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Thread: Rand Paul on Spending Bill: ‘President Hillary Clinton Would Have Been Proud of This B

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    Default Rand Paul on Spending Bill: ‘President Hillary Clinton Would Have Been Proud of This B

    Rand Paul on Omnibus Spending Bill: ‘President Hillary Clinton Would Have Been Proud of This Bill’

    by SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY)2 May 20171,725

    Looking at all the smiling faces on the other side of the aisle, I have to ask: are Democrats still the minority party?
    You would be tempted to think the $1 trillion government funding deal is like Christmas morning for them, as Republicans have handed them free media to brag about how much of the President’s agenda they have stopped.

    You’ll see it in the news as an “Omnibus spending bill,” when it should really be called “the Status Quo Protection Act.” President Hillary Clinton would have been proud of this bill.

    It tosses out campaign promises as it continues to fund the military industrial complex and the welfare state.

    It not only rejects President Trump’s calls for cuts to multiple agencies, but it increases their funding by millions of dollars.

    It paves the way for those agencies to engage in more “use it or lose it” September spending.

    It leaves our deficit at well over $500 million.

    While good provisions are tucked in, “[o]verall,” as Bloomberg reported, “the compromise resembles more of an Obama administration-era spending bill than a Trump one.”

    Instead of legislating from crisis to crisis, Republicans should use fiscal deadlines to articulate the principles that supposedly set us apart – to boldly defend the conservative philosophy that fueled the country’s growth and can lead it into a new era of prosperity.

    Yet, for too long, Republican majorities have backed down from those debates. Like Monty Python’s Sir Robin, they have turned and fled from what seems the least bit threatening, with no shortage of people willing to sing their praises for “bravely” doing so.

    "The Patriarch"

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    From the comments section:

    Why isn't Rand Paul the face of the republican party?
    Because the site you're reading duped people into voting for a man completely antithetical to everything they claim to believe in
    Feel completely deserted. Trump needs help but he isn't helping himself by caving on what he ran for/on and blaming the dems and the freedom caucus.
    This is what Trump does. It's who he is. Learn that lesson now and fast so you don't make that mistake again. Primary him with the rest of the Progressive Rhino's in 2020.
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    Quote Originally Posted by silverhandorder View Post
    I think he is going to cut the budget.

    Have you learned yet, or are you slow, or disingenuous?
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    "Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping graven images" - Ironman77

    "ideas have the potential of being more powerful than any army....The concept of personal sovereignty was pulled screaming from the ether into this reality by the force of men believing in a self evident truth, that men are meant to be free." - The Northbreather

    "Trump is the security blanket of aggrieved white men aged 18-60." - Pinoy

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Rebel Poet View Post

    Have you learned yet, or are you slow, or disingenuous?
    I will admit that I thought he would be able to do more.

    I still like him as a person.

    Politically wise he is a mix.

    Do not regret at all for supporting him.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cowlesy View Post
    Americans in general are jedi masters of blaming every other person.

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