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Thread: Russia developing 200 kilowatt lasers and mounting them on combat icebreakers

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    Russia developing 200 kilowatt lasers and mounting them on combat icebreakers

    Russia is building two new icebreakers designed patrol the Arctic Ocean, capable of smashing through five feet of sea ice and Russia will add 30 to 200 kilowatt high-powered lasers. Russia began construction of two Project 23550, the Ivan Papanin-class icebreakers.
    The two ships will displace about 8,500 tons, about the size of modern destroyers, but much of that weight is due to the reinforced hull needed by icebreakers to plow through thick sea ice. Dimensionally, the Papanin class will be only about the size of a frigate. The ships will carry one AK-176MA 3-inch multipurpose deck gun (76.2-millimeter), a Kamov Ka-27 search and rescue helicopter, and eight Kalibr anti-ship missiles or longer-range cruise missile variants. The ships will be powered by diesel electric engines mounted in azipods generating a combined horsepower of 9,160 horsepower, and will carry bow thrusters for precise maneuvering.

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    And here we are poking the bear.....

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