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    Armenian serpent, Tribe of Dan

    Most people don't even realise that all of the symbols in these heraldic signs, mean something...

    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter
    There is also a line to the Armenians. Through the Armenian Jews the double-headed eagle of the Mamikonians became the heraldic symbol of the Khazars.
    The “independent” Wikipedia for some reason doesn’t have information about the Double-headed eagle being a heraldic symbol for Armenian Jews, which was adopted by the Khazar elite:

    But Wikipedia (in 2009) did have some interesting information on Double-headed eagles. Not only in connection to Armenian Jews, but also Masonry…
    Double-headed eagles have been present in imagery for many centuries. The two-headed eagle can be found in archaeological remains of the Hittite civilization dating from a period that ranges from the 20th century BC to the 13th century BC.

    Cylindric seals discovered in Bogazkoy, an old Hittite capital in modern-day Turkey, represent clearly a two-headed eagle with spread wings. The aesthetics of this symmetrical position explains in part the birth of this religious figure. It probably dates from the 18th century BC, and was used in a tradesman background. It can also be seen in the same region in two monumental settings: in Alacahöyük around 1400 BC and in Yazilikaya before 1250 BC. Here the context looks different and totally religious: the eagle becomes a divinity symbol. The two-headed eagle slowly disappears during the last Hittite period, from the 9th century BC to the 7th century BC, and totally disappears after the end of the empire.

    The double-headed eagle was also in use by the Arsacid Dynasty of Armenia and the Mamikonian family[1] in the 3rd to 9th centuries.

    The Double-Headed Eagle of Lagash is used as emblem by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry[4].

    Ancient Armenians worshipped the Snake (Lord) Hay.
    Snakes were on doors, pillars and furniture. Women wore ornaments in the form of a snake.
    Odz – in Armenian snake – appears in geographical names like Odzun, Odzaberd (snake fortress), Odzi get (Snake river) and Odzi Kaghak (Snake town):
    (archived here:

    The Tribe of Dan was a seafaring tribe and one of the 12 (or 13) tribes of Israel. Their banner displayed the symbol of a serpent. See Dan tribe's plate on the Heichal Shlomo’s door in Jerusalem.

    The Tribe of Dan is NOT the same as the Tuatha de Danann.
    Dan and Naphtali, 2 patriarchs of the 12 Tribes of Israel, were the sons of Jacob by the handmaiden Bilhah.
    Tuatha de Danann translates the people of the goddess Danu and they supposedly descended from Nemed, whose father was Agnoman king of Scythia.
    Danaus was the son of the Egyptian king Belus (a.k.a. Bela) and the cousin of Cadmus and Phoenix. According to legend, Cadmus travelled from Egypt to first Phoenicia and then to Greece where he slayed the Ares dragon and founded Thebes. Phoenicia was named after his brother Phoenix:
    (archived here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter View Post
    Most people don't even realise that all of the symbols in these heraldic signs, mean something...

    The “independent” Wikipedia for some reason doesn’t have information about the Double-headed eagle being a heraldic symbol for Armenian Jews, which was adopted by the Khazar elite:

    But Wikipedia (in 2009) did have some interesting information on Double-headed eagles. Not only in connection to Armenian Jews, but also Masonry…

    Ancient Armenians worshipped the Snake (Lord) Hay.
    Snakes were on doors, pillars and furniture. Women wore ornaments in the form of a snake.
    Odz – in Armenian snake – appears in geographical names like Odzun, Odzaberd (snake fortress), Odzi get (Snake river) and Odzi Kaghak (Snake town):
    (archived here:

    The Tribe of Dan was a seafaring tribe and one of the 12 (or 13) tribes of Israel. Their banner displayed the symbol of a serpent. See Dan tribe's plate on the Heichal Shlomo’s door in Jerusalem.

    The Tribe of Dan is NOT the same as the Tuatha de Danann.
    Dan and Naphtali, 2 patriarchs of the 12 Tribes of Israel, were the sons of Jacob by the handmaiden Bilhah.
    Tuatha de Danann translates the people of the goddess Danu and they supposedly descended from Nemed, whose father was Agnoman king of Scythia.
    Danaus was the son of the Egyptian king Belus (a.k.a. Bela) and the cousin of Cadmus and Phoenix. According to legend, Cadmus travelled from Egypt to first Phoenicia and then to Greece where he slayed the Ares dragon and founded Thebes. Phoenicia was named after his brother Phoenix:
    (archived here:
    The snake is actually the symbol of Jesus but has been greatly misunderstood because of the garden story. The reason Eve was fooled by Satan, in the first place, was because of this.

    The staff, that Moses held high for healing, was a snake. Most indigenous people understood much more about the symbolism of the sacred snake than in today's world.
    There is no spoon.

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    According to the New Testament Jesus Christ was of the Tribe of Judah.
    The Merovingians even claim to descend from Jesus, who supposedly married Mary Magdelene, went to the South of France, and had children...

    Quote Originally Posted by Ender View Post
    The snake is actually the symbol of Jesus but has been greatly misunderstood because of the garden story. The reason Eve was fooled by Satan, in the first place, was because of this.
    If you have a source that confirms that the serpent was a symbol associated with Jesus, can you post it?
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    I’ve been searching for more information on the ancestry of Guillaume de Gellone and his father…
    According to the state media, Theoderic IV (father of De Gellone) is NOT the same as Rabbi Makhir.

    The strange thing is that Wikipedia doesn’t list any parents for Theoderic IV:
    On the other hand it is common belief that the son of Theoderic IV, Saint Guillaume de Gellone, is a legendary “hero” figure...
    How could a simple Theoderic IV, without “Royal blood”, marry the daughter of the legendary King Carolus “Charles” Martel?

