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Thread: The George Thread: Unmasking the Depleted Uranium Ratlines

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    Default The George Thread: Unmasking the Depleted Uranium Ratlines

    This will be a thread to post the latest intrepid adventures of George.
    Turning a new chapter....he's moved on from (just) Eric Braverman & Seth Rich
    Some follow here on RPF.... You either like him or you don't. I do.. maybe I'm autistic.

    Seems a good place in the George Encyclopedia set to start a new volume.
    Too much to review as to how we got here... but here we go.

    Return to Marc Turi, General Grange, an Small Northeast Arms Dealers

    Depleted Uranium, White Phosphorous

    Roundtable Chat - Jason & Trish in London -

    FOUND! Eric Braverman hahaha
    There! is Eric Braverman (1st public appearance since going underground...)


    George Webb Channel
    Jason Goodman Channel


    Day 241.2 - It jus be rainin Awans! Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, Ali Imran Awan

    Day 241.3 Karachi, SGS, Ali Imran Awan
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    Good Morning

    Day 243.1 Red Pill Conference, Javed Illegal Cigarettes, and Serbia UN Lawsuit

    Day 243.2 Is Uranium the FBI's Kryptonite? Plutonium Footprints

    Day 243.3 Gladio, Gladio B, Situation Ethics, and the Moral Bankruptcy of Gladio C

    234.4 Elisha Mann - Musical break

    Day 243.5 A New Form of Journalism


    Day 244.7 People Want Truth. CNN 'School Plays' Found Wanting
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    Pakistan's nuclear stockpile could become world's third largest, says report

    Exposing the Uranium/Plutonium ratlines more important than ever Go George.

    Pakistan’s army is building an arsenal of ”tiny” nuclear weapons—and it’s going to backfire


    Red Pill Expo Wrap Up
    Arlen Williams interviews George Webb on a live Skype feed from Bozeman, MT

    Gulftainer: 'What Could Possibly Go Wrong?'

    Below is a press release about the paper that was sent out today by CSP:

    (Washington, DC): A new Center for Security Policy Occasional Paper authored by two intrepid and indefatigable researchers, Alan Jones and Mary Fanning, has brought to light a shocking fact: The family of Iraqi nuclear physicist Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, considered to be “the father of Iraq’s nuclear weapons program,” has been awarded a 35-year lease for cargo container operations at Port Canaveral, Florida.

    According to Mr. Jones and Ms. Fanning’s paper, entitled “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” Secret Deal Allows Company Tied to Saddam’s Nuclear Bombmaker, Iran and U.A.E. to Manage Key Florida Port Facilities, Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew unilaterally approved the lease for Gulftainer — a Middle Eastern ports company owned by the Emir of Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Iraqi businessman Hamid Dhia Jafar — following two years of secret talks.

    It is deeply concerning that Lew and the Obama administration decided to forego any national security threat analysis...
    Original Paper/PDF
    ►George brings down the Hammer (Don't miss this one)
    Day 246.2 Jason Chaffetz on Awan Brothers, Jack Lew GulfTainer Deal, Clear and Present Danger Still Exists
    Jack Lew
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    Another George fix for the junkies on RPF

    Khanashin, Afghanistan

    Opium poppy buds are seen in an Afghan opim poppy field in Habibullah village in Khanashin

    Day 251.1 Khanashin, Yemeni Girl, $28M King of Morocco Bribe, and Who Moved the NGP/VAN Files?

    Day 250.1 2011 US Agreement For Uranium "Leasing", 2013 For EU

    George, Trish & Jason Roundtable & Interview

    Day 251.2 WND's Garth Kant Breaks the MSM Awan Logjam

    Garth Kant - World Net Daily
    The biggest scandal you've never heard of
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    Day 253.1 George Reviews, Flowcharts and Simplifies the 2 DNC/DCC different leaks:
    1. DNC Donor lists via NGP/VAN monthly to Clinton Foundation
    2. DNC Emails via disgruntled Bernieite & Justin Cooper to disect 'relationships'.

    Day 253.3 Charles Ortel on Fred Smith, LUX For Detecting Depleted Uranium Weapons Shipments

    LIVE: Charles Ortel interview (Live is over) Who is Charles Ortel
    (Whistleblower on Clinton foundation, Investor, Author, Staff Writer Washington Times, and more...)
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    Day 254.1 Teneo, Decisions Sciences, Podesta Group, David Grange and Port of Norfolk, and DC Dept of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs

    Day 254.3 Bill's vs Hills at the Clinton Foundation

    Captain and Teneo Did Podesta Group raid Teno data?

