If you recall, Elaine Hays was one of two challengers for Mac Thornberry's seat in 2014.

She just beat an incumbent to win a spot on the Amarillo City Council.


AMARILLO - Elaine Hays has defeated incumbent Elisha Demerson to take the Amarillo City Council Place 1 position.

After being elected Hays says she is ready to hit the ground running once she is sworn in.

Hays says one of the first things she will be tackling is the city's budget which has to be finalized by October 1. Hays has run for office before in 2014 when she challenged Rep. Mac Thornberry for his seat in US Congress. It's defeat Hays says she has learned from.

Hays says, "the logistics of running a campaign. A lot of the behind the scenes with running a campaign. It was helpful that I had been through the process before."

Hays says she also plans to help how Amarillo markets itself for visitors because she believes the city has been selling itself short for too long.

This is the first majority female city council in Amarillo's history. This is also the first time in 70 years that there is an entirely new set of city council members.