    On the other hand, Wikipedia lists a relatively large amount of information on the Jewish Exilarch Rabbi Makhir that came to France at the request of Carolus Martel.
    Both Makhir of Narbonne and Theoderic IV were reportedly born in the year 720, and according to the “independent” Wikipedia both married a daughter of Carolus Martel: Makhir-Alda; Theoderic-Auda.
    While there is no ancestry for Theoderic IV, there are no children listed for Makhir-Alda…

    Abraham ibn Daud wrote in about 1161, about King Charles’ (Carolus Martel) request to send a descendant from the House of David:
    Then King Charles sent to the King of Baghdad [Caliph] requesting that he dispatch one of his Jews of the seed of royalty of the House of David. He hearkened and sent him one from there, a magnate and sage, Rabbi Makhir by name. And [Charles] settled him in Narbonne, the capital city, and planted him there, and gave him a great possession there at the time he captured it from the Ishmaelites [Arabs].
    And he [Makhir] took to wife a woman from among the magnates of the town; *...* and the King made him a nobleman and designed, out of love for [Makhir], good statutes for the benefit of all the Jews dwelling in the city, as is written and sealed in a Latin charter; and the seal of the King therein [bears] his name Carolus; and it is in their possession at the present time.
    The Prince Makhir became chieftain there. He and his descendants were close [inter-related] with the King and all his descendants.
    The Makhir family enjoyed many privileges for centuries and its members bore the title of nasi (prince). Makhir reportedly founded a Talmudic school.
    The most named evidence that Makhir of Narbonne and Theoderic IV are one and the same, is Arthur J. Zuckerman, who in 1972 published a book-length study “A Jewish Princedom in Feudal France”, in which he made a strong case that Makhir was Natronai ben Habibi and identical with Theoderic IV.
    I haven’t been able to find this book for free on the internet (or Zuckerman’s earlier 1965 paper), but this viewpoint is apparently too controversial to be shared by the state media (as far as I can tell Makhir and Theoderic IV are one and the same...):

    King Felipe VI claims to descend from King David and the rightful “King of Jerusalem”.
    Here’s the coat of arms of King Felipe VI, notice the red and gold, the red crowned lion at the top right, the crown with the cross on top, and the hanging sheep at the bottom…

    Ironically the Lion of Judah, with the red, gold and green has also been adopted by Rastafari (Haile Selassie)…

    Here’s the heraldic emblem (lion) of the Tribe of Judah.

    The arrow (or arrows), that’s favoured by Rothschild, is the (secondary) heraldic symbol for the Tribe of Manasseh (Joseph’s son).

    More information on the heraldic signs of the 12 Tribes of Israel:

    On the following link are migrations of the Tribes of Israel. It is claimed here that they originated from Egypt, and during the Exodus, ca. 1468 BC, migrated to Israel, Turkey, Greece, Spain and Ireland:
    (archived here:

    I’ve also found out that “Messiah” originally comes from the Hebrew mashiach which refers to the future King. The Messiah is often referred to as “King Messiah” or melekh mashiach in Hebrew…
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    Noah-Ashkenaz, Orouboros

    It appears that the Khazars-Scythians chose the name Ashkenazi Jew to illustrate that they descend from Ashkenaz, great-grandson of Noah from the Tenach (Old Testament). See Genesis 10:1-3:
    1. Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth: and unto them were sons born after the flood.
    2. The sons of Japheth; Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras.
    3. And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz, and Riphath, and Togarmah.
    I have no reason at all to believe that the “Ashkenazi Jews” descend from Ashkenaz though. I can’t rule out that part of the Scythians were/are of the Jewish descent, but as far as I can tell they descend from Turkey.
    I won’t go further into that, as I’m only interested in the elite of the Scythians (Khazars) - the Dragon, Grail families, vampires…

    Quote Originally Posted by Raginfridus View Post
    I looked into DeVere, and he's an obvious fraud. Claims like the 'holocaust of elves', magic DNA... he's just a petty scam artist like Anton LaVey, so don't be taken in.
    Nicholas de Vere has never gotten much credit for being a whistleblower.
    De Vere has explained that the Order of the Garter (of the British Royal family) is effectively (also) an “Order of the Dragon”. See the following quote from his book.
    The Garter or Gartier, was a small, buckled belt worn by women around the top of the left thigh or just below the left knee on men. Apart from being a menstrual badge and a semantic symbol of the womb and the Grail, it was also a representation of the serpent eating its own tail. The Garter therefore was the alchemical symbol of the Orobourus, the serpent who, in consuming itself, has become a Dragon, a vampire. Here we will remember the opening prose at the beginning of this collection of essays.

    The Garter was the ’witches belt’, the Devil’s badge and a dynastic emblem of the fairy race that descended from Lilith and Cain, who were the enemies of the Church and Mankind, according to the church, if not according to the fairies themselves.
    The subsequent founding of the Order of the Garter by Edward III, to be followed in 1397 by the re-emergence of a Dragon Court in another related Angevin line under King Sigismund of Luxembourg, made both orders Garter and Dragon institutions using the orobourus as their emblems.

    The Garter as the alchemical orobourus is still an emblematic component of the old Angevin Imperial and Royal Dragon Court today, under the Grand Mastership of its Vere head, a senior heir of the senior Houses of Anjou and Lorraine who is himself a gartered knight of the Orcadian Clan Donnachaid, which demonstrates the ubiquity of the Garter symbol amongst the ancient families. The Garter denoted rank in later witchcraft which, as we have seen, originated as Druidism.
    The Orobourus, the reptilian symbol of completeness is the Sumaire, the serpent that encircles and spirals to create an inhaling vortex, a black hole that draws all energy and life into it.

    I’ve investigated the ouroboros, the snake eating its tail. The snake represents the serpent or the dragon.
    There are even Garter snakes:

    Here’s Queen Victoria’s ouroboros engagement ring.

    The ouroboros was displayed in a variety of different cultures, going back as far as the ancient Egyptians.
    Possibly the oldest known depiction of an ouroboros, is from the Papyrus of Dama Heroub, from the 21st dynasty in Egypt, 11th Century BC.
    Note the 2 lions, with 2 snakes (or are that their tales?) and the eye…

    In his 19th-century book Transendential Magic, Eliphas Levi illustrated: “The great Symbol of Solomon. The Double Triangle of Solomon, represented by the two Ancients of the Kabalah; the Macroprosopus and the Microprosopus; the God of Light and the God of Reflections; of mercy and vengeance; the white Jehovah and the black Jehovah.

    The word ouroboros is Greek – tail-eater – ouro (tail) boros (eating). Possibly before the Egyptians it was already used in Babylon or Sumer.
    Greece, China, India, Japan, the Middle East, Romans, and Native Americans have all made drawings that represented this symbol. Freemasons, and Theosophical societies often reference it as well.
    The double ouroboros is a symbol for infinity, when flipped vertically.

    The following symbol is used in alchemy; a hexagram (Seal of Solomon) and double-headed ouroboros (both wear crowns). The symbols on the star represent the astrological portion of the symbol, Jupiter (tin), Venus (copper), the Moon (silver), the Sun (gold), Mars (iron) and Saturn (lead), with Mercury (!) at the centre.