    Teneo is an international C-suite advisory firm and investment banking platform. Founded in June 2011 by Declan Kelly, Paul Keary, and Doug Band, Teneo currently has 550 employees and twelve divisions, ... Founded: June 2011 Headquarters: Citigroup Center, New York Privately held company

    Scanning for Threats and Contraband at the Speed of Commerce
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    Day 256.3 George lays it all out short & sweet (FBI... are you taking notes???)
    Braverman Goes To Press Then FBI, Cooper, Becomes NY FBI Informant, Beth Jones' Victory Fund Payments From Andrew Tobias DNC State Fund Thefts Jared Beck Lawsuit, Seth Rich School Play, Final Move of CGI Funds Through RFF Before Convention

    (Molly MaCauley murder) RFF Resources for the Future is an American nonprofit organization that conducts independent research into environmental, energy, and natural resource issues, primarily via economics and other social sciences. Parent organization: Earthscan James & James Ltd.

    Teneo Suck Out
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    Be Sure: 'They' are following George's Updates (White Hats & Black Hats)

    Day 257.2 IRS Opens an Investigation on DNC Cashflow
    Jul 6, 2017
    Awans Tobias To Jones For DNC Cash, Freedom Watch and Judicial Watch Want To Replace Mueller

    George aiming for interview/dialog with Sara Carter (Fox Journo) regarding FURTHER EVIDENCE of AWAN COVERUP: Capitol Police/FBI Not Conducting even BASIC Investigation

    Day 258.1 Amalgamated Bank (Awans to Tobias to Jones)
    Trump Tweet from G20: "Everyone Talking About Why Podesta Gave Servers To Crowdstrike Instead of FBI"

    George is Closing In on Podesta and Mestrich
    Day 258.2 George says hi! to Amalgamated Bank: Keith Mestrich & SEIU cronies, George initiates contact withDonald Trump Jr. for one-on-one.

    John Podesta Twitter-Battles Trump by Continuing to Push Thoroughly Debunked "Russians stole my emails and helped you win" Narrative. DNC continues to hold their servers hostage from the officials because they likely contain even more evidence leaks are inside-job.

    Day 258.3 Thank You Card From the People of the United States (2 B 'hand delivered' via Trump Tower 'insider' to Don Jr.)

    Trump Tower Time Again

    Some Notes from the (above) Trump Tower walk...

    International Shipping Ring via hidden URLs 'Dark Web' & bitcoin: Taking the orders and payments: Agora, Green Road, Abraxus
    opiods, brown opium, synthetics, fetanyl, DU, Organ trafficking,
    shipping via diplomatic containers (players buy 'concessions')

    Green Road

    George references Craig Murry interview

    Trish & Jason interview Craig Murray

    RT interview

    UK Diplomat Knows Who Was Behind The DNC Leak, It's Not Russia

    George says Youtube channel 'losing' about 200 subscription/day (algorithm)


    Evidence in Amalgamated Bank can end HRCratline

    Judicial Watch
    Tom Fitton discusses the Mueller Investigation, Obamacare Exemption, New VA & Deep State Lawsuits
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    Day 259.1 Has Podesta has gone to ground? Omaha Offutt Air Force Base
    George having another 'chat' w/ his FBI/CIA 'viewers', white & black hats alike...
    dropping clues, shaming & mocking their cowardice & dereliction. Go George.

    Transcript (Crowdsource the Truth volunteer )

