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Thread: Rand Paul Approves of Trump's Plan To Privatize the Air Traffic Control System

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    @acptulsa, chill buddy. I was not "baiting" you. I was expressing understanding and expressing respect, completely sincerely.

    Look, I'll even help dannno out for you. @dannno, acp was just annoyed at me (and I guess to an extent the Collins) for being uninformed about the details of Trump's plan and saying irrelevant things. However, he does think this privatization is a good thing. As he put it:

    "Establishing a system of civil air traffic control where Trump is unable to fire anyone involved is not [distasteful to me]."

    Now that may not be the clearest way to put it, but putted it is. To fan away the opacity and do some algebraic reduction of the double-negative:

    You're wrong, Hubener, you idiot, that under Trump's privatization plan he will be able to fire anyone. He won't. That said, this new system President Trump is establishing is tasteful [that is, pleasing] to me.

    I.e.: It's a good thing.

    Reluctant mad props to Trump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ender View Post
    A "private" charter school is still a state school- they must comply with the state education programs/rules or they get no funding.

    A REAL private school, not attached to the gov is a much better solution.
    Yeah, I know, Ender. I agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by helmuth_hubener View Post
    Yeah, I know, Ender. I agree.
    There is no spoon.

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    Anyway, looks like all and sundry agree this air traffic control privatization is a great thing. A glimmer of light, a happy development, a reason to smile.

    So..... woohoo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by helmuth_hubener View Post
    Even the latter would be an improvement (and a major one!).

    It works great for New Zealand.

    Good enough for the Kiwis, good enough for me!

    Next up for privatization: the DMV.
    Here in AZ we have both govt DMV and private DMV. To use the private DMV cost about $10 and saves about 4 hours of your day. Win!
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