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Thread: Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

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    Dec 26 in history , 887 Berenger I is elected King of Italy by the Lords of Lombardy . 1481 Battle of Westbroek . 1776 Battle of Trenton . The story of the headless hessian horseman comes from his spirit seen after the Battle of White Plains the previous Oct . 1811 a theatre fire in Richmond , Va kills the Governor . 1862 in the largest mass hanging in US history 38 mostly innocent Indians are murdered in Mankato Minnesota by the US and the corpses stolen from the grave and sold as souvenirs . 1944 US Third Army breaks through the german encirclement of Bastogne . 1963 The Beatles songs I Want To Hold Your Hand and I Saw Her Standing There are released in the US . 1972 78 B-52's leave Guam to bomb Hanoi . 2009 China opens longest high speed rail route .

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    Dec 27 in history , 1512 the spanish crown issues the Laws of Burgos . They claimed this law forbade the mistreatment of Indians on Hispaniola and laid out labor law/ treatment for them if employed by spanish . 1814 ( War of 1812 ) the USS Carolina ( Navy Schooner ) is destroyed by british bombardment with heated shot that catches it afire and explodes it . 1831 Charles Darwin embarks on his journey aboard the HMS Beagle . 1929 Stalin orders liquidation of the kulaks . 1939 Winter War , Finland holds off a russian attack at the Battle of Kelja . 1979 Soviets invade Afghanistan .2007 Riots erupt in Mombasa Kenya . 2008 Three week operation on Gaza begins .

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    Dec 28 in history . 1832 John C Calhoun becomes first US Vice President to resign . 1835 Osceola leads 900 brave Seminole Warriors against the 41k US troops and militia and the US Navy in the eight year long Second Seminole War . This war would lead to the death of 800 Warriors , 2200 woman and children and 1600 US soldiers as the american quest , sickness and bloodlust for thieving lands and killing children could never be quenched . 1846 Iowa becomes the 29th state .1867 US claims Midway Atoll . 1902 First pro indoor football game , Madison Square Gardens , the Syracuse Athletic Club defeats the New York Philadelphians 5 to 0 . This league was cancelled after two years due to poor attendance . 1941 Operation Anthropoid commences , assassination attempt on SS Officer and Gestapo chief Reinhard Heydrich . 2014 Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501 crashes killing 162 in the Straight en route to Singapore .

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    Dec 29 in history , 575 Charles The Bald , King of the Franks is made holy roman emperor . 1170 The Archbishop of Canterbury is assassinated inside the Cathedral . In those days he would be the enforcer for collecting property tax from landowners for the king . An evil practice brought to the new world by these heathens . He was made a Saint . The Great Oyarde contends that no tax collector should be made a saint . 1778 three thousand british troops under command of a Lt Col capture Savannah Georgia . The british lost 11 men killed while capturing half the Continentals. Pitiful defense by pitiful people . They needed some real Warriors . 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation , 150 Indians murdered ( mostly unarmed women and children ) on the Res by 500 troopers of the 7th Cav . , over twenty soldiers were given the Medal of Honor for this action .31 dead troopers , many from friendly fire from four Hotchkiss Guns . 1940 germans fire bomb London . 1975 bomb explodes at LaGuardia Airport killing 11 at the TWA baggage claim . It is unsolved . 1997 Hong Kong begins killing the cities 1.25 million chickens to stop the spread of influenza .2011 Samoa skips to Dec 31 when changing from one side of international date line to the other . 2012 Tu - 204 airliner crashes in Moscow .2017 Oyarde is given the crown of Binomo .
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    Quote Originally Posted by oyarde View Post
    Dec 20 in history , 69 Vespasian enters Rome to claim Emperor . 1192 Richard I of England is captured and imprisoned by Leopold V of Austria on his way home from the Third Crusade, 1522 Siege of Rhodes , the surviving Knights of Rhodes surrender and are allowed to leave , eventually becoming the Knights of Malta . 1803 Louisiana Purchase ceremony in New Orleans . 1915 Australian troops are evacuated from Gallipoli . 1917 soviet secret police is founded , 1924 Hiler released from Landsberg Prison , 1942 Japs bomb Calcutta . 1946 Its a Wonderful Life is first released in NY City . 1952 Plane crashes and burns in Moses Lake Washington killing 87. 1968 Zodiac Killer kills two in Vallejo California. 1995 NATO in Bosnia . 2004 Northern Bank of Belfast is robbed of 26 1/2 million in currency . Unsolved . HB's Birthday.
    I have a fascinating birthday!
    Quote Originally Posted by Torchbearer
    what works can never be discussed online. there is only one language the government understands, and until the people start speaking it by the magazine full... things will remain the same.
    Hear/buy my music here "government is the enemy of liberty"-RP Support me on Patreon here Ephesians 6:12

