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Thread: Federal Prosecutors: Bob Menendez Should Absolutely Not Get a Pass to Vote During Trial

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    Federal Prosecutors: Bob Menendez Should Absolutely Not Get a Pass to Vote During Trial

    Democrat Senator Bob Menendez is about to go on trial for corruption in New Jersey and a federal judge has ordered he physically remain in the court room throughout the entire process.
    Irritated, Menendez filed a request to the court asking if he could leave for votes in the Senate. Federal prosecutors did not mince words when issuingtheir opposition to the request and reminded him he isn't above the law simply because he is a U.S. Senator.
    "After being indicted twice for depriving the people who elected him of their right to his honest services, defendant Robert Menendez now demands that this Court disrupt his criminal trial so that he can perform his duties as a United States Senator. Defendant Menendez was indicted in 2015 and 2016 for bribery, conspiracy, honest services fraud, false statements, and violating the Travel Act. Those indictments allege a seven-year bribery conspiracy in which he traded the power of his public office for a lavish lifestyle that included private jet rides and vacations in Paris and the Caribbean," they wrote in a response. "The only reason defendant Menendez’s trial is scheduled for September 2017, almost two-and-a-half years after he was first indicted by a grand jury, is because he has spent that time pursuing a meritless argument that the Constitution immunizes him from prosecution—an argument that has been rejected by every judge to have considered it. Now he seeks to use his status as a United States Senator to pick and choose the dates on which his criminal trial will be conducted."
    "This is not the first time defendant Menendez has sought special treatment from this Court. At defendant Menendez’s very first appearance, he asked to be exempted from the routine requirement that defendants surrender their personal passports because of his status as a United States Senator," the response continues. "This case began with defendant Menendez being treated like any other defendant, and it should end that way....only a United States Senator can try to hide behind the very office he corrupted to avoid accountability to the public for his actions."

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    I want to hate this guy but he's a formidable well spoken individual. I guess time will tell if he pissed off the wrong people.
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    Why can't they just let him vote via video conference?
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    There's approximately ZERO hope, for poor pitiful New Jerseyans

    Quote Originally Posted by anaconda View Post
    I want to hate this guy but he's a formidable well spoken individual. I guess time will tell if he pissed off the wrong people.
    You must be forgiven, for you could not know.

    Robert Menendez is a big government, BSing, anti-liberty, pro-war, Israel firster who has been in office forever! Same goes for every other NJ Democrat that holds office... and most of the Republicans, as well.

    Between Menendez, Frank Pallone, Frank Lautenberg (who is only not in office now, because he FINALLY DIED!), Cory Booker, and the empty-headed Bonnie Watson Coleman (think: IQ level of an inexperienced Maxine Waters) I, as a New Jerseyan, have lived without any representation whatsoever - for my entire adult life!

    My district seems to get redrawn nearly every election. The only way to keep track of this, is by remembering to personally re-research it each year. And don't forget outstanding NJ governors like James (I-am-a-gay-american) Mcgreevey, or Goldman-Sachs CEO and crook Jon Corzinne.

    This is not the first time Menendez has been accused of corruption, but he always slithers out of it and gets re-elected! This, despite the fact that Mr. Authoritarian, Chris Christie was our Attorney General under the Bush administration.

    As much as I want to see Menendez kicked out of office, punished, fined and jailed - odds are he will come out smelling like a rose and remain in office till he dies, like his wealthy buddy Frank Lautenberg. We simply have NO officials in NJ who care about punishing, preventing or ending political corruption!

    Most people think CA is the politically stupidest state, but I think all the stupidest stuff happens in NJ first! We just don't have as many college students and celebrities who proudly brag about it!
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