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    Napoleon Bonaparte’s nephew, Napoleon III, became good friends with the London elite, including Benjamin Disraeli and Lord Palmerston, who became a Knight of the Garter in 1856. As French President, and after he had declared himself French Emperor, he allied with Britain.
    Napoleon III himself became a Knight of the Garter in 1855.

    See portrayed as Garter Knights - Benjamin Disraeli (on the right) with Lord Salisbury (who both became Garter Knights in 1878).
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    Order of the Garter in the Napoleon era

    I still haven´t found a concise story on the most powerful “order” in the whole world; the most noble Order of the Garter.
    I decided to simply look at some of the Knights of the Garter on the “independent” Wikipedia that lived during the time Napoleon Bonaparte waged war in Europe. It turns out that these include some of the most important people of the era.
    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter
    Following is a complete (?) list of the Knights and Ladies of Order of the Garter, the most powerful "Order" in the world (1012 members since 1348).

    Lord Palmerston, devised a strategy to make Belgium independent from the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
    He became a Knight of the Garter in 1856:

    Leopold of Saxe-Coburg became a British citizen in 1815 and one year later married Princess Charlotte (the only legitimate child of later King George IV) and became a Knight of the Garter. In 1817, Charlotte died in child birth (a stillborn son).
    In 1831, Belgium was taken from the Kingdom of the Netherlands to make Leopold its King.
    King Leopold played an important role in managing relations between Britain and the French Empire of Napoleon III:

    William IX, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, became a Knight of the Garter in 1786.
    William IX hired Nathan Mayer Rothschild to help him manage his estate and supervise the gathering of taxes. Although they were associated since 1775, William IX only formally designated Rothschild as his overseer in 1801.
    Nathan Mayer Rothschild is the patriarch of the infamous Rothschild dynasty.

    In 1806 his electorate was annexed by France. William used the Frankfurt Rothschilds to hide his fortune from Napoleon. Nathan Mayer (N.M.) from London funded the British movements through Portugal and Spain. In this scheme the robber bankers became richer than William of Hesse-Kassel.
    After the Napoleonic armies were defeated at Leipzig, William IX was restored to power in 1813:

    Richard Wellesley became Governor-General of Bengal in 1798. As a result of his wars against the French and the treaties that followed, French influence in India was extinguished. This added 40 million people and 10 millions of revenue to the British dominions. This made Britain the true dominant authority over all India. Wellesley made the opium trading East India Company into an an imperial power.
    See him in Garter robes.

    He became a Knight of the Garter in 1810:

    Arthur Wellesley became a Knight of the Garter in 1813 and is better known as the First Duke of Wellington.
    See Duke Wellington with decorations of the: Order of the Garter (Star on his left breast); Order of the Golden Fleece; Russian Order of St George; Order of Maria Theresa; Military Order of St Ferdinand; Order of the Sword; Order of the Tower and Sword.

    His victory with an Anglo-Dutch-German army against Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo has made him into a real military hero:

    In 1813, George Hamilton-Gordon was given the important position as Ambassador in Vienna, from where he financed the coalition that defeated the army of Napoleon Bonaparte.
    He became a Knight of the Garter in 1855:
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    Military Constantinian Order of St George

    There are several Orders of St. George for the military. Am I the only one to think it’s ironic that one of the most important heroics of St. George was his refusal to follow orders from the Roman army?
    If soldiers refuse to participate in genocide, following the example of St. George, these soldiers should take action against our government for orchestrating the worldwide genocide.

    Maybe the most interesting of these Orders is the “Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George” (in Italian: Sacro militare ordine costantiniano di San Giorgio).
    This Roman-Catholic Knighthood was founded in 1520-1545 by the Angeli Comneni family, and since 1731 all its Grandmaster are from the former royal House of Bourbon. The Angeli Comneni grandmasters have received confirmations of its status in a series of papal briefs, and decrees from the Kings of Spain, Poland and Holy Roman Emperor.

    It’s affiliated to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, although the Vatican isn’t formally in charge.
    See the badge and breast star of the order

    Its grandmaster until his death in 2010, Carlos Hugo of Bourbon-Parma, had married Princess Irene in 1964, daughter of former Dutch Queen Juliana. This marriage caused a “constitutional crisis” in the Netherlands because Irene converted to Catholicism before the wedding (they divorced in 1981 after Carlos couldn’t become Spanish King).
    Their son Carlos became its next grandmaster.

