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Thread: Great resources for running for local office.

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    Great resources for running for local office.

    Hey what are some good resources when running for local office?
    Phone banks, walk list, interactive maps for canvassing, pacs, ect. ect.

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    Go to the Leadership Institute. They will teach you most of what you need to know. Then go here and take their school:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikezelot View Post
    Hey what are some good resources when running for local office?
    Phone banks, walk list, interactive maps for canvassing, pacs, ect. ect.
    Yes those are good resources, is your question where you can find those specific things? I believe you can get lists of voters from the Republican Party or Secretary of State's office, it might depend whether you are running in the primary or general election but I think the SOS should usually give them out for free. For most of the other things I'd recommend finding someone locally who has run a similar election with relative success. Some of the map software for example can be expensive but there might be cheaper options.

    If you can identify a majority of voters, tell them your message personally, ask for their vote, put them on your supporter list and get them out to vote you should win. The #1 reason most of our candidates lose is unwillingness to put in the campaign effort needed. Followed by biting of more than they can chew, and lack of resources. Try to find lots of friends to volunteer and donate if you can. Spend most of your resources knocking on doors and making phone calls. Spend a little on signs, but don't fool yourself into thinking signs will win you support, they mostly boost morale of your supporters. If you have no signs people might think you are not serious. If your talking a very small race with a few hundred voters signs probably aren't needed though. if you have money left over you might do a mailer or two. A personal pitch to the voter is the most effective. Things like campaign buttons are cute but they don't really win votes. Spend your money on winning voters and getting your supporters to the polls.

    Build a grassroots network, get people involved. Find people who have ran before. We waste too much time reinventing the wheel. Don't make it all about you, run and use your network of friends and volunteers to help the next like minded guy. like minded doesn't have to mean libertarian, if someone wants to lower your local taxes and believes in somewhat limited government he is your friend. You can always educate a friend later. A friend is more likely to listen to you down the road.

    Realize that most people care more about relationships than issues. This is sad but a fact we can use. There are people who answer surveys as conservative who will make excuses for voting for a friend who is not entirely conservative. These are the people who reelect incumbents, but only if they have a relationship with the incumbent. If your opponent has never talked to them, but you shake their hand and ask for their vote and listen to their concerns they will probably vote for you. Local politics is not like presidential politics, they don't know all your positions, they don't have a bias about you unless your opponent got to them first.
    Define yourself in a way that you can win, be the guy they trust for information.

    The liberty movement needs to become like a snowball rolling down hill, picking up new allies along the way. We win when we work harder and have a bigger network of friends than the enemy. We win when local politicians know they need us, or go out of their way not to make us angry. We win whenever something bad is defeated or good passes that would not have without us. It's the long game. We want liberty now but it will be just as important in 25 years.
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    It's a balance between appeasing his supporters, appeasing the deep state and reaching his own goals.
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