syrian Army planning to block US expansion

    Latest battle update from Deir Ezzor

    The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)
    are involved in a heated race to capture the strategic border-city of Albukamal in eastern Deir Ezzor.

    With both forces making significant progress in the Deir Ezzor Governorate these past 48 hours,
    the Islamic State (ISIL) now finds themselves in a world of trouble, as they struggle to hold their ground in the province.

    On Monday, the Syrian Arab Army scored a big advance near the Deir Ezzor Airport,
    liberating the 17th Hills that are located just southwest of the Liwaa Tameen Base.

    Not to be outdone by the Syrian Army,
    the Syrian Democratic Forces managed to capture a large chunk of territory in the northern part of the provincial capital,
    taking control of the strategic 113th Brigade Base and parts of the Al-Salihiyah District. (Deir Ezzor Industrial Zone)

    In the coming days, the two forces will attempt to further their advances in Deir Ezzor,
    as they attempt to block one another’s path to the city of Albukamal.

    Syria/Jordan Border

    Syrian Army poised to retake Tanf Crossing from Americans

    US military presence in Syria violates international law — Lavrov
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    Hassan Ridha
    SAA & Russian forces are preparing the pontoon bridges that arrived to DeirEzzor city to begin crossing the Euphrates River

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    ..... waiting for confirmation...
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    Still no confirmation of SAA having crossed to E. Euphrates... rather denials and reports of preparations...


    US supported SDF seizes new areas Northern Deir Ezzor city

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    BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:10 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has crossed the Euphrates River in the Deir Ezzor Governorate
    after making several advances against the so-called Islamic State (ISIL) terror organization,
    the spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, stated on Friday.

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    Syrian War Report – September 14, 2017: Syrian Army Clearing Eastern Homs Pocket From ISIS

    China’s Maritime Strategic Realignment

    Syrian War Report – September 15, 2017: ISIS On Run In Deir

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    ‘Not satisfied’ till Assad gone: US pushes for regime change as war in Syria winds down

    The US will not be satisfied as long as Syrian President Bashar Assad is in power, US Ambassador to the UN said,
    commenting on a major de-escalation effort brokered by Russia, Iran and Turkey without American participation.

    “We’re not going to be satisfied until we see a strong and stable Syria. And that is not with Assad in place,”
    US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said at a White House briefing on Friday,
    when asked whether the US was left behind in international efforts to resolve Syrian crisis.

    Washington backs the operations of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) which includes Kurdish fighters as well as Arab militia groups.

    The SDF advanced towards Deir ez-Zor from the eastern side of the Euphrates river this week,
    in an effort to gain control of the city’s eastern outskirts before the government does.

    While Deir ez-Zor city was not an SDF target, the US-backed militias did not rule out the possibility that it may become one,
    saying people in the city wanted to be liberated from “the regime and Daesh at the same time,”
    AP cited Abu Khawla, leader of the group advancing towards the newly liberated city.

    On Thursday, the US-led coalition said the SDF was not planning to enter Deir ez-Zor city.

    Abu Khawla told AP that the militia will not let Syrian government forces and their allies
    cross the Euphrates river to gain control of its eastern side.

    Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Friday the Syrian army had already crossed.

    “After a major victory near Deir al-Zor, the Syrian government army continues to clear Islamic State terrorists
    from the eastern regions of the country,” according to Zakharova.

    “The suburbs of this provincial centre have been liberated.
    Advance units have successfully crossed the Euphrates and are holding positions on its eastern bank,”
    she added, without specifying the location.
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    Russian MFA spox Maria Zakharova said that SAA ( #SPECTSNAZ )have crossed the Euphrates river

    Buthaina Shaaban, an adviser to Assad, announced that the SAA would fight the SDF and regain the areas they control.

    “Whether it’s the Syrian Democratic Forces, or Daesh or any illegitimate foreign force in the country . . .
    we will fight and work against them so our land is freed completely from any aggressor,”

    RuAF or SyAAF planes bombed SDF positions (?) on the East bank of Euphrates as they advance to Deir-Ez-Zur.

    6 SDF fighters wounded by SyAAF/RuAF warplanes bombardment northern DeirEzzor

    Syrian Army denies striking Kurdish militia in Deir Ezzor

    The Syrian Armed Forces has categorically denied conducting any airstrike
    against the US-backed Kurdish forces stationed in the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

    “The Syrian Air Force is absolutely not responsible for the airstrike that hit the Kurdish forces
    located in the eastern bank of the Euphrates River,” a military source exclusively told Muraselon.

