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Thread: Adobe Taps Your Car For Targeted Ad Data

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    If it wasn't already clear that targeted ads are invading connected cars, it is now. Adobe has unveiled an extension of its Experience Cloud service that helps automakers and app developers interpret in-car data for the sake of personalization. The platform (not shown above) uses machine learning and other techniques to scoop up behavioral data, such as voice commands and preferences, in a way that helps companies tailor info to specific drivers. There are some genuinely practical advantages that could stem from this, but Adobe isn't shy about the main reason -- this is to help deliver focused ads, often while you're driving.

    The functional aspects mostly revolve around feedback and personalized media. If a voice command didn't work and you reach for the touchscreen, for example, that could tell an automaker that their voice system is flawed. You could also get customized music and news without having to lift a finger.

    However, Adobe is more than happy to talk about the ad potential. Those preferences you supplied earlier? They could be used to deliver restaurant promos when you're driving nearby, or pitch you on a new car lease when your existing lease is running out. And importantly, there's a big focus on targeted audio ads. You might hear an ad for an upcoming album on a streaming radio service if it's clear that you like the music genre, for instance.

    The concept of targeted in-car advertising isn't new. GM's OnStar Go uses IBM's Watson to personalize ads and other info. The difference, as you might guess, is that Adobe is launching a generalized platform -- theoretically, any car brand or app developer could use this info. Adobe is careful to stress that privacy and safety are important factors, but those aren't the biggest issues as it is. Rather, it's that this could make personalized in-car ads relatively ubiquitous. Many people see their cars as the last refuges from the targeted ads that pervade their phones and PCs, and they might just lose that solace if Adobe's technology proves popular.

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    Yeah. And now that everyone has computerized cars, oh, and they can be hacked, and they can now get viruses, care to take a guess how many viruses are transmitted via ADS? Yeah, just what we need, personalized ads, that compromise your safety while demanding that you conform to your new assigned identity as yet another useless eater.

    And for the record, Flash doesnt exactly have a good track record with "being secure". Leaky as $#@!. I think I would rather use a potato strainer as a testicle cup and get shot in the balls by those $#@!s in Super Troopers repeatedly with a $#@!ing Rapid Fire BB Gun! Thing is, you have a better chance of NOT losing a testicle than getting your car infected by adware and other unwanted bull$#@!.

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    Ok, I don't even know what the heck I'm looking at.

    I drive an old Jeep Cherokee...
    I barely have a radio.
    Is that some sort of tip calculator?
    Does it do other things?
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