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    Dec 30 in history , 1066 Grenada Massacre , evil muslim hoard storms the palace , crucifies the jewish Vizier and slaughters the jewish population . 1813 ( War of 1812 ) the british burn Buffalo , New York. 1K british took the city from 2k americans and plundered it. Only four buildings remained in the entire area when done . Three brave Indians perished fighting for the british and 28 others , American casualties were 50 dead , 52 wounded , 8 Artillery pc.'s captured and 67 captured .1903 Fire at the Iroquois Theatre in Chicago kills 605 . 1972 US halts heavy bombing of North Vietnam .2006 Madrid Airport is bombed . 2009 a suicide bomber kills 9 people at CIA base in Afghanistan , Forward Operating Base Chapman . ( I have never lost an artillery pc in battle )
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    Dec 31 in history 406 The Vandals , Alans and Suebians cross the Rhine invading Gaul . 870 Vikings attack the Ealdorman of Berkshires men and are driven back to East Anglia at the Battle of Englefield , many wicked Danes are killed . 1759 Arthur Guinness signs a lease of 45 pounds per year and begins brewing beer , 1775 Battle of Quebec ,nearly 2k Continentals are beaten by 1200 brits . Continentals with 50 dead , over 430 captured , the british lose 5 men . 1862 West Virginia is admitted into the Union and virginia is divided . 1857 the Queen selects a small logging town , Ottawa as capital of canada . 1879 Edison demonstrates lighting to the public in New Jersey . 1907 New Years Eve celebration at Longacre Square ( Times Square ) is first held , 1946 Truman declares end of hostilities ( WW II ) . 1955 Oyardes Father buys two '55 Chevy's , General Motor's becomes first US corp to make 1 Billion . 1999 Indian Airlines Flight 815 hijacking ends after 7 days . 2009 A Blue Moon and Lunar eclipse both take place . 2010 36 tornados kill 9 . 2014 Stampede in Shanghai kills 36 or more , Danke escapes. 2015 Fire breaks out in the lovely Dubai at the Downtown Address Hotel . The drinks at the high level bar are great but the breakfast buffet is a little weak . Maybe Danke will take me for the re opening .
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    Jan 1 in history , AD69 Roman Legions in Germania refuse to swear loyalty to Galba . 404 a Christian Monk is killed for trying to stop Gladiator fights in the public arena in Rome . 1772 the first Traveler's Cheques go on sale in London and will be accepted in 90 european cities . 1776 Norfolk Virginia burns . 1781 1500 soldiers of the 6th Pennsylvania rebel in The Pennsylvania Line Mutiny of 1781. 1892 Ellis Island opens to begin processing immigrants . 1902 First American Bowl game , The Rose Bowl is held in Pasadena ( Stanford - Michigan ). 1908 Times Square , the first Ball is dropped to signify the New Year . 1934 Alcatraz becomes a Fed prison . Nazis pass law concerning Genetically Diseased Offspring . 2009 66 people die in a night club fire in Bangkok

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    Jan 02 in history 366 The Alemanni ( confederation of Germanic tribes from the upper Rhine )cross the frozen Rhine in large numbers invading the roman empire . About 150 years later the Alemanni were conquered by the Franks and served with the Franks .Many of the Alemanni would eventually , gradually become Christian in the 7th century , some remained pagan . 1492 , the last Moorish stronghold in Spain surrenders . 1777 American forces repulse a british attack near Trenton , NJ . The bridge at Assumpink Creek ran red with british blood . 1791 Big Bottom battle , brave Lenape and Wyandot Warriors attack the Block house at Big Bottom ( near present day Stockport Ohio in morgan county ) killing 14 trespassers . 1863 Battle of Stones River , would result in nearly 3k killed on the two sides combined . Bragg withdrew to Tullahoma .1963 the Cong win first major victory at Battle of Ap Bac resulting in 3 American dead , 83 dead South Vietnamese and 18 dead Cong. The dirty little Cong in the Mekong now believed they could win and bring the wonderful gift of communism to all . 1999 Brutal snowstorm takes the midwest killing 68. 2006 Coal mine explosion in Sago leaves one survivor and 12 dead .

