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    Default Gmail alternatives

    I use gmail for everything mainly because of the crappy layout of outlook and yahoo but if you value your privacy and don't like the layouts of the alternatives you may like these
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    I've been using email from my ISP but I think I may just break down and pay for email from a privacy-focused company. POP3 is how I usually receive my email. I'm thinking about using my own domain anyway.

    Now I would really like to run an email server from my house like Hillary Clinton but I just don't think I have enough bandwidth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lamp View Post
    I use gmail for everything mainly because of the crappy layout of outlook and yahoo but if you value your privacy and don't like the layouts of the alternatives you may like these

    I pay for a Kolabnow account--my e-mail is a address. I do still have my GMail address and have mail forwarded. I'm reducing my GMail use simply on principle--I have no interest in letting them profit from my private information.

    But really, e-mail is inherently insecure unless you're using the same service. The only secure way is to use PGP (see my public key in my Sig), but unfortunately it's way too cumbersome to be used by most people.
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    Default Ask HN: Is it possible to run your own mail server for personal use?

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