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Thread: Judge Rejects Menendez’s Request To Delay His 14 Count Corruption Trial cuz.. 'I'm A Senator'.

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    Judge Rejects Menendez’s Request To Delay His 14 Count Corruption Trial cuz.. 'I'm A Senator'.

    Judge Rejects Menendez’s Request To Delay His Corruption Trial Because .... He’s A Senator.

    Menendez faces 14 felony counts of various corruption charges.

    A federal judge in New Jersey rejected Sen. Bob Menendez’s request to allow breaks in his criminal trial in order to fulfill his Senate duties, excoriating the senator for seeking “special treatment.”

    Menendez’s lawyers filed a motion requesting that his upcoming criminal trial take recesses any time the senator is needed in Washington on official business. They argued that forcing the senator to leave an ongoing trial to attend to congressional business would violate his due process rights.

    “A trial taking place during a session of Congress risks involuntarily denying Senator Menendez his rights to due process and confrontation, unless he elects to forego his constitutional duty to cast his vote on critical issues pending before Congress so that he can be present in the courtroom,” his lawyers argued.

    U.S. District Judge William Walls appeared irritated by the request in a Friday order dismissing the motion.

    “The court will not serve as concierge to any party or lawyer,” Walls wrote. “The motion – from a practical perspective – is nigh frivolous.”

    He further added that he suspected the motion was part of a broader strategy to “impress the jurors” with Menendez’s importance.

    The judge further said that most defendants have similar obligations, which the court does not accommodate.

    “Defendant Menendez claims that he is in a ‘unique situation’ because his voting duties are ‘on a schedule not of his own making.’ But so are the duties of the radio repairman, the cab driver, and the businessman. Yet none would claim the right to dictate the schedule of their own criminal trial,” he wrote.

    The senator has previously attempted to leverage his office in the course of the current prosecution. He attempted to escape indictment by arguing his activities were protected by the Constitution’s speak and debate clause, which protects lawmakers from prosecution in connection with official legislative work.

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    Sorry Bob

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    I wonder who Bob pissed off? All of the criminals in the House and Senate they've decided to go after him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anaconda View Post
    I wonder who Bob pissed off? All of the criminals in the House and Senate they've decided to go after him.
    Maybe he was just caught holding the bag, so to speak.

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    Federal prosecutors on Wednesday laid out their strategy in the corruption trial of Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.),
    outlining their witnesses and evidence in a brief filed in court.

    Menendez is charged with accepting lavish gifts, campaign donations and vacations from his co-defendant Salomon Melgen, a Florida eye doctor,
    in exchange for Menendez using his influence to benefit Melgen both personally and financially.

    That relationship, prosecutors allege, began as early as 2006, when Menendez first entered in the Senate, and continued until 2013.

    Both Menendez and Melgen have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

    The brief, filed just a week before the trial is set to begin, also hits back at Menendez and Melgen’s defense,
    accusing them of pushing “conspiracy theories” to undermine the government’s evidence.

    In the filing, prosecutors say the defendants are trying to "promote unfounded claims
    that this case is the result of a global conspiracy led by Menendez’s political opponents."

    "As needed to suit their agenda, the defendants have shifted their conspiracy theories,
    even when one conflicts with another," prosecutors allege.

    Prosecutors recount in the briefing how Menendez's relationship with Melgen first came under "unwelcome public scrutiny" in 2012
    amid reports that the New Jersey Democrat had flown multiple times on Melgen's private jet free of charge
    while failing to record the trips on his financial disclosures.

    But prosecutors depict a series of alleged improper favors, gifts and payments they say began much earlier,
    and included stays at Melgen's villa in the Dominican Republic and costly plane rides.

    "For the first four years of the corruption scheme, the all-expense paid trips Melgen provided
    often included free roundtrip flights on Melgen’s private jet for Menendez and his various guests," the trial briefing reads.
    "When the doctor’s private jet was unavailable, Melgen supplied equally luxurious travel for the Senator."

    Prosecutors also allege that Menendez once demanded that Melgen book him
    "either a Park Suite King or Park Deluxe King room at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Paris."
    The eye doctor eventually complied and reserved the senator an even more expensive room, according to prosecutors.

