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Thread: Why Donald Trump does not want to bankrupt America unlike most politicians

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    Oh hell, we've been reduced to this.
    "The Patriarch"

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    Trump good. Low taxes. America. Why business politician like? Bring inflation 1.5 trillion Obama.

    Refute that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dude58677 View Post
    That is Obamas Budget plan which started even before the elections. The 2018 Budget is far different. This is also not to say that a lot of employees in the Trump Administration are leftovers from the Obama Administration.

    He also said previous administration's are to Blame for these out of control deficit so he says he is trying, he has personal/business incentive to try, and his willingness to cut regulations with executive orders. I don't know what else there is to say he isn't trying to improve our economy.
    Yeah, he says a lot of things.

    So let me get this straight, the GOP controls all branches of the federal government but they can't cut spending because of legacy budgets?! Um, no. They control the purse strings. Budgeting and spending are two different things. The truth is that spending has increased - not decreased. And it isn't the fault of any "budget".

    Quit getting caught up in rhetoric. It means nothing to these people.
    "And now that the legislators and do-gooders have so futilely inflicted so many systems upon society, may they finally end where they should have begun: May they reject all systems, and try liberty; for liberty is an acknowledgment of faith in God and His works." - Bastiat

    "It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere." - Voltaire

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelatc View Post
    More "ordinary" people do business with Trump than Hillary.
    Trump's business is Trump. Hillary's business is Trump. "Ordinary people" don't do any business with either of them.
    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCarolinaLiberty View Post

    Half the crap I write here is just to entertain myself.
    I am Zippy and I approve of this post. But you don't have to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dude58677 View Post

    The overall budget requested was 1.15 trillion. I made a mistake saying it was 3.3 trillion. The previous 3.3 trillion cane from a website that based the 2018 estimates based from the Obama Administration.
    That $1.15 trillion is only "discressionary" spending. It does not include "mandatory" spending like Social Security, Medicare/ Medicaid, interest on the debt. The portions of the budget he has proposed cuts in only account for about 20% of the entire budget. Discressionary spending for FY2017 (Obama) was $1.149 trillion. Trump's proposals call for $1.188 trillion or an actual increase of $39 billion. $3.2 trillion is
    including non- discressionary spending.

    And again, that does not include higher expenditures in Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and Interest on the Debt.

    His cuts are figured over ten years- not next year. The cuts are mostly out into the future by which time a new budget would have been written and the proposed cuts forgotten. He does call for cuts in some departments while increasing spending in others. The proposal does not include any of his proposed $1 trillion in new infrastructure spending. It also assumed getting rid of Obamacare but he has been promoting the "replace" bill which negates some of his cuts like Medicaid.

    But Congress will write the actual budget- the president can only suggest things. Most of his cuts are probably not going to happen. They are currently passing a higher defense spending bill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCarolinaLiberty View Post

    Half the crap I write here is just to entertain myself.
    I am Zippy and I approve of this post. But you don't have to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kpitcher View Post
    The yearly fee to Mar Lago is $200,000. I don't think anyone paying that sort of membership fee really qualifies as ordinary people.
    Quote Originally Posted by Slave Mentality View Post
    Ain't buying it dude. Got anything better for us poor old ordinary folks?

    I can't even afford the mother $#@!er's steaks.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zippyjuan View Post
    It was doubled after he became president.

    Like expensive hotel rooms? He doesn't sell anything ordinary people buy. Other than his reality TV show and his image.

    Wow, all of you COMPLETELY missed the point, which is understandable as most of you have been diagnosed with Trump derangement syndrome, which makes it impossible to think clearly when it comes to debating about anything related to Trump.

    Listen. Closely. The same things that will help Trump's business - like lower taxes, less regulations, etc, are the SAME THINGS that help regular business that serve regular people.. as opposed to helping businesses like Lockheed Martin. That was the point of the thread. You coming in and saying how you don't buy things from Trump's businesses are NOT AN ARGUMENT.
    "He's talkin' to his gut like it's a person!!" -me
    "dumpster diving isn't professional." - angelatc

    "Each of us must choose which course of action we should take: education, conventional political action, or even peaceful civil disobedience to bring about necessary changes. But let it not be said that we did nothing." - Ron Paul

    "Paul said "the wave of the future" is a coalition of anti-authoritarian progressive Democrats and libertarian Republicans in Congress opposed to domestic surveillance, opposed to starting new wars and in favor of ending the so-called War on Drugs."

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCount View Post
    Bull$#@!. He's a nationalist populist, and is certainly not scared of spending or taxes.

    And how is that different from your view of one world globalism and advocacy of big government spending?
    Quote Originally Posted by TheCount View Post
    ...I believe that when the government is capable of doing a thing, it will.
    Quote Originally Posted by Influenza View Post
    which one of yall fuckers wrote the "ron paul" racist news letters
    Quote Originally Posted by Dforkus View Post
    Zippy's posts are a great contribution.

    Disrupt, Deny, Deflate. Read the RPF trolls' playbook here (post #3):

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