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Thread: Boston FreeSpeech Rally 5/13

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    Boston FreeSpeech Rally 5/13

    (Antifa Included)

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    New stream.


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    That means you missed the Watch City Steampunk Festival There is always next year

    Though, I'm sure freedom of speech will also be important next year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith and stuff View Post
    That means you missed the Watch City Steampunk Festival There is always next year

    Though, I'm sure freedom of speech will also be important next year.
    I'm not that into steampunk stuff, I just don't get it. Sorry. I was there to protest the Attorney Generals actions regarding firearms though. I'm not that good with the camera but it was a good time.

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    There is another rally on August 19th at the Boston commons.

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    Boston Free Speech rally organizers say they aren't connected to group behind Charlottesville 'pro-white' rally

    Organizers of a Boston Free Speech rally planned for Saturday on Boston Common said the group is not associated with the Charlottesville, Virginia rally and blamed a former Hillary Clinton spokesman for defaming them.

    The rally is scheduled for noon on Aug. 19 in the Boston Common area. As the violence erupted in Charlottesville Saturday, former Hillary Clinton spokesman and now CNN political contributor Brian E. Fallon warned Boston residents that the Charlottesville rally organizer, Jason Kessler, has an event coming to the city.

    Boston, beware: #Charlottesville rally organizer Jason Kessler's group is already planning an event next week in your city cc @marty_walsh

    Boston protests ahead of ‘free speech rally’

    Scores of Hub residents who gathered on the Common last night to condemn the violence in Charlottesville, Va., say they’re prepared to return to the site next Saturday to protest against a local Free Speech Rally organized by the man behind yesterday’s white nationalist demonstration.

    “We’re trying to mass mobilize” said a woman named Elise, a member of the Boston Feminists for Liberation, which organized last night’s vigil. “We hope to get as many people as we can. Boston is my home and they’re coming here. I want to defend my home.”
    The Boston Free Speech Rally, set to begin on Boston Common at noon, is reportedly being organized by Jason Kessler, who led yesterday’s protest in Charlottesville.

    As dozens of people chanted “bash the fasc” and “no Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA,” demonstrators said they’re gearing up for a confrontation next week.

    “It’s clear that the far right feels emboldened right now,” said Khury Peterson-Smith, 35 of Dorchester. “I think that starts with the president. I feel confident that the majority of people in this city and this country oppose that kind of bigotry. I hope we can show that through our presence.”

    Bonnie McBride of Boston said she worried that a large counterprotest would “give them more of a voice” but stressed she also “didn’t want to ignore it.”

    “If it doesn’t affect you directly, it’s easy to turn your face,” she said. “It’s important for those of us who are white to stand up against this.”

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