    Okay day 259 point one. Here we are outside of Amalgamated Bank 275 Seventh Avenue. Yeah, it's pretty busy up there. People got in early, they're scrub, scrub, scrubbing, wiping those servers with clothes, all the account numbers gone gone bye bye going to a paper box to be shipped and stored in Brooklyn, sort of like the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, just being pushed to the back, pushed toward the shredders. So yeah Podesta is going to be the SEIU Beatle that's going to be at the center of this investigation. Everybody says the same thing, everybody says the same thing, he's getting on a Stratcom plane, he took a helicopter, there's rumors Podesta's on a helicopter he got in Clarksburg that McCabe provided for a whisper copter to Stratcom to the, to the deal at Stratcom in Omaha, the place where we've been shipping in opium since, oh gosh, I want to say, well Iran-contra been around. This whole thing, this whole thing has been around since Iran contra, Amjad Awan. You can watch it in a movie called The Infiltrator last year. This whole thing of money laundering, drugs, shipping companies, front companies. Nothing changed. A few guys got arrested. Look at New York versus Amjad Awan, or excuse me, United States versus Amjad Awan, but nothing's really changed. I mean they've changed a few names, the four Awan brothers now, I sort of have a lot of sympathy for them because they were doing their job they're Pakistani ISI, they were doing what they could for 111 and they came here thinking hey I'm just you know I belong in the service to the queen, their doing intelligence work, they set up their proprietaries, they did everything that was asked of them, they didn't know about the bigger picture, well maybe they did. So, anyway Amjad Awan. Look him up. So we've got Awan Sports this morning one hundred and sixty-seven shipments to the United States. Soccer balls. Lots of shipments to Colombia to Escobar import-export. So, Awan Impex import-export, Awan Impex, check that out. All this stuff, when SEIU gets into the shipping business, when they get into the retail drug business. I love unions. My dad worked in a Union for a while, my brothers, until my brothers worked in a Union, my grandfather was U.S. Steel union, horrible working conditions when he first got here to the country, 12-hour working days. Unions are great, it did a lot of good things, but then the criminals took over and I've experienced it first hand in Cleveland, first hand in Chicago. The old days were just loan sharking and prostitution, then we got into drugs after World War Two, now all this other crap from Kosovo, the organ harvesting and all this crap in the dark web now organ harvest crap online. We are going to take it apart piece by piece. And, by the way, I'm still walking that same path those two Egyptian pilots dragged the um, well actually one block too far. The Egyptian pilots, keep wanting to remind people look up and down this street for all the cameras and metadata. We've got to stop this stuff where now we're bringing in foreign intelligence agencies to do the work of this corrupted Union. It's got to stop.

    if you're not enjoying/studying the comments... you're missing out on all the intrigue and networking.
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    SEIU Beatles
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    Day 264.1 George going to Bulgaria?
    NATO ratline Biggest Story in last 20 years

    Day 264.3 Press Gaggle for Chris Wray FBI Confirmation.

    Day 264.5 Hillary's New Champion - Lindsey Graham

    Lindsey Graham at (FBI chief confirmation) Christopher Wray senate hearing
    Trump,Russia,James Comey,trump jr emails

    Wray Confirmation Hearing Review (low blood sugar George? hahaha)
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    Bulgaria, Dilyana, White Phosphorus, John McCain, Lindsay Graham
    You can start with Trish report @ 8:00

    Purple Shovels Deliver "White Mischief" Black Weapons to Bulgaria's ISIS Depot
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    If you watched the above and been following for the last half dozen posts...
    then this should confirm some things 4 you... George is all over this...
    he reported months ago about the NATO/McCain manufacturing facility in Bulgaria..
    supplied with EXACT manufacturing specs for US weaponry... (to bypass US controls)
    It's called Arsenal.
    So.. what Dilyana stumbled upon was how they distribute it... to the mercenaries/proxies across the globe.
    Check this OUT!!!
    Dilyana's News Article [ENG]
    350 Diplomatic Flights Carry Weapons for Terrorists

    Azerbaijan's Silk Way Airlines transports weapons with diplomatic clearance for Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Congo

    "At least 350 diplomatic Silk Way Airlines (an Azerbaijani state-run company) flights transported weapons for war conflicts across the world over the last 3 years. The state aircrafts of Azerbaijan carried on-board tens of tons of heavy weapons and ammunition headed to terrorists under the cover of diplomatic flights."

    Here was the 2016 Bulgarian Video Report

    Now gaining 'traction'...

    Silkway Airlines Diplomatic Flights Used to Ship Billions Worth of Weapons from Eastern Europe to the Middle East

    "A massive weapons smuggling operation has been exposed showing how large shipments of weapons
    are illegally shipped from eastern European countries such as Bulgaria and Serbia to Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Afghanistan."

    "The responsible authorities of many countries (Israel, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey,
    as well as to the militaries of Saudi Arabia, UAE, the military forces of Germany and Denmark in Afghanistan and of Sweden in Iraq,
    and the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)) have turned a blind eye and allowed diplomatic flights for the transport of tons of weapons."