    Mercury, Mercurius (quicksilver) is a serpent or dragon in alchemy – serpens mercurialis.
    Inside the hexagram: animalia (animal), vegetabilia (vegetable) and mineralia (mineral); mare (sea), terra (land), Ros Pluvia (dew rain).

    The following picture shows the sun and moon in opposite positions, which symbolises how the world has been purposefully shifted by man.
    The man holds 2 Caduceuses of Hermes in his hands. The spiral effect indicates an expansion of knowledge, and the undulating dance of cosmic forces. The double snakes of the caduceus also represent duality and the unification of polar opposites. Caduceus means “herald’s staff of office” in Greek, and the centre rod was a symbol of Hermes who was the messenger of the Elohiym.
    The wings symbolize ascension, and higher awareness.

    What’s also interesting (although maybe not in the context of this thread) is that the tarot consists of 22 cards, and 22 is the number of paths in the Kabbalah Tree of Life. There are also 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet:
    (archived here:

    The Aztec Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent 700-900 AD features a seven-segmented ouroboros.

    The Order of the Dragon of Annam was founded in 1886 in Indochina (Vietnam) and dissolved at the end of WW II (1945). See decoration for the class "Grand officer":
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter
    De Vere recommends the book “The First and Last Freedom” by Jiddu Krishnamurti for anybody that wants to explore the “transcendent concept“ of the Dragons.
    In 1902, Rudolf Steiner became General Secretary of the German-Austrian division of the Theosophical Society. In 1909 he "discovered" Jiddu Krishnamurti, an adolescent Indian boy, who he proclaimed as the most suitable candidate for “World Teacher”.

    The Ouroboros, Swastika, hexagram and crown are featured in the seal of the Theosophical Society.

    The Theosophical Society was founded in New York in 1875 by Helena Blavatsky, Colonel Henry Steel Olcott and William Quan Judge to advance “Theosophy”.
    Blavatsky explained one of the main goals of the Theosophical Society as to guide humanity towards its ultimate, immutable evolutionary objective: the attainment of perfection and the conscious, willing participation in the evolutionary process…
    That’s probably quite similar to the ultimate sadistic Utopia as described in 1984 and Brave New World:

    The cult of the snake god Glykon was introduced in the mid-second century AD by the Greek prophet Alexander of Abonutichus. The cult probably originated in Macedonia, where similar snake cults were already known in the fourth century BC.
    See the statuette of Glykon, with a human head, ca. 150 AD – 300 AD.

    The cult of Glykon remained alive in the entire area between the Danube and Euphrates until at least a century after the death of the prophet in ca. 170.
    There is possibly a link to the cult of Sarapis, who worshipped a similar serpent:

    The Greek Medusa had “hair” of snakes.

    Krishna, one of the most important “humans” in Hinduism, was often portrayed dancing on the Kaliya serpent.

    See the altar at the main temple in Belur Karnataka, India with the snakes for Jory Goddess.

    See the painting of Queen Elizabeth I, with the serpent on her left arm.
    NON SINE SOLE IRIS” can be translated as “Not nothing without the sun” this is no longer worshipping the sun, but claiming to be God…
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    Livingstone – Terrorism and the illuminati

    I finally found a better book on the elite “Dragon, grail” bloodline than the writings of Nicholas de Vere.

    David Livingstone – Terrorism and the illuminati; a three thousand year history (2007):

    Livingstone tries to explain the “War on terror” (in 2007) with a 3000 year history lesson. This was obviously too ambitious (in 283 pages), but the book contains lots of good information (with a long reference list).
    In the context of this thread the first part of the book is the most relevant. In this post in short I’ll present information from the book, on: 1) The Mithraic bloodline; 2) The “Luciferian” religion; 3) Secret societies.

    Mithraic bloodline – Mithraism
    According to Livingstone the most important bloodline is the Mithraic bloodline.
    It began with a Persian Royal family, who intermarried with that of Alexander the Great. By combining with the blood of Herod the Great, these families created the leading mystery school of the Roman Empire - the Mysteries of Mithras.
    Mithras was prevalent in the part of Asia Minor that was later dominated by Scythians and Medes. The House of Commagene, the family of Herod the Great, the Royal Family of Emesa (Syrian priest-kings of Baal), and the family of Julius Caesar produced Antiochus IV.

    They combined Mithras worship of the heretical Magi with the emerging Kabbalistic mysticism, to form the Mysteries of Mithras. The Mithraic mysteries adapted the ancient king-worship of the Babylonians to worship the emperor, as a personification of their Sun god. Its god Mithras was represented in the physical form of Alexander the Great.
    The source of the early Kabbalistic influence, known as Merkabah mysticism, would be the occult Jewish community of the Essenes, who according to the Illuminati is a source of their doctrines. This tradition was supposedly transmitted to the West during the Crusades through the heretical Ismailis of Egypt.

    Mithraism was the most popular cult of the Roman Empire and remained the core doctrine of the Illuminati for centuries. The Cult of (the mysteries of) Mithras would ultimately produce the leading Illuminati bloodlines that have been intermarrying with one another, to preserve their “sacred” bloodline.
    Mithraism, through Emperor Constantine (of the Mithraic bloodline), successfully hijacked the Christian faith, by producing the Bible and Catholic Christianity.

    Nephilim, Anakim, Canaanites – Scots, Irish, Saxons
    The Luciferians claim to descend from the “Fallen Angels” from the Tenach (Old Testament) Book of Genesis - the Nephilim.
    There are different theories on what the Nephilim were, some have translated it with “mighty men”, and - if I understand correctly - according to David Icke the Nephilim are shapeshifting reptilians.
    Apocryphal Jewish texts explain that they were Lucifer and his legions that were cast out of Heaven and took wives from the descendants of Cain. According to occult interpretation the Canaanites represented survivors of the Anakim (see Deuteronomy 9:1-2).
    These Anakim were reported as the original inhabitants of Atlantis – Aryans. The Illuminati consider the Aryans as the original core bloodline, a hybrid of humans and “Gods” that preserve occult knowledge.
    According to history falsifiers these Aryans (a.k.a. Indo-Europeans), survived the Flood, or sinking of Atlantis, and found refuge in the mountains of Asia. From there they started their conquest of Central Asia, Iran (Persia), and from Europe the rest of the world.
    Odin was worshipped as a god – the one-eyed sorcerer, with a long white beard that could change shape at will. Ancient scholars identify him with Mercury (the Greeks Hermes).

