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Thread: Anti-Ron Paul Fake-Trumper runs for Senate (needs to be defeated)

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    Anti-Ron Paul Fake-Trumper runs for Senate (needs to be defeated)

    This guy named Geoff Diehl is a Fake Trumper and is an anti-Ron Paul guy. He is the designated loser set up by the Establishment to ensure Warren wins the Senate election and needs to be defeated in the primaries.

    Here he attacks Ron Paul supporters while claiming to be a Trump supporter:

    “Four years ago the Ron Paul delegates tried a similar procedure to try to see if they could maybe somehow shoe either Ron Paul or one of his platforms into the convention in a relevant way,” said Diehl, who served as an alternate delegate in 2012.

    Information on his claims about being a Trump supporter:

    In the current Massachusetts U.S. Senate race to unseat Elizabeth Warren, local Republican Geoff Diehl has been claiming he was the Co-Chair of the Massachusetts effort to elect Donald J. Trump.

    There's just one problem: Diehl was NOT the Co-Chairman of the Massachusetts effort to elect Donald Trump, a fact confirmed for me by Vincent DeVito, who chaired that campaign.

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    For a candidate running against her, truthfulness and credibility will be an extremely important factor.

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    Unless he has more charisma than Scott Brown, he will not bounce Elizabeth Warren from her day job...

    Our local Republicans have 50/50 odds of havng voted at least ONCE in their lives for Gentleman Mitt Romney, some of our ardent politicized Democrats regarded such a thing as unthinkable. once y'all you cotton to this, you understand Bay State politics...

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    Ought I to run REFORM Party? Somehow? Say by the next Senate race up here? Or is this a bad idea?

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