    After the reconciliation in 2014, by proclamation the former Franco-Neapolitan (2,800 knights) and Hispano-Neapolitan (1,800) branches were united:
    (archived here:

    It´s strange that the Dutch wikipedia page has much more information than the English version. What’s also strange is that Wikipedia doesn’t completely rule out that it was founded, long before the 16th century, by Emperor Constantine or Emperor Isaac II.
    The “Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George” is mostly active in Catholic Rome, Naples and Spain.

    Foreign Minister of the Netherlands and NATO Secretary-General, Joseph Luns, became one of the better known knights: (archived here:
    (in Dutch): (archived here:

    In 1797, the Bourbons had to flee because the French army conquered Napels.
    In 1808, Josef Bonaparte (elder brother of Napoleon I) as King of Naples founded the Order of the Two Sicilies (Italian: "L'Ordine reale delle Due Sicilie" or "Reale ordine delle Due Sicilie"):
    (in Dutch:

    This later became the “Order of Saint George of the Reunion” (Italian: Reale e militare ordine di San Giorgio della Riunione).
    When Josef Napoleon became King of Spain he created the Royal Order of Spain, while his brother-in-law Joachim Murat became the grandmaster of the “Order of Saint George of the Reunion”.
    After Napoleon I was defeated it was dissolved in 1814.

    In 1816, Napoleon’s wife Marie Loise proclaimed herself grandmistress of the “Constantinian Order of Saint George” but of course this wasn’t acknowledge by the House of Bouron (reinstated as King of Naples), so this was effectively a new order.

    In 1819, King Ferdinand founded the second “Order of Saint George of the Reunion” that was dissolved in 1860:
    (in Dutch:
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    Lord Rosebery - Commonwealth

    There are many, many conspiracy theories on the Rothschild family, most of them false.
    This post on the reportedly gay Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery (1847 - 1929) shows that the claims that the current head of the family – Baron Jacob Rothschild – owns a whopping $500 trillion is false.

    Archibald Philip Primrose, Lord Rosebery was a member of the notorious Bullingdon Club.
    In the back row standing, Roseberry is second from left, with arms folded. The young man standing in front of the fellow on the left of him, with his hand casually in his pocket is Lord R. Churchill.

    In 1878, Archibald Primrose married Hannah de Rothschild, who as the sole heiress of Mayer Amschel de Rothschild, was the wealthiest British heiress of the time. The later King Edward VII and Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli (close to the Rothschild family) attended the wedding.
    After Hannah died (in 1890) most of the Rothschild wealth went to Primrose and their 3 children after he died. The $500 trillion is based on the supposed Rothschild wealth in the 19th century corrected for inflation...
    Primrose became a Knight of the Garter in 1892 and was reportedly the wealthiest Prime Minister in 1894 and 1895.

    In 1883, Archibald and Hannah Rosebery visited New Zealand and Australia, where Primrose developed his view of Imperial relations.
    On 18 January 1884, in Adelaide Primrose said there is no need for any nation (Australia), however great, leaving the Empire, because the Empire is a Commonwealth of Nations. Primrose coined the term “Commonwealth of Nations”.

    See them at a house party at Dalmeny during the Midlothian campaign. William Gladstone is seated centre (holding his hat), Hannah Rosebery stands third from right and Lord Rosebery (Primrose) is seated on the ground on the right.

    In February 1885, Primrose got a seat in the Cabinet as lord privy seal.
    In March 1885, by the Penjdeh incident, Great Britain was on to the verge of war with Russia.

    In May 1885, Rosebery visited his good friend Count Herbert Bismarck, who introduced him to his father, chancellor Bismarck (British agent), with whom he discussed on the Egyptian loan, the Afghan frontier, Turkey, and the African colonies, all of which were causing friction between Great Britain and Germany.

    In November 1885, Rosebery said:
    If you can obtain from the representatives of Ireland a clear and constitutional demand which will represent the wishes of the people of Ireland, and which will not conflict with the unity or the supremacy of this country, then by satisfying that demand Ireland might see in this country her best ally.
    In 1886, in the new administration, Rosebery became Foreign Secretary.
    From October 1886 to the spring of 1887, Rosebery visited India. As chairman of the Imperial Federation League, Rosebery was constantly bringing before the country the question of Imperial Federation, “the closest possible union of the various self-governing states ruled by the British Crown, consistently with the free national development which is the birthright of British subjects all over the world for the closest union in sympathy, in external action, and in defence”.