    According to Kabbalistic interpretation, the Jewish kings descend from Joseph and his daughter-in-law Tamar (a Canaanite). Their son Perez was David’s ancestor.
    Solomon, to whom much of Kabbalistic tradition is attributed, was the son of David from Bathsheba (a Hittite). According to Kabbalistic interpretation, the Messiah is a descendant of the royal Davidic bloodline, including descend from the Satanic lineage of the Nephilim (through the Canaanites).

    According to II Kings 17:16-20, the Tribes of Israel were conquered because:
    And they left all the commandments of the Lord their God, and made them molten images, even two calves, and made a grove, and worshipped all the host of heaven, and served Baal.
    And they caused their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire, and used divination and enchantments, and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke him to anger.
    Therefore the Lord was very angry with Israel, and removed them out of his sight: there was none left but the tribe of Judah only.
    Also Judah kept not the commandments of the Lord their God, but walked in the statutes of Israel which they made.
    And the Lord rejected all the seed of Israel, and afflicted them, and delivered them into the hand of spoilers, until he had cast them out of his sight.
    For he rent Israel from the house of David; and they made Jeroboam the son of Nebat king: and Jeroboam drave Israel from following the Lord, and made them sin a great sin.
    The exiled tribes migrated to a region of the Medes, Medea, today’s northern Iraq, or Northwest Iran - Kurdistan.
    According to the Greek historian Herodotus in the fifth century BC:
    These Medes were called anciently by all people Arian [Aryan]; but when Medea, the Colchian, came to them from Athens, they changed their name.
    According to Herodotus, the Scythians emerged from beyond the Euphrates, from across the Araxes, an Armenian river that borders Armenia, Iran and Azerbaijan. The Scythians first appear in Assyrian annals as Ishkuzai, related to the modern term Ashkenazi “Jews”, supposedly from Ashkenaz.
    Many modern Iranians descend from Medes. Medes heritage today is claimed by groups in Iran, like Kurds, Lurs, Isfahan and the Turkic languages-speaking Azeri.

    Esau was “red all over like a hairy garment”, and called Edom (red). According to Herodotus, the Scythians have “deep blue eyes, and bright red hair” and practiced ceremonies dedicated to Bacchus (the Greek Baal).
    In the eighth century AD, Rabanus Maurus, Archbishop of Mayence, wrote that Joseph of Arimathea was sent to Britain, and then to France. He carried with him the “Holy Grail”, which he concealed for safekeeping at Glastonbury Tor, where he established the first church in the British Isles, this developed into Glastonbury Abbey. His descendants would eventually culminate in King Arthur.
    King Arthur also descended from the Roman Emperor Constantine, who converted the Roman Empire to Christianity in 333 AD. King Arthur’s mother, Igraine, descended from Dionotus II King of Britain, the great-grandson of Constantine. His wife Elen Lwyddog verch Eudaf, whose mother descended from Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, belonged to the Herodian line.
    Caesar’s grandson, Gaius Calpernius Piso, had married Mariamne (sister of Herod Agrippa). Their granddaughter, Pompeia, was the wife of Emperor Trajan, who was the grandfather of Marcus Aurelius. Trajan and Marcus Aurelius used the dragon standard (Draco) of Scythian origin, which was later adopted by the Pendragon family.
    Drusilla of Mauritania was the great-granddaughter of Marc Antony and Cleopatra.

    According to Irish legend, the Scottish originate from Fenius Farsaidh, a descendant of Edom, who founded the Kingdom of Scythia.
    Tamar married one of the later Irish Kings, Eochaid I, from which the Kings of Ireland descended. She and her companions brought with them the Ark of the Covenant, a golden-coloured banner with the heraldic device of a red Lion and the Stone of Destiny.

    The Saxons also descend from the Scythians.
    According to governor Ptolemy of Commagene (that was founded in 162 BC), the Saxons are Sakai, a Scythian race from Media.

    Charles Martel, Plantagenet, Habsburg
    The Carolingians were partly of Merovingian descent, and represented the union of the Mithraic bloodline. Their lineage included the royal dynasty of Armenia, but also branches of Eastern European aristocracies of Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary, that descended from the Khazars. The father of Charlemagne, Charles Martel, was the primary representative of the Mithraic bloodline.
    During the early Middle Ages, the Mithraic families intermarried with their Saxons brethren, and descendants of Charles Martel.
    Rabbi Makhir, often confused with Natronai, arrived in southern France by the invitation of Charles Martel. According to James Allen Dow, Natronai married Rolinda of Aquitaine, while Makhir married Alda (daughter of Charles Martel).

    The Paulician influence in southern France, through Catharism would become the secret Gnostic doctrine of the Carolingians, known as the Order of the Rose, and was the hidden power behind the Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, and finally the Illuminati.

    During the Crusades, a bloodline by intermarriage with the Eastern aristocracy, through Dubrawka of Bohemia, resulted in the Stuarts and Sinclairs bloodline (also from Scythia).
    The first Plantagenet king of England, Henry II, established the Angevin Empire. He was succeeded as king of England by his son Richard I, the Lion-Hearted, who came to rule England, Scotland, Ireland and half of France.

    The family that became the most powerful were the Habsburgs – of the Luciferian bloodline combined with the Jewish exilarchs. The Habsburg family would develop and spread the “New Kabbalah”.
    The Habsburgs continued their acquisition through dynastic marriages with the houses of Bohemia, Moravia and Hungary; the double-headed eagle became their heraldic symbol.

    Lucifer, Kabbalah, Paulicians, Cathars
    The secularism of the Illuminati is based on ancient occult teachings. To the upper levels of the Illuminati, Lucifer “liberated” man, showing that there is no truth.
    The secret “Gnostic” version of Christianity, also derived from Mithraism, continued to compete with Catholicism, in the form of secret societies that practiced “witchcraft”, like the Templars, Rosicrucians and Freemasons,.

    In Babylon, the heretical Jews practiced Babylonian magic. Because magic was forbidden in Judaism, they rejected the God of Israel, and worshipped Lucifer (or Baal) instead. Their faith is now known as the Kabbalah.
    The Kabbalah was further shaped in ancient Greece.

    Paulicians believed that there was a God who made the world, and the “God of heaven” who created souls and should be worshipped - Lucifer. For the Paulicians, Christ was an angel sent into the world by their “God”. Jesus’ mother was not the Virgin Mary, but the heavenly Jerusalem. This idea comes from the Kabbalah, where the “Shekhina” (beloved) is equated with the “congregation of Israel”.