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    Jan 03 in history , Perihelion usually occurs ( when earth is closest to sun ) . 1777 british are defeated at the Battle of Princeton by an overwhelming American force . 1861 Delaware votes not to secede . 1870 Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge begins . 1925 Mussolini announces he is dictator . 1932 Banana worker revolt in Honduras ( fired United Fruit Co employees ) . 1947 proceedings of Congress are televised for the first time . 1959 Alaska becomes a State . 1961 America severs ties with cuba after the evil commies stole all american assets . 1990 Noriega surrenders . 2009 bitcoin is created .

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    Jan 04 in history , 1847 Samuel Colt sells his first revolver to US govt . 1865 The New York Stock Exchange opens first permanent office near Wall St . Wall Street is named for the Wall that was once a palisade on the North End of the dutch settlement. This wall was put in place with fear after the murderous , evil dutch Governor sent men to attempt to kill all Indians in Manhattan after agreeing to a treaty with them .Later , Stuyvesant would use slaves to improve the wall. This cursed place was then later used as a place where slaves were hired out at a profit by the day or week . Then later , for 50 years a slave market was there on the corner of Pearl & Wall .1896 Utah becomes 45th state . 1903 Topsey the elephant is electrocuted at Coney Island . 1944 Operation Carpetbagger begins , dropping arms and munitions to european resistance groups . 1951 Godless, wicked chinese and North koreans capture Seoul . 1998 Massive ice storm hits eastern canada .2007 the 110th US congress convenes and elects nancy pelosi as speaker of the house , proving America is not great .
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    Jan 05 in history 1066 Edward The Confessor dies ,with no children this leads to succession problems that will start in motion the fall of england to the Normans . 1477 Battle of Nancy , Charles The Bold is killed leading to Burgundy becoming part of france .1500 Milan is conquered .1554 a great fire in Eindhoven . 1782 The british navy and Benedict Arnold burn Richmond Virginia . 1846 the US house of representatives decides it does not wish to share the Oregon Territory with the United Kingdom . 1882 Charles J Guiteau , well known thief and lawyer from chicago who worked in collections is found guilty of assassinating President Garfield and sentenced to death by hanging . He murdered the President with an ivory handled .442 Webley british revolver. 1914 Ford Motor Co announces the eight hour workday and five dollar per day minimum wage dependent on character standards . 1919 German Workers Party ( nazi party ) is founded . 1972 Nixon orders the Space Shuttle development program .

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    Jan 06 in history , Phillip of Swabia becomes King of Romans , 1721 Committee of Inquiry of the South Sea Bubble ( stock collapse of 1720 ) publishes its findings . 1839 Night of The Big Winds , most damaging storm in 300 years sweeps Ireland destroying 20 percent of the buildings in Dublin . 1912 New Mexico becomes 47th state . Also in 1912 german Alfred Wegener presents his theory of continental drift . 1929 Mother Teresa arrives in Calcutta . 1930 first diesel engine auto trip from Indianapolis to NY . 1947 Pan American offers a round the world ticket , lowest price was 3k dollars for economy class . You could drink , smoke and load all of your revolvers . 1951 Korea , Ganghwa county , police and militia kill communists . 1960 National Airlines Flight 2511 is destroyed mid air by a bomb ( NY to Miami ) . Remains unsolved . 1967 US Marines launch Operation Deckhouse Five in the Mekong Delta . An unprouctive ten day sweep losing 8 men while killing 21 as the Cong had already departed knowing they were coming . 1974 Daylight Saving Time is started four months early .

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    Jan 07 in history 1608 Fire destroys Jamestown , slave state of Virginia . 1940 The Finnish 9th Division stops and destroys a larger russian unit . 1948 Kentucky Air National Guard Pilot ( Captain Mantell ) crashes and dies chasing a UFO . Remains unsolved . 1980 Carter authorizes loans of 1 1/2 Billion to bailout Chrysler . 1992 Jeep Grand Cherokee is introduced at detroit auto show . 2012 11 die in a hot air balloon crash in New Zealand . Danke dreams of attending the daffodil festival in Carterton New Zealand .