    After he resigned as Prime Minister in 1895, Primrose left the political arena.
    In 1909, Primrose returned to the political field, denouncing the Finance Bill as revolutionary and leading directly to socialism.
    On 9 August 1911, the Bill, drastically amended by the Lords, was again returned from the House of Commons, and Rosebery denounced the measure but declared that it was less disastrous than getting sufficient peers to pass the Bill and therefore voted with the government, afterwards drawing up a protest to be recorded in the journals of the House:
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    Kaiser Wilhelm, Bismarck, WW I

    I’ve been looking for information on Knight of the Garter (KG) since 1877 Kaiser of Germany Wilhelm II...
    He was (another) grandchild of Queen Victoria of Britain and related to many monarchs and princes of Europe, including his cousins King George V of the UK, Queen Marie of Romania, Maud of Norway, Victoria Eugenie of Spain and Empress Alexandra of Russia.

    In 1889, Wilhelm secured the sale of German-made rifles to the Ottoman Army.

    In the late 1890s, after the Kaiser had gotten rid of British affiliated German chancellor Bismarck, British media started attacking him viciously.
    It’s reported that Wilhelm had an especially troubled relationship with his uncle, King Edward VII of Britain.

    In March 1905, Wilhelm made a spectacular visit to Morocco where he met with representatives of Sultan Adelaziz. The Kaiser declared that he supported the sovereignty of the Sultan, while Morocco was under French control. The Sultan subsequently rejected a set of French-proposed governmental reforms, which sparked the Moroccan Crisis.
    Kaiser Wilhelm II was again attacked in various media (including in Germany).

    In the years 1906-09, Wilhelm’s popularity got more blows by (stories on) homosexual revelations, trials and suicides, involving ministers, and Wilhelm's closest friend and advisor, Prince Philipp zu Eulenberg, which forced Wilhelm to remove Zu Eulenberg from his inner circle.
    During WW I, Wilhelm II was THE target of British anti-German propaganda.

    In 1909, Kaiser Wilhelm II with Winston Churchill (KG in 1953), planning war manoeuvres.

    Wilhelm was was deeply shocked by the assassination of his friend Archduke Franz Ferndinand of Austria on 28 June 1914. Wilhelm sanctioned the use of force by and guaranteed military support to Austria against the perceived guilty party — Serbia.
    On 30 July, Wilhelm wrote a commentary:
    For I no longer have any doubt that England, Russia and France have agreed among themselves—knowing that our treaty obligations compel us to support Austria—to use the Austro-Serb conflict as a pretext for waging a war of annihilation against us ...
    Our dilemma over keeping faith with the old and honourable Emperor has been exploited to create a situation which gives England the excuse she has been seeking to annihilate us with a spurious appearance of justice on the pretext that she is helping France and maintaining the well-known Balance of Power in Europe, i.e., playing off all European States for her own benefit against us.
    Wilhelm II´s Knighthood from the Order of the Garter was annulled in 1915.
    After Germany's defeat in 1918, Wilhelm was forced to abdicate in November 1918, and fled to exile in the Netherlands, where he died in 1941.

    During his last year at Doorn, Wilhelm believed that Germany was the land of Christ, and that England was the land of liberalism, Satan, the Anti-Christ and the English ruling classes were "Freemasons thoroughly infected by Juda".
    Wilhelm II argued that Freemasons and Jews had caused both world wars, aiming at a world Jewish empire with British and American gold, and that the end result would be a “US of Europe”; in 1940 he wrote to his sister Princess Margaret:
    The hand of God is creating a new world & working miracles...
    We are becoming the U.S. of Europe under German leadership, a united European Continent.
    The Jews [are] being thrust out of their nefarious positions in all countries, whom they have driven to hostility for centuries.

    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter
    In May 1885, Rosebery visited his good friend Count Herbert Bismarck, who introduced him to his father, chancellor Bismarck (British agent), with whom he discussed on the Egyptian loan, the Afghan frontier, Turkey, and the African colonies, all of which were causing friction between Great Britain and Germany.
    Otto von Bismarck, of a noble family was PM of Prussia from 1862 to 1890 and German Chancellor from 1871 to 1890. In 1890 Kaiser Wilhelm II made an end to this domination of German politics.

