Update on something that happened a while ago. While I don't know if this will pan out much, it's nice to see a wee bit of payback.

"Although, while Amash might not have wanted to make a federal case out of the matter, a government ethics watchdog group did. They filed a formal complaint with the Office of Special counsel which officially reprimanded Dan Scavino for violating the Hatch Act."

"The Hatch Act is a little known piece of legislation that forbids government employees from using their positions for political purposes. In other words, it’s illegal for the President’s Director of Social Media to use his position to demand the President’s supporters vote against a U.S. Congressman. Scavino’s profile picture was of him standing in the Oval Office, while his header displayed the presidential seal. It was as official as a Twitter account could be, and thus conveyed that Scavino was using the authority of his position to engage in political activity."