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Yes. The Unite the Right group got a permit to hold an assembly in Emancipation Park. Emancipation Park was formerly known as Lee Park after confederate General Robert E. Lee. The city council changed the name and then also decided to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee that is still in the park. White nationalists decided that this should be ground zero and obtained a permit. The city council after issuing the permit decided to move the rally to McIntyre park. The white nationalist coalition challenged it, the ACLU got behind them, and a federal judge decided the rally had to go ahead as permitted. Liberal special interest groups opposed to the white nationalist special interest groups decided to counter protest. The government decided to let them go head to head before stepping in. The two groups were purposely routed into each others path by cops. Then the cops stood back. And waited. For what eventually would happen.
White nationalists. Why would they be against the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee? Maybe they're white separatists? Isn't removing all things celebrating Southern history in line with being a 'nationalist'? Because we all know the South tried to break up this glorious nation.