    “As part of our mutual and continuous cooperation, we – the Syrian military – are informed in advance with and sorties conducted by the Russian Air Force.

    Hereby, I can confirm that our friend the Russians haven’t conducted any airstrike against the Kurds in east Deir Ezzor,” the source added.

    The same source alluded that the US-coalition might have mistakenly bombed its Kurdish proxies.

    Pro-Kurdish media reported that the US-backed Kurdish militants have been targeted
    by unknown airstrike around the Industrial Zone located to the northeast of Deir Ezzor
    just on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

    “At 3am today, our forces East of Euphrates were targeted by Russian and Syrian regime warplanes in the Al-Sinaaiya area,”
    said the SDF military command in a statement, reporting that six of its fighters had been wounded.

    It was not clear whether those casualties were the result of the airstrike or a separate altercation.

    On Friday, leading SDF commander Ahmed Abu Khawla warned the Syrian army and allied militia
    against firing across the Euphrates as his fighters closed in — something he said had happened in recent days.

    “We have notified the regime and Russia that we are coming to the Euphrates riverbank, and they can see our forces advancing,”
    he told the Reuters news agency.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goldenequity View Post
    Russian MFA spox Maria Zakharova said that SAA ( #SPECTSNAZ )have crossed the Euphrates river

    Buthaina Shaaban, an adviser to Assad, announced that the SAA would fight the SDF and regain the areas they control.

    RuAF or SyAAF planes bombed SDF positions (?) on the East bank of Euphrates as they advance to Deir-Ez-Zur.

    6 SDF fighters wounded by SyAAF/RuAF warplanes bombardment northern DeirEzzor

    Syrian Army denies striking Kurdish militia in Deir Ezzor

    The Syrian Armed Forces has categorically denied conducting any airstrike
    against the US-backed Kurdish forces stationed in the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

    “The Syrian Air Force is absolutely not responsible for the airstrike that hit the Kurdish forces
    located in the eastern bank of the Euphrates River,” a military source exclusively told Muraselon.

    “As part of our mutual and continuous cooperation, we – the Syrian military – are informed in advance with and sorties conducted by the Russian Air Force.

    Hereby, I can confirm that our friend the Russians haven’t conducted any airstrike against the Kurds in east Deir Ezzor,” the source added.

    The same source alluded that the US-coalition might have mistakenly bombed its Kurdish proxies.

    Pro-Kurdish media reported that the US-backed Kurdish militants have been targeted
    by unknown airstrike around the Industrial Zone located to the northeast of Deir Ezzor
    just on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.
    It seems like Trump traded his FSA terrorists for Kurdish ones. Now I understand why someone would want to genocide these traitorous a**holes.
    You can maintain power over people, as long as you give them something. Rob a man of everything, and that man will no longer be in your power. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    Quote Originally Posted by LibertyEagle View Post
    Trust principles; not people.
    My Che avatar is my unique way of giving a big middle finger to the, the neocons, the globalists, imperialists and most importantly to the left and right political establishment who hate his guts till this day. My admiration for him ends where his anti imperialist pro communism ideology starts.

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    Good Review Analysis of De-Escalation Efforts and Remaining Syria/Iran v Turk Tensions
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    Hanan Shamoun @HananShamounNL
    280 young men leave Qamishli to join SAA. The people of [Kurdistan] Qamishli and Hasakah will never accept separation from Syria

    Kurdish forces continue assault towards Deir Ezzor city, capture more sites
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    This is regarding the 6 Kurd/SDF wounded in the Russian East Bank Airstrike...

    Russia refutes Pentagon, says it gave US advanced notice of Deir Ez-Zor airstrike
    The US Defense Department on Saturday accused Moscow of intentionally bombing US allies in Syria


    “To avoid unnecessary escalation, the command of the Russian forces in Syria gave the US partners an advance notice,
    through an existing communications channel, on the [territorial] borders within which the military operation in Deir ez-Zor would be conducted,” .

    The spokesman stressed that the Russian Aerospace Forces
    conduct only precision strikes at the territories controlled by the IS,
    based on reconnaissance information that is usually verified through several channels.

    According to Konashenkov, the operation targets terrorists’ positions on both banks of the Euphrates river.