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    Jan 08 in history , 307 Chinese Emperor , Jin is poisoned . 871 Alfred The Great leads the West Saxon army against the danelaw Vikings invasion . 1297 , Grimaldi , disguised as a Monk , leads his men into the Fortress of the Rock of Monaco , capture the Fortress and establishes himself as ruler of Monaco . 1811 slave revolt in St Charles and St James Louisiana . 1815 Battle of New Orleans . 1835 The US national debt is zero for the only time . 1877 Crazy Horse leads his Warriors in battle at Battle of Wolf Mountain with the 5th Infantry , Each side had three killed . Eight soldiers were wounded . 1920 Steel strike of 1919 ends . 1964 the evil Johnson declares War on Poverty. Between Aug and the following Jul the food stamp act , medicare and medicaid would be passed . This would result in major theft from the people by these evil , godless men and result in nothing . 1973 Watergate trial begins . 1981 UFO sighting in Trans - en - Provence France . 2003 Turkish Airlines Flight 634 crashes killing all but five , also Air Midwest Flight 5481 crashes killing all 21 .

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    Jan 09 in history , 1349 the Jews of Basel are burned to death as they are blamed for the Plague by the evil peoples there ( nasty Swiss ) . 1857 Fort Tejon Earthquake shakes californio (San Andreas Fault ) . Fort Tejon's adobe buildings crumbled as God destroyed its evil purpose , to overlord the Paiute , Mojave and californios . 1861 civilian steamship Star of the West is fired on from south carolina in the first shots of the civil war . That same day , Mississippi would be the second state to Secede . 1916 The Battle of Gallipoli concludes , reaching a half million in casualties . The ground thick with bullets. 1918 Battle of Bear Valley, 30 great Yaqui Warriors do battle in a delaying action with 30 Troopers of the 10th US Cavalry . 1927 fire in Montreal at the Palace Theatre kills 78 children . 1945 The Sixth US Army begins the invasion of Lingayen Gulf . 2011 Iran Air Flight 277 crashes killing 77 .

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    Jan 10 in history , 49 BC Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon . 1791 Siege of Dunlap's Station , trespassers on Shawnee lands . 1812 First steamboat on Ohio or Mississippi arrives in New Orleans after an 82 day trip from Pittsburgh . 1861 Florida secedes . 1870 John Rockefeller incorporates Standard Oil . 1901 first great Texas oil strike at Beaumont . 2015 mass poisoning in Mozambique at a funeral with beer poisoned with Crocodile bile kills 56 . 2018 Kodak announces it will enter the digital coin with an offering .
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    Jan 11 in history , 532 riots in the Hippodrome between supporter of chariot teams ( Greens and Blues ) in Constantinople , half the city burns , the palace under siege for five days and the death toll would reach 30K . Green 73 and Aaron Rogers escaped and the senate was exiled , having supported the riot. 1569 First recorded lottery in England . 1759 the first American life insurance company is incorporated in Philadelphia . 1805 Michigan Territory is created , the western half of the lower and the Upper were taken from The Land of Indians ( Indiana Territory ). At that time Michigan was mostly inhabited by Indians , fur trappers and Jesuits . By 1810 Michigan had 4700 residents other than untaxed Indians ( Article One , Section Two ) , it was no where near the 60k required for statehood and should have been left for the Indians with the Land of Indians . 1861 Alabama secedes . 1863 The Arkansas River is captured by the Union . 1908 Grand Canyon National Park is created . 1912 Immigrant textile works in Lawrence Mass. go on strike over reduced wages. 1917 Kingsland munitions factory explodes. 1923 Occupation of the Ruhr . The Ruhr area is occupied by french and belgium forces to force german payments owed from WW 1 .2013 A French Soldier and 17 militants are killed in somalia in an failed attempt to free a French Hostage. The whereabouts of Danke were unknown . We have reached 45 readers per day . You should congratulate yourself for being so well informed .
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    Jan 12 in history , 1554 King of Burma is crowned , he will later build the largest empire ever in Southeast Asia . 1848 The Palermo Rising takes place in Sicily .1962 First American combat mission of the Vietnam War that was made public , Operation Chopper. Six of the 50 Viet Cong were killed when attacked by 1K South Vietnamese flown in on American Helicopters ten miles west of Saigon . America and South Vietnam thought this was a huge victory . 1966 president johnson says the US should stay in South Vietnam until communist aggression is ended . 1969 Jets beat the Colts in Superbowl . 1971 The Harrisburg Seven , Rev. Phillip Berrigan and five others are indicted for conspiring to kidnap Henry Kissinger . 2006 Stampede at the Hajj kills at least 362 .