    Cathars were Gnostic. The New Testament they attributed to the benevolent God, but the God of the Tenach was evil (Satan). They also believed that Jesus Christ was evil, and that Mary Magdalene was his concubine. They claimed that the good Christ, never ate, nor drank, and never assumed physical form, except spiritually in the body of Paul. They also regarded the Church of Rome a “den of thieves”.

    Order of the Garter, Round Table, RIIA
    The traditions of the Templars were continued by the Order of the Garter, founded by Edward II’s son, Edward III King of England. Edward III’s sister, Joanna, married King David II of Scotland (son of Robert the Bruce). While in exile in France, David created The Guarde De Ecosse, derived from the Templar faction known as Scots Guard.
    The Queen is not only the Grand Patroness of Freemasonry, but also the head of the Order of the Garter. The Order of the Garter reigns over Freemasonry worldwide. When a Mason reaches the 33rd degree, he swears allegiance to the Garter, and thereby to the Queen.
    According to John Coleman, the Knights of the Garter are the inner-sanctum of Her Majesty’s Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem - the leaders of the Illuminati hierarchy, and Queen Elizabeth II’s most trusted “Privy Council”.
    The Order of the Garter is closely connected to the Order of the Rose. Important symbols for the Illuminati bloodline include the rose, lily, fleur-de lis, double-headed eagle, and the skull and crossbones.

    The promotion of the interests of the “Crown” became the guiding principle of the Order of the Garter.
    Mason Cecil Rhodes founded the Round Table and left his entire estate to fellow Mason Lord Nathaniel Rothschild as trustee.
    The man chosen by the Round Table to bring the US under the control of the Rothschilds was German-born Jacob Schiff. Schiff financed the Standard Oil Company for John D. Rockefeller, the Railroad Empire for Edward R. Harriman, and the Steel Empire for Carnegie.
    Round Table members including Lionel Curtis, Balfour and Milner formed the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) of which Arnold Toynbee later became the director. Col. House with Rockefeller family funding founded its American counterpart - the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) with members like J.P. Morgan, Paul Warburg, and Jacob Schiff.

    H.G. Wells, head of British foreign intelligence during WW I, was also a founding member of Rhodes-Milner Round Table, and tutored Aldous and Julian Huxley at Oxford. It was also Wells who introduced the brothers Huxley to Aleister Crowley during the late 1920s.
    Aldous and Julian Huxley were grandsons of Thomas H. Huxley - a founder of the Round Table, and a lifelong associate of Arnold Toynbee. Toynbee was a member of the RIIA, headed the Research Division of British intelligence throughout WW II, and served as wartime briefing officer for PM Winston Churchill.
    Aldous Huxley was a member of the Dionysian cult Children of the Sun (comprised of children of Britain’s Round Table elites).

    In 1916, Prime Minister of England Lord Asquith had to resign because he had opposed Zionist interests.
    David Lloyd George (a lawyer for the World Zionist Organization), Winston Churchill and Arthur Balfour of the Round Table were then placed in power.

    Winston Churchill - Druid
    Winston Churchill was a descendant of John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough. Nathaniel Rothschild was an intimate friend of Winston’s father, Lord Randolph Henry Spencer Churchill. The famous “V” sign used by Churchill comes from Aleister Crowley.
    Winston Churchill’s legal surname was Spencer-Churchill, as he was related to the Spencers, though his branch of the family only used the name Churchill in public life. The mother of Randolph Churchill, and his great-grandfather’s wife, were Stewarts (descendants from James Douglas).
    Winston Churchill’s mother was Jennie Jerome, daughter of American Jewish millionaire Leonard Jerome.
    Winston Churchill was already a Mason and Druid before he became a Knight of the Order of the Garter.

    Magian, or Kabbalistic, teachings are clearly discernible among the Druids (that was designed as an exclusive Masonic Society). The Druids were involved in astronomy, astrology, vegetarianism, believed in reincarnation, and worshipped Dis or Pluto (god of the Underworld).
    In 1908, Churchill was initiated into the Albion Lodge of the Ancient Order of Druids at Blenheim. Possibly Churchill was also a member of the Archaeological Order of Druids.

    The witchcraft revival at the beginning of the twentieth century was the result of the efforts of Gerald Gardner. Gardner was a member of numerous esoteric orders including the Ancient Druid Order (not to be confused with the Ancient Order of Druids).
    Gardner’s contribution to the growing number of esoteric orders (later part of the New Age movement) was Wicca:

    WWF, Lucis, Aspen Institute
    The World Wildlife Fund was created by Prince Philip of the House of Oldenburg. He is the great-great-grandson of Grand Master of the Asiatic Brethren, Karl Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, and also descends from George II, Catherine the Great of Russia, and Frederick I King of Prussia.

    Alice Bailey, who succeeded Annie Besant as head of the Theosophical movement, with her husband Foster Bailey, founded the Lucifer Publishing Company, that later changed its name to Lucis Publishing Company.
    The Lucis Trust founded the Temple of Understanding, which controls the World Goodwill that was launched in the early 1960s. Its founding sponsors include: John D. Rockefeller IV; then-Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, IBM president Thomas J. Watson, Socialist Party leader Norman Thomas, Eleanor Roosevelt and Time-Life president James A. Linen.
    Together with its Arcane School of the occult and World Goodwill, the Lucis Trust works to implement “the Plan”, which was described in 24 books by Bailey.

    When the Frankfurt School settled in the US, the Columbia University in New York was chosen. They hypothesised that through terror, man can be reduced to a childlike and submissive state, and become the perfect mind controlled slave.
    They experimented through the Tavistock Institute and the CIA’s MK-ULTRA.

    In 1949, Aldous Huxley and John Maynard Hutchins founded the Aspen Institute. In 2007, its director was Canadian multi-millionaire Maurice Strong – in 2007, Senior Advisor to both UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and World Bank President James Wolfensohn.
    In 1978, Strong bought the Colorado Land & Cattle Company, which owned 200,000 acres in Colorado, from Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.
    The Aspen Institute aims to carry out “the plan” with the UN, Club of Rome, Tavistock, and like-minded organisations originating from the Round Table through the environmental movement. They use the scare of nuclear bombs to push their agenda.
    They are also affiliated with the New Age movement…

    There is a lot more in the book, but in the context of this thread this should be enough…
    Do NOT ever read my posts.
    Google and Yahoo wouldn’t block them without a very good reason:

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    Druid, Knight of the Garter and PM Winston Churchill was a descendant of the Duke of Marlborough and the Spencer family.
    See the Duke of Marlborough's Coat Of Arms with elements of both the Churchill and Spencer arms – the double-headed eagle (phoenix), 3 dragons, lions, 2 crowns and the cross of St. George.