    In return, they allege that Menendez used his office to perform favors for Melgen, including
    helping the doctor's foreign mistresses obtain visas to visit the U.S.
    and advocating for Melgen in a dispute between his ophthalmology practice and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

    The briefing also outlines plans to call a number of witnesses,
    including former Menendez staffers, public officials the senator allegedly pressured on Melgen's behalf
    and even pilots who were present for the vacations.

    Melgen was convicted earlier this year in a separate Medicare fraud case in Florida,
    though Menendez has insisted that conviction has no bearing on their corruption and bribery trial.

    Menendez and Melgen have denied the corruption and bribery allegations and have insisted that the gifts, vacations and donations
    were products of a decades-old friendship between the two men.

    What's more, Menendez has contended that his actions were part of his official legislative duties,
    and that many of them were carried out by staffers.


    Doctor at center of Menendez corruption case is guilty of Medicare fraud

    Salomon Melgen, the wealthy eye doctor at center of US Senator Robert Menendez’s corruption case,
    was found guilty of all 69 counts of health care fraud charged against him today by a jury in Florida.

    Tidbits Beneath

    A wealthy Florida doctor facing unsettled accusations
    that he hosted senatorial sex parties in the Dominican Republic
    asked the FAA to block his plane's flight activity from public view in air traffic tracking systems.
    The FAA granted the request earlier this month, allowing Dr. Salomon Melgen to keep his flight records secret.

    Menéndez, 59, won re-election in November and was named chair of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations,
    putting him in a key position to influence U.S. policy toward Cuba.
    But his hard-fought rise in politics has been tainted by claims that he has repeatedly traveled
    to the Dominican Republic to cavort with prostitutes with Melgen, one of his major campaign donors.

    The FBI is investigating the claims, following the leads of an elusive tipster who goes by the name "Peter Williams."


    Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey is facing indictment for a number of crimes
    tied to his involvement with his lifelong friend, Dr. Solomon Melgen.
    Both are accused pedophiles. Melgen is a Medicare cheat and Menendez
    is said to have interfered with investigations against Melgen for this and tax evasion.

    Melgen along with former cocaine cartel head, Hank Asher, founded Seisent,
    the company that developed the Matrix software
    that helped the government find all the wrong perpetrators when solving the riddle of 9/11.

    Melgen and Asher, devoted members of the Anti-Defamation League, AIPAC and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, founded Seisant,
    now owned by Lexus Nexus, a company that provides database services for not only the FBI
    but police around the nation, services used primarily to track pedophiles.
    (That Melgen, Asher and silent partner Jeb Bush ran a pedophile blackmail ring is only a curious coincidence.)

    To get a sense of what is really involved, consider the LA Times description of how Sen. Menendez
    used his Foreign Relations Committee post to help Melgen’s suspicious “business interests.”
    According to the Times, Menendez pressured the Dominican Republic to allow Melgen’s “security firm”
    to take over security – meaning drug screening – at Dominican cargo ports.

    Menendez claims he was “only interested in stopping drug shipping in the Caribbean.”
    If you crossed out the word “stopping” and wrote in “facilitating”
    you would probably have a more accurate sentence.

    “Menendez also faced reports that he and Melgen consorted with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, some of them underage..."

    Nick Bryant’s book The Franklin Scandal, details how top American officials are routinely blackmailed for pedophilia
    by intelligence agencies and their organized crime partners,
    who set them up with children, film them, and subsequently “own” them for life.

    The Cuban-Israeli cartel that apparently owns Sen. Menendez has its tentacles deep in the American political class.


    My own personal indictment of Menendez
    goes back to 2014
    when he and Corker and McCain were the tip of the spear
    in Congress advocating for $$$ and weapons into Ukraine neo-nazi batallions
    committing documented atrocities in Donbass...
    Menendez PERSONALLY invited known neo-nazi field commanders to speak inside Congress
    and paraded them into East Coast cocktail parties and living rooms to fundraise for weapons.

    He is neocon/deepstate owned.

    Sen. Menendez: US, NATO Should Arm Ukraine

    Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Commander: “The US is Training and Funding Us”

    Ukrainian neo-nazi , the Donbass battalion, Semyon Semyonchenko, has just returned from the US, where he met with senior senators from both parties, and received commitments of material support.