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    Jan 13 in history , 1435 Sicut Dudum , Pope forbids taking Canary Island Indians as slaves if they convert . Christian slaves were ordered to be set free .Captains and pirates who did not obey would later be dis communicated (1476 ) . 1815 , in the only War of 1812 battle to take place in georgia , british troops capture Fort Peter in St Marys Georgia, during that time , the St Marys River was the line between america and the british allied spanish florida . The purpose of Fort Peter was to enforce tariffs . 1500 British and 10 ships took it easily from 150 Americans and two gunboats. The British burnt Ft Peter and released 1485 slaves and the British left a week later. 1830 The Great Fire of New Orleans begins . 1840 steamship Lexington burns & sinks four miles off Long Island killing 139 . 1847 Treaty of Cahuenga , halts american aggression against the Californios , the evil americans intent was to steal the artillery and land . 1893 US Marines invade Hawaii . 1968 Johnny Cash performs live at Folsom State Prison .

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    Quote Originally Posted by oyarde View Post
    1968 Johnny Cash performs live at Folsom State Prison. During that concert, Oyarde tries to escape.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippyjuan View Post
    Ron Paul know some weird people too.

    Quiz: Test Your "Income" Tax IQ!

    Short Income Tax Video

    The Income Tax Is An Excise, And Excise Taxes Are Privilege Taxes

    The Federalist Papers, No. 15:

    Except as to the rule of appointment, the United States have an indefinite discretion to make requisitions for men and money; but they have no authority to raise either by regulations extending to the individual citizens of America.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danke View Post
    My personal favorite of course is " I've Been Everywhere " .

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    Jan 14 in history , 1539 Spain annexes Cuba , 1907 Kingston , Jamaica , earthquake kills 1000 , 1954 The Hudson Motor Car Co merges with Nash forming American Motors Co . 1960 the central bank of Australia is formed . 1967 the new york times reports the US Army is conducting secret germ warfare experiments , 1969 explosion on the USS Enterprise near Hawaii kills 27 .

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    Jan 15 in history , AD 69 Otho seizes power in Rome , declares himself Emperor and then is said to commit suicide three months later . 1777 New Connecticut ( Vermont ) declares Independence . 1782 Supt. of Finance goes before congress to discuss suggest minting money at a national mint in decimal coinage . 1815 ( War of 1812 ) four british ships capture american frigate USS President . 1844 University of Notre Dame receives charter from Indiana . 1865 last major confederate sea port falls as the Union takes Fort Fisher in North Carolina . 1867 40 people fall through the ice and die at Regents Boating Lake in London . 1870 Political cartoon depicting the Dem party as a Jackass is first printed . 1889 Pemberton Medicine Co is incorporated in Atlanta ( Coca Cola ) . 1892 James Naismith publishes the rules for basketball . 1919 The Great Molasses Flood , 21 die in Boston . 1967 the first Super Bowl is held in LA . Sara Jane Moore sentenced to life for attempting to assassinate President Ford . 2016 150 soldiers of the Kenyan Army die in battle with al- Shabaab in somalia .
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    Jan 16 in history ,550 Ostrogoths conquer Rome , 1362 a storm tide in the North Sea ravages the east coast of england and destroys the great German city of Rungholt . 1547 Ivan the Terrible becomes Czar . 1847 Hohn C Fremont is appointed Gov of California . 1942 Crash of TWA Flight 3 , killing all 22 . 1945 , people say Hitler moved to his underground bunker . Personally , I know he escaped . 1992 the 12 yr Salvadorian civil war comes to an end . 2001 Congolese president killed by his bodyguard .