    “The priority targets for destruction are the terrorists’ firing positions
    from which they are leading large-scale attacks on the Syrian forces,”

    According to Konashenkov,
    the Russian intelligence services
    had discovered no clashes between IS fighters
    and any armed representatives of “third parties”
    on the eastern bank of the Euphrates in the last few days.

    The spokesman stressed that, in these circumstances,
    “only representatives of the international coalition themselves”
    could say how opposition members or coalition allies could make their way
    into the midst of IS troops without any fighting.

    essentially Ru is calling US out on 'faux fighting' between staged proxies. It's been a REGULAR occurrence since 2013.


    De-Escalation Agreement Doesn’t Legalize Presence of Turkish Forces On Syrian Soil – Syrian Official
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    Syria Summary – Eliminating ISIS’ Remains

    Critical oil fields are north and east of Mayadin.
    The Omar oil field in the east is the biggest one in all Syria.
    The U.S. wants these under its control to finance its Kurdish and Arab proxies in north-east Syria.
    The Syrian government needs the oil to rebuild the country.
    Should the U.S. supported forces try to annex the area
    we will likely see a direct conflict between them and the Syrian government forces.
    Would the U.S. and Russia join that fight?
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    Syrian Forces Crossing The Euphrates - Deir Ezzor

    Syrian army drives Islamic State out of villages on eastern shore of Euphrates

    "The storm troops of the Syrian army have driven IS militants out of a number of villages on the eastern shore of Euphrates
    and are carrying out an offensive in the eastern direction, broadening the foothold they seized," the ministry said.

    The ministry said during the operation to take control of an area on the eastern shore of the river
    units of Syria’s government forces joined by units of the 4th tank division backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces
    crossed the Euphrates River near Deir ez-Zor using a pontoon bridge.

    Oil & Gas Map

    ISIS, as SAA and Russia serves them hell.


    Two large cargo planes land at Deir Ezzor airbase, first time in 3 years

    Syria’s Deir Ezzor Airbase back in service


    Idlib (Jihaddi Warehouse)

    Huge war between Al-Qaeda and Turkish Army looms in Idlib

    Turkey Hatay Province
    Both forces appear to be converging on the strategic Bab al-Hawa border crossing point

    currently under the control of Turkish proxy militias – and indeed should either side fire against the other,
    this may ignite a war involving hundreds of armed trucks and mechanized assault vehicles.

    The split between Turkey and Ha’yat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) lay in the blatant hostility of the latter
    towards the former’s proxy allies in Idlib (namely the Free Syrian Army and Ahrar al-Sham) since the beginning of this year.

    Elijah J. Magnier @ejmalrai
    Turkey pulling out all its proxies, incl foreign fighters, from Idlib City. All Turkish correspondents were asked 2 leave the AQ controlled city

    Syria Free News @Syria_FreeNews
    Turkey, Syria and Russia agreed on Joint offensive against Jabhat al-Nusra in Idlib on the South and North of province.

    AJSB @A_J_S_B
    Turkey assault in Idlib vs Al Qaeda is imminent.
    IMHO, in no more than 48 hours, possibly, less.

    Cemal @acemal71
    Many TSK vehicles and MLRS systems deployed to Turkey's Hatay Province border with Syria.
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    Western Diplomat: "Assad is insistent on moving into the American zone and getting the al-Omar oilfield"
    American 'Zone'?? What the hell R they smoking?

    FinancialTimes (hegemon alert)
    Syria regime’s advance raises fears of US-Russia clash

    Moscow-backed forces violate ‘deconfliction line’ agreed with Washington (no such 'deconfliction line' existed for Deir Ezzor. Ever.)

    Syrian regime forces are keen to reach the province’s oilfields, located east of the Euphrates.
    But western diplomats say this violates an understanding between Washington and Moscow
    that the US and its allies would operate east of the river
    while Russian and regime forces operated to its west.

    Even if Moscow wanted to stick to the deal, it could struggle to rein in the regime push, a western diplomat said.
    “The regime is completely against this deconfliction line [along the Euphrates] in Deir Ezzor,” he said.
    “They think they can win this territory 100 per cent. Assad is insistent on moving into the American zone and getting the al-Omar oilfield.”

    The Omar field is Syria’s biggest and most lucrative, and sales of its crude have provided Isis with millions of dollars over the past three years.
    The Syrian government, which before the war produced more than 350,000 bpd, is desperate to gain oil reserves to cut its costly dependence on Iranian oil.

