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Thread: Thinking about converting a shed into a house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madison320 View Post
    Some questions I have are:

    Would you put it on a concrete slab?
    Personally, I would. You can certainly do with out it, but if you can do it, I say go ahead.

    Also, $10K for a lot... what size? I bought a house on 2.5 acres a few months ago for $5K. Needs substantial work, but it was a decent deal. Belonged to my neighbor across the street. His tenants left after the flood last year and he was going to raze the house, so I bought it. It was built in 1902, much of it of walnut, so I figured it should be preserved.

    Bought my neighbor's 13 acres plus building lot for $5K last year, bringing us up to 30 here on the mountain.

    How much money do you think it would take to finish the inside? Insulation, drywall, electric, water?
    Cannot say precisely, but not that much, especially if you do the work yourself. Plumbing is pretty straightforward. Electrical is not difficult, but if you are not sure of what to do, pay someone. It beats the hell out of dying in a house fire. Drywall is just busywork and a PITA, but if you do it yourself you will save substantial $$.
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    Sorry that I didn't see this thread sooner. I'd love to help you decide what's best for you and answer any questions you may still have.

    I've recently been through what you're talking about and may be able to help some, but it's a lot to type out right now.

    I'll try to hit this back up in a couple of days or maybe try to do a video.

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