    He was also received by IRI (International Republican Institute) and NDI (National Democratic Institute),
    the international branches of the two main American political parties,
    and met with democratic Senator Robert Menendez and republican senator Robert Corker.

    “Menendez and Corker are the two senators who have sponsored the Ukraine Freedom Support Act,
    a bill that will allocate money to provide assistance to Ukraine, including the supply of weapons.
    Radar, anti-tank weapons, drones, communications systems and many other useful things for our army. “

    One of the main goals of his trip was to get training and much more from the US military.
    Judging by his FB post, it seems he has accomplished this.

    “Yesterday I signed a contract to organize training courses for the fighters and officers
    of the battalion Donbass by mobile groups of instructors from the United States,
    held by military that are not currently in service.

    They will work under the traditional training system used by the Navy Seals and Delta Force.
    Standards have been developed for each department (reconnaissance, special forces, security, etc.)
    and for each non-commissioned officer.

    Particular attention will be paid to the individual training and teamwork.
    We will use the maximum number of practical exercises.

    Another important point is the training of sergeants (NCOs)
    to allow it to act independently and managing a team.

    The instructors will also be used to prepare the internal security forces,
    nd that training is one of the forms of indirect assistance that Ukraine is receiving.

    After his meeting with NDI and IRI he also added:

    “They were very useful talks. We explained to them the situation in Ukraine as objectively as possible.
    We are confident that everything will go according to plan as we hoped. “


    Ukrainian Neo-Nazi battalion leader touring US
    'Secure West Point training': Ukrainian battalion leader lists US tour plans

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    Judge Rejects Menendez’s Request To Delay His 14 Count Corruption Trial cuz.. 'I'm A Senator'.
    Hope we won't headline like below:

    Judge Rejects Menendez’s Request To Delay His 14 Count Corruption Trial cuz.. 'I'm an AIPAC funded Senator'.

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    Diplomatic container scamers??

    Background: Melgen-Menendez Dominican Port Security Deal

    Menendez Backed Donor on Port Security Plan
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raginfridus View Post
    Maybe he was just caught holding the bag, so to speak.
    Ah, interesting hypothesis. Kind of like musical chairs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anaconda View Post
    Ah, interesting hypothesis. Kind of like musical chairs.
    Yeah, or who knows? Maybe he was the actual bag man. What better accomplice than a Senator?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raginfridus View Post
    Yeah, or who knows? Maybe he was the actual bag man. What better accomplice than a Senator?
    Whatever he is, he definitely banged underage girls.

    A shocking email posted online yesterday claims that under fire New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez had a predilection for young and inexperienced prostitutes and may have slept with a minor.

    Allegedly written by a young Dominican prostitute and published by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethic in Washington (Crew), the email claims that Menendez 'likes the youngest and newest girls'.

    Dating from April, the electronic exchange has been examined by the Daily Caller and according to their translators the Spanish writing indicated someone who was 'very young and unsophisticated.'

    The Democratic politician has been hit with a series of allegations since November that he and a prominent donor frequently traveled by private plane to the Dominican Republic where they paid multiple prostitutes to attend their sex parties.
    I bet he likes pizza too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by specsaregood View Post
    I bet he likes pizza too.
    That, and anonymous red rooms.

    I've wondered for a while if David Parker Ray actually had clients, but there aren't any publicized leads in that direction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raginfridus View Post
    Yeah, or who knows? Maybe he was the actual bag man. What better accomplice than a Senator?
    But all senators (except Rand and maybe Mike Lee) are accomplices. That's their job. Why does Bob get thrown under the bus?

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    Menendez Co-Defendant Plays Race Card Almost Immediately

    “Sal and Bob were part of a fellowship of Hispanic Americans. Entrepreneurs, businessmen, doctors, politicians. You’ll hear this at trial: their idea was to pay it forward, help young Hispanic Americans improve their lives, lift up their community, play a larger role in their community,” Ogrosky said. “This case isn’t only an attack on those two men. It’s an attack on that whole group.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by specsaregood View Post
    I bet he likes pizza too.
    ...And if he wasn't so much into "succulent hot dogs", he can bet he will be soon enough...

    The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding one’s self in the ranks of the insane.” — Marcus Aurelius

    Consilio et Animis de Oppresso Liber

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