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Thread: FORD GT. Fastest American sports car.

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    FORD GT. Fastest American sports car.

    Dodge Demon? as well buy a Tesla...or a FORD GT if REAL speed is your game.

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    They are only making 1,000
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    Quote Originally Posted by dannno View Post
    They are only making 1,000
    With those kinds of numbers is it fair to compare to the Venom GT, americas fastest car.

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    Here's the fastest ford GT

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    Quote Originally Posted by afwjam View Post
    Here's the fastest ford GT
    to clarify...

    the new FORD GT is streetable like the Demon.

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    That is a right proper supercar...more than capable of competing against the Ferraris, McClarens, Paganis and Bugattis.

    But to do so, you have to spend hundreds of thousands, maybe into the millions to get into that class.

    To compare it to the Demon, which an upper middle class working man can realistically afford, is to compare apples and bowling balls.

    I, personally, have been a "Ford man" all my life, but I frankly don't really care, all these cars are eye popping, jaw dropping, incredible examples of the automaker's art and craft, with performance and handling that would have been impossible 30 years ago.

    My love/hate relationship with technology continues...just imagine what these guys could do if they did not have to comply with million government fatwas to make them street legal.

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