    I thought that the lion in all these coat of arms of the aristocratic families is the Lion of Judah, but it looks like I was fooled again...
    See the winged lion of Mithras; also note the serpents, dragons.

    Archaeology has revealed that a lion with eagle's wings was a common symbol in Babylonia. The eagle often symbolises the sun god, so a winged lion symbolises the sun powering the lion.
    The symbol of St. Mark is really the Babylonian winged lion facing the symbol of the sun god. The lion of Daniel 7 has eagle's wings, a reference to Babylon:

    See Tiamat the chaos serpent on a Babylonian seal.

    Traces of Mithras go as far back as the fourteenth century BC. Mithras was the greatest of the Yazats (angels); an angel of light associated with the sun. Mithras has a thousand ears, ten-thousand eyes.

    The Mehregan feast of Mithras (or baga) in the month Bagayadi was one of the most ancient and most popular festivals for the ancient Iranians. This feast for the sun-god was probably pre-Zoroastrian of the Proto-Iranian (Aryan) era.

    Mithras was very popular among the Roman military.
    In Jewish mysticism, Mithras appears as Metatron, the highest of the angels. Mehregan, Tiragan and Norooz, were the only Zoroastrian feasts mentioned in the Talmud:
    (archived here:

    See the Achaemenid Seal of Emperor Artaxerxes standing before Mithras Anahit – with the lion and sun motif.

    In the ancient Hindu text Rig Veda, Mitra is mentioned over 200 times, who seduces people by Maya (illusion). The Sun is said to be the eye of Mitra.
    Mitra and Varuna are two devas (deities) frequently referred to in the Rig Veda. Their connection is so close that they are often considered as one Mitra–Varuna.
    See the statue of Varuna with Varunani, discovered in Karnataka, 8th century AD.

    In the Rig Veda, Vritra is a serpent or dragon, also known as Ahi (snake). The father of Vritra was Tvashta and his mother Danu.
    In most descriptions, Vritra appears as a snake or a three-headed dragon.

    According to the Rig Veda, Vritra kept the waters of the world captive until he was killed by Indra. The combat began after Indra had drunk a large volume of Soma to empower him. Tvashtri fashioned the thunderbolt (Vajrayudha) for Indra.
    For slaying Vritra, Indra became known as Vritrahan (slayer of Vritra) and also as "slayer of the first-born of dragons". After defeating Vritra he also defeated his mother, Danu:

    See Indra subduing Vritra.
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    Order of the Garter

    Carolus “Charles” Martel (688-741) is the founder of the Carolingian dynasty.

    With all of the top aristocratic families in Europe descending from his daughter Alda and Rabbi Makhir, in particular from Alda’s son Guillaume de Gellone (a.k.a. William of Orange) and daughter Ida Redburga, arguably the Carolingians still rule the world. The Holy Roman Empire was founded by another grandson of Carolus “Charles” Martel, Charlemagne (the nephew of Alda).
    See the 13th century tomb of Charles Martel.

    Henry II "Curtmantle" (1133 - 1189) was the first Plantagenet King of England, he was crowned in 1154.
    The Plantagenets would rule England for the next 331 years.

    King Edward Plantagenet III (1312-1377) was the fifth Plantagenet ruler of England after him in the direct line of succession. The Most Noble Order of the Garter was founded by King Edward III in 1348.
    See Edward III from the Bruges Garter book.

    As a direct descendant of the Roman Ferreoli lineage, Edward III also held a claim as the heir as king of nearly half of present-day France.
    The first Ferreoli to rule in France was Roman praetorian prefect Tonantius Ferreolus (ca 405 - ca 469). His descendants through a series of strategic marriages ultimately laid a claim to the French throne before the Henry II became the first Plantagenet Sovereign of England.
    Also through Edward III’s mother Isabell of France (1295 – 1358), the daughter of King Philip IV Valois- Capet (1268 - 1314), he could claim the French throne.
    Edward III later ceded the French crown to his cousin Jean II Valois, who was a direct descendant of Hugh Capet (939 - 996). Edward III ratified the Treaty of Brétigny in 1360 that made Jean's monarchy a reality.

    The Order of the Garter was styled after the Equite Knights of Rome (a.k.a. the Equestrians).
    The Equestrians later became prefects (praefecti praetorio) who serve as the Roman emperor's personal guard.

    Richard III, was the last king of the Plantagenet dynasty.
    After he was killed, Henry Richmond (later Henry VII Tudor) claimed the throne which began the relatively short-lived Tudor dynasty.

    Sir Thomas de Holland (1314-1360) was the 13th out of 25 knights Edward III selected for the Order of the Garter in 1344. These 25 knights are considered its founder knights. His brother Sir Otho de Holland was also one of the founding knights. Their father was the first Baron of Upholland.
    See the coat of arms of Sir Thomas de Holland.

    The Holland lineage originally hailed from Friesland; their ancestors were counts and princes of Friesland since before the birth of Jesus Christ. Legend has it that Frisians immigrated to Punjab, India in the 14th century B.C. This group may indeed be the source of the earliest “Aryan” influence in the ancient Punjab region, which predates the formation of the Scythian ethno-cultural identity.
    Alexander the Great enlisted them as mercenaries when he invaded India. They eventually returned to the Friesia soon after Alexander's death. Adel I Friso became the first dynastic king of Friesland upon their return in the 3rd century B.C.
    Friesian descendant Sir Siward de Longworth de Holland came to England in the early 11th century, probably hired as a mercenary by William I, 6th Duke of Normandy.

    Thomas had 4 four children with Joan Plantagenet.
    A year after his death in 1360 she married Edward III’s son, Edward IV "the Black Prince". Their son Richard III reigned England from 1377 to 1399.

    King Henry V restored the title and honours to the Holland family in 1439 in recognition of the faithful service of John Holland.
    The title went extinct after Henry Holland (1430 – 1475), John's only son became attainted as a Lancastrian in 1461, thereby forfeiting the peerage.

    William Bruges, the founding Garter King of arms, kneels before St George, who’s slaying the dragon.