    A Wikipedia has been set up...
    Silk Way Airlines

    Depleted Uranium & White Phosphorus Part of Massive Weapons Smuggling Operation Involving US Contractors

    Several US contractors are implicated in the operation. They are:

    Purple Shovel
    Alliant Techsystems Operations-USA
    Orbital ATK
    Chemring Group


    These US contractors are profiting off the US taxpayer, purchasing and smuggling weapons illegally
    with the use of civilian aircraft and diplomatic immunity aboard Silkway Airlines.
    The history of both Orbital ATK and Chemring indicate that the types of undisclosed weapons transported across the Middle East
    are likely to be Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorus among others.


    A stunning investigation by Bulgarian reporter Dilyana Gaytandzhieva revealed that Azerbaijan’s state-run Silk Way Airlines
    has shipped under diplomatic cover 350 planeloads of heavy weapons and ammunition to terrorist groups around the world in the last three years!
    Azerbaijan asked the Foreign Ministries of various countries to issue a diplomatic exemption for these flights,
    allowing civilian planes to carry weapons which would normally be prohibited by the International Air Transport Association.

    The reporter’s information is based on a large number of emails sent to her by an anonymous source:
    “The leaked files include correspondence between the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Azerbaijan to Bulgaria
    with attached documents for weapons deals and diplomatic clearance for overflight and/or landing in Bulgaria and many other European countries,”
    in addition to Syria, Iraq, the United States, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, and Israel, to name a few.


    Gaytandzhieva discovered that just in April and May of 2017, Azerbaijan’s Air Force jets transported 282 tons of grenades on 10 diplomatic flights.

    On April 28 and May 12 of this year, Silk Way Airlines carried out two diplomatic flights from Baku to Burgas-Jeddah-Brazzaville (Republic of Congo).
    The military cargo on board both flights was paid for by Saudi Arabia.

    The aircraft was loaded with mortars and anti-tank grenades.
    These very same weapons were discovered by the Iraqi army a month ago in an Islamic State warehouse in Mosul.
    It is not surprising that Islamic State terrorists have displayed these weapons in their propaganda videos, according to Gaytandzhieva.

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    Day 265.2 George at 1050 Connecticut Ave.

    Day 266.1 Denis Katsyv (Trump Jr. 'story' Russian) and Human Right Global Accountability Fund (We Found the Child Trafficking NGO) HRGAF. 1050 Connecticut Ave. | the 'ratline' : kidnapping children, using them as sex slaves, killing them in satanic ritual, selling their body organs to the highest bidder.
    George reviews the Old 90's Ratlines vs New Child/Organ Trafficking and 'squares off' (threatens?) against incestuous Trump Jr. NYT 'reporter' vs trafficking complicity: Jake Yates Sexton @JYSexton

    Day 266.2 Grassley, Akhmetshin, and Iowa Grandmothers in tennis shoes (hahaha)


    Day 266.3 Fusion GPS (running 'interference' to protect ratline exposure) and Northrup Grumman Command and Control
    Ratlines not 'easy' to manage... you need all the government tech 'tools'.

    Fusion GPS Founder – Behind Phony Trump Dossier – Cancels/Refusing Testimony Before Congress

    Glenn Simpson, the founder of Fusion GPS

    Fusion GPS Facing Congressional Subpoena
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    Crash Course on DU

    Depleted Uranium is the extremely toxic nuclear waste from nuclear power plants that has a half-life of 4.4 billion years.

    Weaponized DU was funded & developed by the Carlyle Group, a private equity firm, of which George H W Bush and many familiar NeoCons from his and his son’s Administrations have been on the Board of Directors.

    DU in bullets and armor that are alloyed with steel become extremely dense; making bullets ideal for piercing conventional armor.

    DU weapons were first used in the 1991 Gulf War and shortly afterwards, in Serbia and Kosovo. It’s been used in every major armed conflict ever since.

    1991 Gulf War US used 640,000 pounds of DU ammunition.

    2003 Iraq invasion, an estimated 4,000,000 pounds of DU ammunition were used.

    DU DUST wreaks radiological disaster in the areas where it is used – (actually throughout the planet) as the nanoparticulate dust becomes aerosolized and blown to the four corners of the Earth.

    Increased incidence of birth defects especially in places like Fallujah, which saw heavy use of DU weapons has been attributed to the use of DU weapons.

    “Gulf War Syndrome” has never been properly explained or addressed by the Veterans Administration yet large amounts of hot particles from DU have consistently been found in the bodies of US Veterans and is thought to be a large component of the Syndrome.