    Tensions were escalating even before regime forces crossed the river, according to activists.
    US aircraft struck regime troops last week, they said, while this weekend
    the SDF said its forces in the province had been hit by a regime or Russian air strike.

    Syrian rebels say the US may also have an interest in breaking the agreement.
    Many high-ranking Isis members are believed to have fled to the cities of Mayadeen 0and al-Bukamal on the west bank of the river.
    “The Americans won’t give up on entering Mayadeen and al-Bukamal either,” one US-backed rebel said.

    Well good luck w/ that.

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    Breaking: IDF fires missile at unmanned aircraft in the Golan Heights (Hezbollah drone)

    Israeli warplanes bomb Lebanese-Syrian border

    Israeli warplanes bombed Lebanon’s Sheba’a Farms this afternoon, targeting a large hilltop near the Lebanese-Syrian border.

    According to Lebanon’s National News Agency (NNA), the Israeli warplanes carried out two raids on Al-Rashaha Hill in the eastern part of the Sheba’a Farms.

    “Warplanes belonging to the Israeli enemy have executed two raids on al-Rashaha hill, located at the Lebanese-Syrian borders east Shebaa town,”

    This attack by the Israeli Air Force comes just an hour after the IDF Spokesperson alleged
    that their missile system downed unmanned aircraft in the occupied Golan Heights.


    Iranian aid convoy arrives at Deir Ezzor (must have driven across Iraq?)

    An aid convoy sent by the Islamic Republic of Iran has made it to the eastern Syrian city of Deir Ezzor
    as the government forces resume the military operations against the Islamic State.
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    Kurdish, Coalition forces assisting ISIS in Deir Ezzor: Russian MoD

    Major General Igor Konashenkov, a ministry spokesman, has noted that:

    ►the strongest ISIS counterattacks and artillery shelling come from the north
    where American and Kurdish forces hold positions
    and not from the south
    where the Islamic State is still unchallenged by any force.

    ►also pointed out other acts of sabotage:
    in the process of elite Syrian Army units crossing to the eastern bank of the Euphrates,
    the water level drastically rose in several hours,
    this being something which could only be achieved by the flushing of large river dams further north –
    dams that are under the control of Kurdish forces.

    ►also mentioned reports from Syrian Army commanders that US special forces and Kurdish fighters were lending medical assistance to ISIS militants.


    Maxim Mansour- @maximMansour
    Hasakah: A Syrian police checkpoint halted an American military convoy and turned them around



    The Russian Aerospace Forces have destroyed about 850 terrorists and hit 187 targets in Idlib de-escalation zone

    Breaking of Idlib siege leaves three Russian servicemen wounded

    Ashkan- @ZARAthoustra96 4 min.
    Russian-Chechen military and #SAA have obliterated jihadists (including Caucasian and Turkistani ones) in Hama

    The'Nimr'Tiger @Souria4Syrians
    Video showing SAA repelling Nusra offensive in North Hama & inflicting heavy losses. More dead, more armor losses than thought

    Russia in RSA @EmbassyofRussia 21 min.
    Russian MoD: Terrorists' attack in Idlib was initiated by US secret services to stop the advance of Syrian army to the east of Deir ez-Zor

    Pro-government forces crossing the Euphrates near Deir ez-Zor, #Syria, were hit by an ISIS drone strike.

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    Elite Syrian forces make massive advance up west Euphrates bank amid major ISIS collapse

    Tiger Forces captured all villages up to Al-Tabni, including Al-Tabni, Western Deir Ez-Zor


    Russia MoD spox tells the story of the (previous/above) failed CIA backed Treachery in Idlib de-escalation zone
    resulting in 850 dead proxy mercs.
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    Russian Special Operations Forces Crush Al-Qaeda-linked Militants In Idlib De-Escalation Zone
    **MoD reports of SDF mercs joining ranks of ISIS (above)
    Russia To Strike Immediately US-backed Forces If They Try To Attack Government Forces Near Deir Ezzor – Russian MoD


    On Thursday, the Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilizations Units (PMU) captured Anah town
    in a rapid attack that lasted for few hours only, according to Iraqi sources.
    Anah town is located 85km west of al-Qa’im city on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

    ISIS fighters in Anah town started withdrawing and evacuating their families
    to Rawa town west of Anah on the eastern side of the Euphrates river.
    Rawa town will likely be the next target of the Iraqi advance.