    John de Grey II (1300-1359) was another founder knight of the Order of the Garter.
    The Earl Grey tea bland is named after Charles II, the 2nd Earl of Grey (1764-1845).
    (archived here:

    Following is a complete (?) list of the Knights and Ladies of Order of the Garter, the most powerful "Order" in the world (1012 members since 1348).
    It includes 6 Holy Roman Emperors, some (former) British Prime Ministers, and lots of members of the British and other royal families.

    Current members of the Order of the Garter, from the British Royal family.
    Elizabeth, knighted in 1947.
    Philip, in 1947.
    Charles, in 1958 (when he was only 9).
    Edward, in 1985.
    Anne, in 1994.
    Alexandra, in 2003.
    Andrew, in 2006.
    Edward, in 2006.
    William, in 2008.

    Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, in 1989.
    King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, in 2018.
    Prince Juan Carlos of Spain, in 1988.
    King Felipe VI of Spain, in 2017.

    Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, in 1979
    Grand duke Jean of Luxembourg, in 1972.
    Emperor Akihito of Japan, in 1998.
    King Harald V of Norway, in 2001.

    The following are the remaining current, still alive, Knights and Ladies from the Garter, all from Britain.
    Baron Edwin Bramall, in 1990.
    Baron John Sainsbury, in 1992.
    Baron John Baring, in 1994.
    Timothy Colman, in 1996.
    Duke James Hamilton, in 1999.

    Baron Peter Inge, in 2001.
    Antony Acland, in 2001.
    Baron Robin Butler, in 2003.
    Baron John Morris, in 2003.
    John Major, in 2005 (former British PM).
    Baron Richard Luce, in 2008.
    Thomas Dunne, in 2008.

    Baron Nicholas Phillips, in 2011.
    Baron Michael Boyce, in 2011.
    Baron Jock Stirrup, in 2013.
    Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller, in 2014.
    Baron Mervyn King, in 2014 (former Governor of the Bank of England).

    Baron Charles Kay-Shuttleworth, in 2016.
    David Brewer, in 2016.
    Mary Fagan, in 2018.
    Viscount Alan Brooke, knighted in 2018.

    No less than 8 Holy Roman Emperors were Knights of the Garter…
    Sigismund - Holy Roman Emperor from 1433–1437;
    Albert V, Duke of Austria from 1397–1439 - later Holy Roman Emperor as Albert II;
    Frederick III - Holy Roman Emperor 1415–1493; [Not Installed]
    Maximilian, King of the Romans 1459–1520 - later Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I;

    Charles, Archduke of Austria and Duke of Burgundy 1500–1558 – later Holy Roman Emperor Charles V;
    Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria 1503–1564 - later Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I;
    Rudolf II - Holy Roman Emperor 1552–1612;
    Maximilian II - Holy Roman Emperor 1527–1576, see his Coat of arms.

    Peter II, Emperor of Brazil, was the first non-European member of the Garter in 1871.
    He was followed by…

    Naser al-Din, Shah of Persia, knighted in 1873.
    Muzzafir al-Din, Shah of Persia, in 1903 (who gave the Anglo-Persian Oil Company a 60 year oil monopoly).

    Emperor Mutsohito of Japan, in 1905.
    Emperor Yoshihito of Japan, in 1912.
    Emperor Hirohito of Japan, knighted in 1929 (degraded 1941, restored 1971).

    Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, knighted in 1954:
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    Honi soit qui mal y pense

    The motto of the Order of the Garter is in Old French “Honi soit qui mal y pense and literally translates: “Shame on him who thinks evil of it”.
    In contemporary French usage, it is usually used to insinuate that somebody, something isn’t as innocent as it appears but there are hidden agendas.

    Honi soit qui mal y pensecan be found on the front cover of the British Passport, Cayman Islands, and Gibraltar.
    See the Gibraltar passport.

    The motto also appears in the source code for both the Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 lunar modules:

    The Stamp Act, passed on 22 March 1765 by the British Parliament, caused uproar in the colonies over colonists being forced to buy a British stamp for every official document they obtained. The controversial act was enforced in November 1765.
    The stamp displayed an image of a Tudor rose framed by the word “America” and the motto of the Order of the Garter “Honi soit qui mal y pense.

    The colonists greeted the stamps with outrage and violence. Colonial merchants called for a boycott of British goods; some even organised attacks on customs houses and the homes of tax collectors.
    A group of Bostonians for example burned a building they thought to be the “Stamp Office” and invaded the home of stamp distributor Andrew Oliver, threatening to kill him. Oliver had already fled the premises and resigned his post. In every state, except Georgia, the “stamp master” resigned under duress, making the Stamp Act impossible to implement.

    On 18 March 1766, Parliament voted to repeal the Stamp Act.
    At the same time they passed the Declaratory Act, which confirmed that British government had total legislative power over the colonies. The Declaratory Act carefully omitted any assertion of Parliament’s right to tax colonists.
    At the same time, Parliament passed the Revenue Act of 1766, which compensated Britain’s loss of income from the stamp tax with taxes on molasses (an ingredient in making rum). The colonists paid this tax without complaint.

    The protests against the Stamp Act is sometimes considered one of the first organised political actions of the American Revolution:
    (archived here:

    The Abbey of St Paul’s outside the Vatican Walls shares a common history with the Basilica for which it was founded.
    The coat of arms of the Abbey still includes the garter and the motto: “Honi soit qui mal y pense”, which surround the shield and the traditional image of the sword of Paul

    During the Middle Ages, the kings of England exercised the function of protectors of the Basilica:

    Here’s a British Royal Fusiliers cap badge featuring Honi soit qui mal y pense. I’m afraid I don’t know what the top part signifies (a tree, fire?).

    See the Coat of Arms for Heidelberg Castle, Germany (1683).

    The Coat of arms over the entrance to the electoral office in Stolpen, Germany.

    It appears on the Royal Coat of Arms of the British East India Company

    Honi soit qui mal y pense” was also on Hong Kong coins – see the Tael (1867).
    (archived here:

    The following French Caricature, shows that already in 1899 people knew about the true nature of British imperialism.
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    I was looking for more information on the European aristocrats that supported the German Nazis:

    I looked in particular for the predecessors of Montagu Norman and Otto von Habsburg.

    The Order of the Garter is the continuation of the Knights Templar of London, who covertly manage the City of London Corporation which was founded by Templars.