    In 1861, Prince Wilhelm I became King of Prussia when his brother King Frederick Wilhelm IV's died. He chose Von Bismarck as PM of Prussia.
    In 1862, Von Bismarck had visited England; Napoleon III (KG in 1855) in France; and again in Britain, Prime Minister Palmerston (KG in 1856); Foreign Secretary Earl Russell (KG in 1862) who had already been PM and woull again be PM; and Benjamin Disraeli (KG in 1878), who became Prime Minister in the 1870s.
    See the Garter Stall-plate of John Russell, Earl of Bedford.

    Even though Von Bismarck maintain an alliance with Russia and Napoleon III’s France, he wrote in his Memoirs that he "had no doubt that a Franco-German war must take place before the construction of a united Germany could be realised".
    After France declared war, German states fought on Prussia's side to beat the French. Napoleon III was taken prisoner; he later died in exile in England in 1873.
    Between 1873 and 1877, Von Bismarck together with his masters in Great Britain engaged in a policy of isolating France, by manipulating the internal affairs of France’s neighbors, while maintaining relations with other nations in Europe.

    Von Bismarck worked against the power of the pope and bishops over German Catholics and the Catholic Centre Party (organised in 1870).
    In 1872, the Jesuits were expelled from Germany.
    In 1873, anti-Catholic laws allowed the Prussian government to control the education of the Roman Catholic clergy.
    In 1878, Bismarck instituted Anti-Socialist Laws, while at the same time coming with a Socialist program to make the Socialists less popular.

    In 1873 Von Bismarck formed the League of the Three Emperors (Dreikaiserbund), between Wilhelm I, Tsar Alexander II of Russia, and Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria-Hungary, which collapsed in 1887. Then Von Bismarck negotiated the Dual Alliance with Austria-Hungary (against Russia).
    He also negotiated the "Mediterranean Agreement" with Austria-Hungary, Italy and Britain.

    Wilhelm II opposed Bismarck's foreign policy for his English masters, and preferred to serve Germany’s interests:

    According to William Engdahl, Germany at the end of the 19th century was considered a threat to British world domination.
    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter View Post
    In 1889, a group of German industrialists and bankers, led by Deutsche Bank, secured a concession from the Ottoman government to build a railway through Anatolia from the capitol, Constantinople. In 1899, the Ottoman government agreed that the German group could continue with the next stage of the Berlin–Baghdad railway project.
    Germany was also becoming a close ally of France, but then the Dreyfus affair was staged to sabotage the relationship between Germany and France.

    For information on the Dreyfus affair:

    For Britain this was a huge threat to their world dominance. It would also cut Russia off from her western friends, Great Britain and France. It is not surprising to find enormous unrest and wars throughout the Balkans in the decade before 1914, including the Turkish War, the Bulgarian War and continuous unrest in the region.

    For information on how the mass murdering “Young Turks” freemasons destroyed the Ottoman Empire:

    One of the Kaiser Wilhelm II’s friends was Friedrich Alfred Krupp, owner of the steel and weapons business.
    In 1890, Krupp developed nickel-steel, which was hard enough to allow a thin battleship to have armor, and a new cannon that could use Alfred Nobel’s gunpowder.
    In 1892, Krupp acquired the Gruson Company to become Krupp-Panzer, manufacturer of armor plating. In 1893, Krupp constructed Rudolf Diesel’s new engine.
    In 1896, Krupp bought Germaniawerft, which became Germany’s main warship maker, including the first German U-Boat in 1906.

    On 15 November 1902, the Marxist magazine Vorwärts claimed that Friedrich Alfred Krupp was homosexual and had a number of sexual affairs with young men and underage boys in Capri, Italy. Krupp sued the journal and tried to use his friends in high places, including Emperor Wilhelm II, and had editions of Vorwärts seized.

    On 22 November 1902, the day he would meet his friend, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Krupp was found dead in his home. The circumstances of his death remain secret.
    Most stories claim that he committed suicide...

    In a speech at Krupp's burial, Kaiser Wilhelm II attacked Social Democratic politicians, who – according to him - had lied about Krupp’s sexual preferences:
    (archived here:

    And in 1909, the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS or MI6) was founded mainly to counter the German “threat”. This was of course followed by the “Young Turks” coup of the Ottoman Empire, WW I and the Bolshevik revolution that destroyed Russia...
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