    If Iraqi forces maintain its current attack speed, they will likely reach al-Qa’im on the Syrian-Iraqi border in less than a month.
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    Deputy Russian Foreign Minister: We are conducting operations in the airspace of Iraq with the approval of the Iraqi government
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    Kurdish forces capture ISIS oil fields east of Deir Ezzor, outrace the Syrian Army

    DAMASCUS, SYRIA (1:05 A.M.) – The US-backed ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ have virtually met up with the Russian-backed Syrian Arab Army (SAA)
    after scoring a large advance, Thursday, through the oil-rich desert directly east of Deir Ezzor’s provincial capital.

    After ISIS insurgents reportedly withdrew from the area without a fight, (surprise )
    SDF units managed to dash southwards of their positions on the M7-highway and capture the Tabiyeh and Al-Isba oil and gas fields in a remarkable coup.

    This advance brings Kurdish fighters within a couple kilometers of SAA troops that are simultaneously expanding their beachhead east of the Euphrates River.

    Earlier in the day, a separate eastern SDF pincer towards the Khabur River saw SDF forward units overrun three villages
    and come within striking distance of Al-Suwar, a key junction town and ISIS stronghold near the border with Iraq.

    According to a SAA source close to Al-Masdar News, Major General Suheil Al-Hassan
    had otherwise hoped to capture the aforementioned fields but was obstructed by a powerful ISIS counter-offensive on Tuesday.

    Syrian Democratic Forces Capture Key Oil Fields In Deir Ezzor

    On Thursday, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Deir Ezzor Military Council (DMC) captured Tabiyeh and al-Isba oil fields
    in the northwestern Deir Ezzor countryside, according to pro-Kurdish sources.

    These claims are not yet confirmed by the SDF or DMC. However, the SDF is indeed close to the both oil fields.
    If these reports are confirmed, the SDF will be in control over a half of Syria’s oil reserve.

    Moreover, that will mean that the SDF at least partly blocked the SAA way on the eastern bank of the Euphrates river.

    It’s unlikely that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies will react to the SDF capture of the oil fields.
    Nonetheless, this will be for sure a big issue when ISIS is defeated.


    Meanwhile, in Raqqa city, the SDF announced that its members killed 63 ISIS fighters and destroyed 3 VBIEDs of ISIS on Thursday.
    According to the SDF clashes are still ongoing in the center of Raqqa city, in the western side of the city and north of the grain silos.

    The SDF will likely capture Raqqa city in the nearest future as ISIS defense lines in the city are collapsing
    due to a heavy bombardment by the US-led coalition.

    Deir Ezzor governorate will be the next target of large-scale SDF operations.
    The US-led coalition and its “partners” are likely planning to capture as much areas in it as possible.

    The U.S. paid "Syrian Democratic Forces" that pushed into northern Deir Ezzor without meeting any resistance are mostly local tribes who were aligned with the Islamic State until the U.S. diplomat Brett McGurk hired them to fight on the U.S. side. They are led by Kurdish commanders and "advised" by U.S. special forces.

    The U.S. wants to keep Syrian government forces away from the oil fields north of the Euphrates. It has plans to build and control a Kurdish proto-state in north-east Syria and control over the eastern Deir Ezzor oil would give such a state the necessary economic base.

    But the U.S. has too few proxy forces available to actually take the oil area away from the Islamic State. Only the Syrian army has enough resources in the area. The U.S. is now cheating, attacking Syrian-Russian forces, and rushing to get an advantage. According to the Russians the U.S. Kurdish proxies have even stopped the fight against ISIS in Raqqa and moved forces from that area to take the oil in the east. I doubt that Syria and Russia will allow that to happen without taking measures to counter it.

    With the al-Qaeda diversion attack in north-west Syria defeated and more reserves available the Syrian alliance should think about a fast air-assault on the oil fields. As soon as the oil wells are under Syrian government control and the ISIS presence eliminated the U.S. has no more excuse to continue the current deadly game.
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    US-backed Forces Accused Syrian Government Of Supporting ISIS
    (Accusation: SAA 'sent' ISIS 'dressed as SDF' who attacked/killed 28 REAL SDF)

    ►ISIS sends elite troops, tanks, vehicles to east Syria via Iraq for latest offensive against Syrian Army

    Homs: (West Deir Ezzor)

    Al-Suknah Threatened to be recaptured by ISIS (ongoing)
    (some 100 SAA were surprise attacked/killed)

    Syrian Army counteroffensive in west Deir Ezzor (ongoing)

    Following a surprise offensive yesterday afternoon by ISIS along the various parts of the M20 highway,
    the terrorist group has since been beaten back hard at the hands of re-organized and reinforced Syrian Arab Army forces
    who are now in the midst of a counteroffensive.

