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Thread: Larry Sharpe money bomb underway

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    Larry Sharpe money bomb underway

    Found this guy as a random suggest on Fedbook.

    Cuomo is running unopposed in NY for governor.... Except Larry Sharpe is running under the Libertarian ticket.

    I'm still going through videos - looks like there is a lot more content on FB than on his site. But he's saying some interesting and correct things, like how property tax means you don't own your property...

    He's not pushing for a win. He's trying to get the message out and considers the lack of a Republican opponent an advantage there. He's also trying to secure a seat at the table for the Libertarian party in the future.

    Those of you who know me know that I'm pretty much 100% against the "minimize the damage" political strategy, and I usually see the Libertarian party as the vanguard of that whole movement. But this guy has a chance to make a splash in New York of all places, and he appears to be throwing some punches. I'll be donating.
    There are no crimes against people.
    There are only crimes against the state.
    And the state will never, ever choose to hold accountable its agents, because a thing can not commit a crime against itself.

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    Some good videos on his facebook page.

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    Bump. With no Republican, a lot of conservative and alt-right voters might actually listen to this guy's message.

    "Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping graven images" - Ironman77

    "ideas have the potential of being more powerful than any army....The concept of personal sovereignty was pulled screaming from the ether into this reality by the force of men believing in a self evident truth, that men are meant to be free." - The Northbreather

    "Trump is the security blanket of aggrieved white men aged 18-60." - Pinoy

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