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    Jan 17 in history , 38 BC Octavian divorces his wife Scribonia and married the homely Livia Drusilla . 1781 Battle of Cowpens , the Americans , losing 25 men , defeat the evil brit Tarleton's forces in South Carolina. The british suffered 110 killed, 229 wounded , had 829 captured and lost two guns . 1811 Battle of Calderon Bridge , 6k Spanish defeat 100k Mexicans , 1885 Battle of Abu Klea , british outnumbered 13000 to 1400 defeat a Dervish Army in the Sudan . The British would soon withdraw leaving the Dervish to rule the Sudan for another 13 years . 1899 the US takes Wake Island . 1917 The US pays Denmark 25 million for the Virgin Islands . 1950 The Great Brinks Robbery in the North End of Boston ( currently a parking garage ) netted 1.2 million in cash taken by a gang of 11 . Only 58k was ever recovered . 1961 Ike gives a farewell address three days before leaving office and warns of the accumulation of power by the " military industrial complex " , the dangers of massive spending , deficit spending . 1966 The Palomares Incident . 1991 Operation Desert Storm begins . 1998 after meeting with Danke , Matt Drudge breaks the Lewinsky - Clinton affair story .2010 Riots in Nigeria , 200 dead .

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    Jan 18 in history , 1535 Pizzaro claims to have founded Lima , Peru . 1591 King of Siam kills the Crown Prince in single combat , now celebrated as Thai Armed Forces Day . 1778 James Cook finds the Hawaiian Islands and calls them the Sandwich Islands . 1788 the first 738 convicts to Australia arrive in Botany Bay to start the penal colony . Convicts were originally sent to the thirteen colonies of north america but after 1783 were no longer welcomed. Yes most americans are descended from convicts , the illiterate and various narrow minded religious kooks such as witch killers etc . 1896 an X Ray machine is exhibited by H.L. Smith . 1941 British counter offensive in italian north africa is launched .1960 Capital Airlines Flight 20 crashes in Virginia killing all 50 . 1967 The Boston Strangler is convicted . 1969 United Airlines Flight 266 crashes into Santa Monica Bay killing 38 . 1990 after being with Danke , D.C. Mayor Barry is arrested in a drug sting by FBI . 2007 western european Cyclone kills 44 .

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    Jan 19 in history , 1607 San Augustin Church in Manila is completed , oldest church still standing in Philippines . 1806 Britain occupies the Dutch Cape Colony . 1839 British East India Company captures Aden . Port City of Yemen , the natural Harbor formed from a volcano. Old stories are that Aden has been occupied since there were humans and that Cain & Able are buried there . In my youth Aden was a good place to buy some cigarettes ,coffee , a jollyboat or frankincense . 1861 Georgia secedes . 1915 German zeppelins bomb two towns in the UK killing 20 . 1937 Howard Hughes sets time record flying from LA to NY in 7 hours 28 minutes . Considering the general inefficiency and poor service of modern airlines, with a plane change you probably could not beat that time today . 1940 Hollywood movie You Nazty Spy with the Three Stooges is released with Moe as Hitler . 1953 , nearly three quarters of american TV sets are tuned in to watch I Love Lucy . 1945 Soviets liberate Lodze Ghetto , 900 survivors of 200k from 1940. 1977 President Ford pardons Tokyo Rose . 1978 Last VW Beetle made in germany leaves the plant . 1983 SS Gestapo Klaus Barbie ( Butcher of Lyon ) is arrested in Bolivia . He was helped to escape to there by the US and catholic clergy .

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    Jan 20 in history 1567 Battle of Rio de Janeiro , the french are driven out . 1785 invading forces of Siam try to take Nam but are ambushed and beaten at the Mekong River . 1992 Air Inter Flight 148 crashes near Strasbourg killing 87 of 96 . 2017 Donald Trump is inaugurated becoming the oldest to take office .

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    Jan 21 in history , 1535 french Protestants are burned at the stake in front of Cathedral of Notre Dame in paris . 1861 Jefferson Davis resigns from the US Senate . 1911 The first Monte Carlo Rally takes place . 1948 Quebec Flag Day is invented , mostly because they have nothing to do up there , 1960 Avianca Flight 671 crashes and burns at Montego Bay Jamaica killing 37 . 1968 Battle of Khe Sahn begins , 1981 Production of the DeLorean begins in northern ireland .2017 Danke was seen at the women's march trying to pick up chicks on Trumps first full day in office .

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