    Early this morning, the Syrian Arab Army – backed up by heavy Russian airstrikes –
    commenced a powerful counteroffensive along broad front stretching from the small city of as-Sukhnah (east Homs region) in the west
    to the town of ash-Shoula in the east.

    Most of the hilltops and points initially captured by ISIS around as-Sukhnah and the M20 highway
    have been re-secured by the Syrian Army and now forces of the terrorist group
    find themselves pinned down in ash-Shoula
    where a high-pitched battle within and around the town is currently taking place.

    Despite claims from opposition sources that as-Sukhnah and the town of Kabbajeb were captured by Islamic State militants,
    the fact remains that ISIS never took full control of the settlements
    (coming nowhere close to doing so in the case of as-Sukhnah)
    and that the Syrian Army currently holds onto both.

    Military sources exclusive to Al-Masdar News confirm claims that over 30 ISIS militants have so far been killed
    in the course of the Syrian Army’s counteroffensive.

    ►Syrian War Report – September 29, 2017: ISIS Goes All In To Cut Off Palmyra-Deir Ezzor Highway

    ►ISIS Storming Strategic Government-Held Town Of Al-Sukhna At Palmyra-Deir Ezzor Highway

    ►Overview Of Battle For Deir Ezzor On September 28-29, 2017
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    Syrian Army Advances Towards ISIS Stronghold Of Mayadin In Deir Ezzor Province

    According to pro-government sources, government troops advanced 10km towards the ISIS stronghold and outflanked the ISIS-held village of Muhassan.


    Meanwhile, reports appeared in pro-government sources that the SAA have taken back Al-Taybah village and Qasr al-Hayr al-Sharqi Castle from ISIS near the town of Sukhna at the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway. A fighting is now ongoing near Dahiq Mountain.


    On October 1, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies stormed the western entrance of al-Qaryatayn town in the eastern Homs countryside, according to Syrian opposition sources. The sources added that the SAA shelled ISIS positions inside the town with mortars before launching its attack.

    Earlier Syrian pro-government sources said that the SAA encircled al-Qaryatayn town. Moreover, Syrian warplanes conducted dozens of reconnaissance sorties over it, according to the sources.

    Locals who were able to escape from al-Qaryatayn town said that the Syrian government cut and jammed all sorts of communications inside the town. This explains why the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq didn’t publish any updates from the town so far.

    Locals also revealed that ISIS fighters and supporters in al-Qaryatayn arrested 6 pro-SAA civilians after capturing the town on September 29. The 6 civilians were likely executed later by ISIS fighters.

    Meanwhile, SAA soldiers who withdrew from the town told South Front that a majority of civilians in the town welcomed ISIS cells, and even joined ISIS fighters in the street to support them. The SAA decided to withdraw from the town to avoid harming civilians.
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    Current Deir Ezzor

    Homs Airstrike on Hezbollah

    Attack on Hezbollah positions E. of Palmyra: Identity of the warplane not confirmed, possibility that it was Russian "friendly fire"?



    US Denial:

    OIR Spokesman: Strikes reported East of Palmyra Syria killing 7 Hezbollah is NOT CJTFOIR area of Opns



    Massive blast heard southern Damascus, Syria.

    Al Midan, Damascus: say it was Three Suicide Bombers who were targeting the Police Department

    Aftermath of multiple suicide attacks on Police Station in Midan. 15 wounded 17 killed Damascus.

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    What's left of so called Islamic State in central Syria. SAA forces have split the ISIS pocket in two halves. #Hama #Homs
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    Qaryatayn (via Al Tanf)

    Brasco_Aad- @Brasco_Aad
    I've never seen MoD Russia act so angrily like it did today.

    Russian MoD says that 300 ISIS used al-Tanf crossing, directly under occupation of the US forces,
    and attacked Syrian army in the city of Qaryatayn, largely inhabited by Christians:

    Brasco_Aad- @Brasco_Aad 4 hod.
    General Igor Konashenkov: 300 ISIS terrorists crossed from #Jordan into #Syria at #Al Tanf to attack the Syrian Army at #Qaryatayn.

