I'm not in Mass, but very familiar with Shiva. This guy is an ally. Not a libertarian, but anti-scientism, anti-gmo, pro-1A/2A, pro-localization, anti-globalism, establishment-hater, and jack of all trades entrepreneur. He appears to be disgusted with big government.

He is running again for Senate in 2020. Democrats shoot for the moon in places like Texas, why can't Republicans do the same? I feel like there is an extrinsic value above and beyond the intrinsic value of winning a Senate seat in Mass.

He also has been on Alex Jones/David Knight many, many times. He's a self-made fighter. Unlike other politicians, he's actually very smart. This did not come from MIT...but from living in the real world and understanding/taking risks.

I would love to see a national effort by Republicans to propel Shiva like Democrats did with O'Rourke.