    INHALED: “Radioactive uranium that is inhaled by soldiers on the battlefield and by workers in factories can bypass the blood-brain barrier following nerves from the nose directly to the brain.

    SCHRAPNEL: Gulf War veterans who have uranium shrapnel in their bodies showed that they perform poorly on general brain cognitive tests of performance efficiency and accuracy.
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    Day 267.1 McDuff, Mayo Clinic, Two Canisters of Helium, and Shane Harris of WSJ, Charles Ortel & Peter Smith (death by Helium)

    Playing the Trump Card
    GOP 'operative' Peter Smith 'Helium Suicide'preposterous!!

    Geo/Jsn/Trsh & Charles Ortel
    The Strange Death of Peter Smith

    Another investigator of Clinton crimes dies
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    Scary to think I understand/recognize all of this and KNOW
    Hannity hasn't even scratched the surface of what we know via George chats...

    and I don't even LIKE domestic politics.

    Day 267.3 Enter Banquo's Ghost - Field FBI
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    "Who sold this white phosphorous weapon? Did it fly Silk Way Air? Did it fly Sky Bridge Tactical?
    I am going to find out." - George

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    An Accidental Journalist and His Historic Crowd-Sourced Investigation

    Podesta Emails Document Hillary Clinton Money-Laundering Scheme
    Why does AG Sessions refuse to investigate?

    Jerome Corsi

    Is This Your Homework Tony?

    Day 269.1 Bernie dollars/data thru NGP VAN to ActBlue to '' to (SEIU/Podesta) Amalgamated Bank

    FedISIS - The Dilyana Files
    (It's ALL good... but if U don't watch anything else: WATCH FROM 34:20 )

    Silkway Airlines files: Dilyana Gaytandzhieva and Anonymous Bulgaria

    They gave a shoutout To the crowd: Take snapshots of Bugarian/Azerbaijan 'rar' files, post on Twitter, use hashtag #SilkwayHelpTerrorist
    a text file with an index of the Anonymous Bulgaria transit files in the archive can be viewed/downloaded at the url below.

    Making a Killing (a 2016 attempt to get the word out...)

    Taliban seen with SCAR rifle commonly carried by American commandos

    CrowdSource The Truth REMIX The Big Scrunchie

    Tangled Up in Blues
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    An emotional Elizabeth Beck joins Owen Shroyer to discuss recent revelations
    in the death of Peter Smith Klaus Eberwein and Beranton Whisenant.
    The Beck's need our thoughts and prayers, as Jared/Elizabeth Beck
    are bravely still pursuing justice in the DNC Fraud Lawsuit.

    BOMBSHELL: Attorney Links Clinton Foundation To Mayo Clinic, Peter Smith
    Just aired/Alex Jones

    Elizabeth (above) is severely medicated... prayers 4 her. This is scary shiit.
    You can compare the above Elizabeth with the below Elizabeth about a month ago...


    Organ Harvesting 101



    Published on Jul 17, 2017
    Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley
    What Happened to Bana?


    Who took the fall for Clinton when Benghazi weapons shipment was intercepted?
    … None other than Marc Turi

    Marc Turi: The mysterious saga of an Arizona arms dealer
    Dennis Wagner , The Republic |
    This story, full of spooks and political misdirection, twists the mind. The CIA is involved.
    Also Bulgarian arms manufacturers, Benghazi terrorists, Libyan rebels and U.S. political operatives.

    In the end, prosecutors dropped their five-year, multimillion-dollar case just weeks before the Nov. 8 vote.
    The reason, Turi said: “It would have disclosed a covert weapons operation ... in a presidential election.”
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    Day 270.1 White Mischief and Friends

    Acting Blue Bombing White

    Murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German

    Delphi Murders: 4 months later, investigators say they're 'close'

    The Strange Death of Julie Ferguson
    The EB 5 citizenship loophole seems to be at the center of multiple attorney deaths in the Miami area
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    First I've heard of George... How long until he commits "suicide"??

    Christian Anarchy - Our Only Hope For Liberty In Our Lifetime!
    Sonmi 451: Truth is singular. Its "versions" are mistruths.

    Use an internet archive site like
    to archive the article and create the link to the article content instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristianAnarchist View Post
    First I've heard of George... How long until he commits "suicide"??
    savants are bullet proof.

    here's his channel/oldest to newest...
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