    Syrian Army inches closer to Al Tanf US base along Jordan borders

    On Wednesday morning, The Army – backed by allies – managed to overrun the US-supported militias,
    seizing 9 bordering outposts from [ 196 to 204 ], killing, wounding scores, military source confirmed.

    Tuesday, the government troops also gained Ten border outposts; namely 186, 187, 188, 189 till 195, after clashes with the rebels.

    Al-Tanaf border crossing is serves as the main border checkpoint on the highway between Damascus and Baghdad.

    Moscow wants US to coordinate actions with Syrian army, Russian air group

    Sputnik-@SputnikInt 21 min.
    "The main obstacle to the complete elimination of Daesh in Syria … is support of American colleagues" - @mod_russia

    Russian Aerospace Forces Ready to Prevent Daesh Attacks From Areas Controlled by US in Syria

    The Russian Defense Ministry has said that the US support for terrorist factions in Syria
    is the main obstacle to the anti-terror fight in the war-torn country.

    “The main obstacle to the complete elimination of Daesh in Syria
    is not the military capabilities of terrorists, but rather the support of [our] American colleagues,”

    --Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Wednesday.

    He went on to say that a series of Daesh attacks against the Syrian forces have been carried out
    from the areas where the “US military mission” is deployed.

    On September 28, a group of 300 Daesh militants left the city of Rubkan moving in the direction of the city of Al-Qaryatayn in the Homs province.

    The militants managed to avoid the Syrian army’s hidden posts using coordinates
    that can only be obtained through aerial reconnaissance
    and attacked Syrian positions.

    On the same day, another Daesh group conducted a number of attacks against the Syrian forces
    along the strategic road connecting Palmyra and Deir ez-Zor.

    “The listed attacks of terrorists are linked by only one thing —
    they were all carried out from a 50-kilometer zone around the settlement of al-Tanf on the Syrian-Jordanian border,
    and all from where the ‘US military mission’ is located…,”

    Konashenkov also said that the defense ministry had warned the United States it would repel any attacks by terrorists from the zones controlled by the US forces.

    Earlier in September, the Russian Defense Ministry published a batch of aerial pictures
    showing that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the US troops that support them are present in Syria’s areas held by Daesh.

    US Support for Terrorists in Syria Main Obstacle to Defeating Them - Russian MoD

    Wael Al Hussaini- @WaelHussaini 58 sek.
    The tension between #Russia and the #US is rising in #Syria
    A direct clashes between the #SAA and #SDF are expected anytime soon.

    Deir Ezzor: Al Mayadin (On the eastern bank are numbers of oil fields)

    Government Forces Deploy In Striking Distance From Key ISIS-held Town Of Mayadin On Western Bank Of Euphrates

    With a fall of the last #ISIS bastion in E Hama, a massive number of #SAA and allied troops & armor have been freed for Deir Ezzor offensive.

    Brasco_Aad- @Brasco_Aad 2 hod.
    Syrian and Russian ground forces are now less than 6 km away from Al Mayadin.

    Yusha Yuseef@MIG29_ 1 min.
    Breaking || Huge Advance for SAA Tiger forces near Deir Ezzor- Almayadeen highway

    brige & "anti-diversion net seen upstream"

    photos of airstrikes on Al Mayadin
    airstrike fires

    Homs, Hama:

    Map Update: Syrian Army clears out ISIS enclave in east Hama (there were 2 pockets (see previous post), now just 1)

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    US Treachery

    ISIS attacked Syrian positions from US-controlled area, used sophisticated data – Moscow

    On October 3, Lavrov once again raised the issue of the US-led coalition’s alleged links to the extremist groups as he criticized the US for playing dangerous games by inspiring “terrorists to attack strategic locations” held by the Syrian governmental forces or staging “fatal provocations against our [Russian] military personnel.”


    Russia has just destroyed AlQaeda's (US backed) biggest underground arms depot in Abu Duhur Idlib.

    The munitions depot was hidden underground and contained "more than a thousand tonnes of weaponry,".

    Russia said its aviation destroyed the depot using high power weaponry, specially designed to destroy underground targets.

    Al Mayadin

    Velikiy Novgorod & Kolpino sumbarines launced 10 kalibers on Mayadin area.
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    So is the race still going?

    Whys it taking so long? Don't we have like jets and helichoppers and $#@!?
    No - No - No - No

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