    The ascendants of Montagu Norman, include the Montagu family are that came from Italy before settling in France. They became British Peers around 1149 and further gained baronages through serving King Edward III of England.
    The Montagu family are British Peers with dukedoms all over the United Kingdom. The Montagu, Douglas, Scott, and Percy families are all intermarried and claim to be related to Normans which claim to be relatives of Norsemen.
    The Percy family came to England in the 11th century. They have bloodline relations to Saxons, Anglicans, and the originally Turkish-Scythian Alans which settled in France around the 5th century.

    William de Montagu (a.k.a. William de Montacute), 2nd Earl of Salisbury, 4th Baron Montagu, King of Man was a founding Knight of the Order of the Garter.
    See his Coat of arms, with the triskelion that was adopted in the Coat of arms of Man.

    The House of Montagu is deeply involved in merchant banking and are strong supporters of British-Zionism while posing as “anti-Zionists”. The Montagu family originally established the Bank of England for the British Crown.
    The Montagu Barons have even greater international influences in banking than the Rothschild family as the co-founders of the Bank of England and connections with HSBC and their Norman agents’ connections to the Bank for International Settlements. The Montagus are Roman Catholic.

    Walter Montagu was a secret agent working with the Medicis in France and the Vatican. Charles Montagu, the 1st Earl of Halifax, worked at the Crown’s Treasury and after developing the Bank of England he became the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The Montagu family of Manchester own the British Cheetham Hill Gang crime firm.
    The Montagus of Manchester established residences in Australia. Sharp End International is a private military company in Australia and New Zealand.
    HSBC recently incorporated The Montagu’s of Swaythling’s Samuel Montagu & Co. into their multibillion dollar private equity firm called the Montagu Private Equity under HSBC which manages about 5 billion in assets.

    Count Gustaf Douglas from the Scottish Douglas clan is a Swedish billionaire noble.

    The head of the Percy family is Duke Ralph Percy and has the same grandfather as Duke Richard Montagu-Douglas-Scott. His sons are Earl of Percy, George Percy, and Max Ralph Percy who married Princess Nora Oettingen-Spielberg of Germany.
    Barbara Bush was born a Pierce and is closely related with the Percy family which formerly used the name Pierce-Eye. Charles “Don Carlos” Percy of the Percy family established Trail Lake Plantation in the South of the US which intermarried with the Walker family, like the Bush, Pierce and Walker families have intermarried.
    The Walkers were slave traders and the Percy family owned slaves. US President Franklin Pierce was a cousin of the slave owning Percy’s and was against ending slavery: https://ahuwahzeus583992924.wordpres...anking-cartel/
    (archived here:

    An interesting story is that (another) founding Knight of the Garter, Thomas de Holland, at 24 married the 11-year old Joan Plantagenet in 1339. Joan was the daughter of Edmund, earl of Kent, granddaughter of Edward I and cousin of King Edward III.
    Then, while Thomas was fighting abroad, Joan married again in February 1341 to William de Montagu.

    After Thomas de Holland had made a name for himself, and became a Knight of the Garter, in 1348, he petitioned the papal court to confirm the validity of his marriage and have Joan returned to him. Joan testified that the marriage had been “consummated” almost immediately after the wedding ceremony.
    In November 1349, the Pope annulled Joan’s marriage to Montagu and she was ordered back to Holland.

    After De Holland died, Joan, would marry “Black Prince” Edward IV, and their son would be crowned in 1377 as King Richard II:

    Of the 9 (I thought only 8!) Holy Roman Emperors that were also Knights of the Garter; 8 were of the House of Habsburg.

    Albert the Magnanimous (Albert V) was King of Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia and Germany, Duke of Luxembourg and, Archduke of Austria – and Knight of the Garter since 1438.

    Frederick III was the first emperor of the House of Habsburg and the third member of the House of Habsburg to be “elected” King of Germany – and Knight of the Garter since 1457.

    Maximilian I ruled jointly with his father from ca. 1483 to his father's death in 1493. Maximilian expanded the influence of the House of Habsburg through war and his marriage in 1477 to the heiress to the Duchy of Burgundy – and Knight of the Garter since 1489.

    Charles V was Archduke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy (including part of the Netherlands and France) and ruler of Spain (including part of Italy). He brought under his rule extensive territories in West, Central and South Europe and the Spanish viceroyalties in the Americas and Asia. He was the heir of Habsburg of Austria, Valois of Burgundy and Trastámara of Spain (the Crowns of Castile and Aragon). Through Castile he owned part of the Americas and Asia – and Knight of the Garter since 1508 (at only 8 years?).

    See Charles’ Coat of arms.

    Ferdinand I was King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia – and Knight of the Garter since 1522.

    Rudolf II was King of Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia and Archduke of Austria – and Knight of the Garter since 1587.

    Maximilian II was King of Hungary, Croatia andBohemia – and Knight of the Garter since 1567.

    Francis II (1768 – 1835) was the last Holy Roman Emperors from 1792 to 1806, when he dissolved the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, after being defeated by Napoleon. In 1804, he became the first Emperor of Austria. He was also Apostolic King of Hungary andBohemia – and Knight of the Garter since 1814.

    Other Knights of the Garter of the House of Habsburg (that weren’t crowned Holy Roman emperor) include.

    Philip I (1478 – 1506) was the first was the first King of Castile (by marriage) of the House of Habsburg, he inherited the greater part of the Duchess of Burgundy (including part of the Netherlands). The son of Maximilian I and father of Emperor Charles V – and Knight of the Garter since 1503.

    Franz Joseph I (1830 – 1916) was Emperor of Austria and Monarch to many states of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, including King of Hungary – and Knight of the Garter since 1867.

    Rudolf (1858 – 1889) died before he could follow in the footsteps of his father Franz Joseph I by suicide – and Knight of the Garter since 1887.

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand (1863 – 1914) was never crowned. His assassination has been called the reason for WW I – and Knight of the Garter since 1902.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raginfridus View Post
    Or maybe nobody's really in control at any level, and the best our authorities can manage is projecting power... Maybe the greatest trick the powers that be ever pulled, was convincing the world they had control.
    The reason for all the heraldry, the bloodlines etc, is to convince people they are something special, something other than just vanilla humans whose grandparents were especially good at murderin'
    In New Zealand:
    The Coastguard is a Charity
    Air Traffic Control is a private company run on user fees
    The DMV is a private non-profit
    Rescue helicopters and ambulances are operated by charities and are plastered with corporate logos
    The agriculture industry has zero subsidies
    5% of the national vote, gets you 5 seats in Parliament
    A tax return has 4 fields
    Business licenses aren't even a thing nor are capital gains taxes
    Constitutional right to refuse any type of medical care

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