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    we can toke small joints up here, we soon might get shoppes that are to be locally zoned,
    that will legally&legitimately sell the same said "wacky tobacky" however if our VEEP becomes our
    next POTUS and keeps on or rehires Jeff Sessions, this may nip in the bud a thriving industry.

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    After the Dems run some dud like Gore , Kerry , Biden , Clinton , Sanders etc Trump will be a shoe in and then so will Pence , 7 years from now by the time Pence is running he will be the ordained establishment candidate and anyone opposing him will be throwing money away . By then the best the dems will be able to muster will be Stalin or Mao unless Pelosi is still alive .

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    Dang. Doctor Rand Paul has high odds of voting in a Senate Trial before this or next New Years...

    Dang. Mitch McConnell either dumps on Trump or he makes Mike Pence grovel greatly for fame.

    Dang. I am pleased we had strict gun control laws but understand folks up in N.H like to hunt.

    Dang. My kin want me to lapse back to yellow dawg Democrat like as if FDR is runnin' in 1932...

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