TEMPLE, Ga. - An ordinance that would reduce punishment for people found with marijuana in one local city will now go to voters.

The city of Temple in Carroll County held a vote on the proposal Monday that ending in a tie vote. Channel 2ís Carl Willis found city leaders are divided on the issue.

Willis said there was a different tone at the Temple City Hall on Monday evening during the discussion and vote on a proposed marijuana ordinance

The ordinance would lower the fine and eliminate jail time for getting caught with a personal amount of pot.

Last time Willis went to a meeting on the proposal, things got heated among residents.

On Monday night, there was no shouting, but the passion was still there.

"To me, it's just ask(ing) for trouble," resident Linda Walden told Willis.

"This is not legalization. This is not decriminalization," said Temple City Councilwoman Penny Ransom.

Ransom proposed the ordinance, which would drop the fine for less than 1 ounce of marijuana from $1,000 to $75 and no jail time.

ďThis would affect an otherwise law-abiding citizen, someone who was not in violation of speeding, a robbery,Ē Ransom told Willis.

But with the 2-2 vote, the ordinance failed to pass.

"Iím very pleased with itís not going through," resident John Miller told Willis. "I believe it's going to be less crime"

"It means that if you smoke pot here, you're going to get arrested and you're going to have a record," Walden said.

But supporters, including James Bell, with the Georgia CARE. Project, believe that this issue will be brought back to the table.

"I think with the new council member, perhaps. I think in November's election there may be new elected officials who may, in fact, support this," Bell told Willis.

"You need to pass this bill," said Tonya McKee.

Opponents say they'll have a fight on their hands.