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Thread: Pointed In The Direction Of Extinction

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    Pointed In The Direction Of Extinction

    Cassava's challenging position – described by Buckler as "pointed in the direction of extinction" – is likely due to a reduction in diversity during domestication as well as the fact that cassava is spread through cuttings rather than seeds. Without sexual reproduction and the concomitant purging of mutations through recombination, approximately 30 new mutations per generation are accumulating. - Amanda Garris, Cassava is genetically decaying, putting staple crop at risk
    Check out this article by Daniel Drezner... What in the world is happening at the Heritage Foundation? The Heritage Foundation (HF) recently released this statement...

    Feulner led Heritage for more than three decades and returns to our organization after serving on President Trump’s transition team. There is no one better to guide the ship while we seek our new leader and continue to push for conservative ideas and policies in Washington and around the nation.

    As conservatives, we have a tremendous opportunity ahead of us to restore the principles of the American founding. You and the 500,000 Americans who donate to support Heritage have played a crucial role in making our work possible, and I look forward to working with you in the future. As we move forward, the Board of Trustees will be seeking your thoughts and input about our search for the next leader of Heritage. - Thomas A. Saunders
    Here are some of the replies to the HF's tweet...

    I can tell you right now, I don't want Lenin-loving Bannon to be the leader, Or I will withdraw the support I give to Heritage! - Kelly Meredith
    The day you choose a Trumpkin or a populist to replace @JimDeMint, my support for Heritage ends. - Alo Konsen
    If you put in Steve Bannon as rumored, or any other Trump Yes Man, we will sadly have to part ways. Our allegiance is to country, not party - Conservative Wendy
    Losing DeMint is a low blow to conservatives...what are u doing? You will lose funding over this. - Lorri DiCassio
    @JimDeMint is doing a great job...keep him on or become irrelevant. - Brad Head
    They gave up a good man. That being true, it scares me which direction they are going. - Grouchy Ol' Man
    If donors perceive that a ship is headed in a beneficial direction, then they are free to board it. But as soon as donors perceive that the ship is starting to head in a detrimental direction, then they are free to disembark.

    People’s freedom to easily exit is by far one of the most important fail safe devices! It should be obvious that this freedom must be based on the premise that donors, as a whole, are far more capable than any single captain or steering committee at correctly grasping the value/relevance of the different directions.

    The HF's 500,000 donors, as a whole, have a far better grasp of economic conditions/reality than even the best possible HF captain or committee could possibly have. As a whole, the half a million people that the HF serves have a far more accurate map of where the landmines and treasures are located.

    Yet, who made the decision to fire Jim DeMint? How will their next leader be chosen?

    Last month the Libertarian Party (LP) gave its donors the opportunity to spend their money on potential convention themes. Here are the top results…

    $6,222 – I’m That Libertarian!
    $5,200 – Building Bridges, Not Walls
    $1,620 – Pro-Choice on Everything
    $1,377 – Empowering the Individual
    $395 – The Power of Principle

    "I'm That Libertarian!" was chosen because it was the most valuable. This decision wasn't made by the LP... it wasn't made by a captain or a committee... it wasn't made by politics or voting or democracy... it wasn't made by cheap-talk surveys... it was made by the market. Donors put their money where their mouth was. The dollars that the donors were willing to spend determined the LP's direction.

    The HF is in a market, but it's not a market. Should it be a market?
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