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Thread: Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

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    Feb 17 in history , 1600 Giordano Bruno is burned alive in rome for heresy . 1859 French Navy captures the Citadel of Saigon . 1865 Columbia South Carolina is burned as confederates flee from Union forces . 1919 Ukraine asks for US help fighting bolsheviks . 1968 , Springfield , Mass . Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame opens . 1974 Robert K Preston , Army Private First Class buzzes the White Hose in a helicopter stolen from Fort Meade . A Bell UH - 1 Iroquois . He was shot at from the lawn with shotguns and sub machine guns . He served two months hard labor at Fort Riley . I was in Indianapolis which is where the First Lady was , the President was in Florida . 2015 18 die in a stampede at a Mardi Gras parade in Haiti .

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    Feb 18 in history , 1229 The Sixth Crusade Frederick II signs a ten yr truce with the wise al-Kamil ( sultan of Egypt ) gaining control of Jerusalem , Bethlehem and Nazareth without military engagement . 1478 Duke of Clarence is executed for treason . 1791 congress admits Vermont to the union. 1865 The South Carolina State House is set afire , the burning of Columbia continues from bales of cotton lining the streets that were lit by withdrawing confederates . 1878 John Tunstall is murdered by known counterfeit con artist , rustler and murderer Jesse Evans setting off the Lincoln County War in Lincoln County , New Mexico . Evans was released from Hunstville prison in 1882 and disappeared . Serving three years for multiple murders . 1942 Jap Army begins exterminating chinese citizens in Singapore . 1943 Joseph Goebbels delivers a speech . 1946 Sailors in The Royal Indian Navy mutiny in Bombay causing a temporary halt in the flow of my favorite Gin . 1954 in preparation for future wealthy libertarians the Church of Scientology is founded in LA . 1970 The Chicago Seven are found not guilty . 1979 Richard Petty wins 6th Daytona 500 as the two leaders crash on the final lap . 1983 Thirteen dead in Wah Mee Massacre in Seattle at the Louisa Hotel in the basement at Chinatown. It was once a club called Blue Heaven and had been there since the 20's . It never reopened , destroyed in a fire on Christmas Eve 2013 . One of the murderers was out of prison by 2014 . 2013 Eight Armed robbers in two police cars steal diamonds claimed to be worth 50 million from Brussels Airport . Zippy has not been questioned . 31 people were arrested the following May but ony a few diamonds were recovered.
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    Feb 19 in history , 1807 former vice president Aaron Burr is arrested for treason in Wakefield , Alabama and jailed at Fort Stoddert . The Great Oyarde has never been arrested for treason .1847 the first rescue group reaches the wicked Donner party . By Jan 12 members of the party had already eaten Jay Fosdick and murdered and eaten two innocent Miwok Indians and the Wendigo possessed the evil souls of this subhuman race . 1859 Daniel E Sickles (Dem congressman and former Major General ), a close relative of a close friend of mine is acquitted of murder in New York by reason of insanity . He had shot and killed Francis Scott Keys nephew , Phillip Barton Key II . Sickles sent his amputated leg from Gettysburg to the Army Medical Museum in D.C . . It is now called the National Museum of Health and Medicine and the leg bone may still be seen there . The leg was hit with a cannonball . Sickles lived to be 94 . 1884 60 tornados strike the southern US . 1942 250 Jap warplanes attack Darwin , Australia killing 243 . Also in 1942 Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9066 , allowing Japanese interment camps . 1943 Battle of Kasserine Pass begins in Tunisia . 1945 30k US Marines land on Iwo Jima . 1976 Executive Order 9066 is rescinded by President Ford with Proclamation 4417 . 1978 Larnaca International Airport Incident , 15 dead Egyption commandos . 1985 Iberia Airlines Boeing 727 crashes killing 148 in Spain . 2011 Belitung shipwreck artifact collection goes on display in Singapore . 2012 44 dead in prison riot in Nuevo Leon Mexico . Danke was not hurt .
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    Feb 20 in history , 1339 Battle of Parabiago with 7k casualties , Lombardy , Itay the Army of Milan against the Mercenary Army of St George that was composed of 2500 German Knights , 1000 Swiss Infantry and others with snow on the ground . 1472 Shetland and Orkney are pawned from Norway to Scotland in place of a Dowry . 1835 Concepcion Chile is destroyed by earthquake . 1864 Largest battle in Florida during the war , Battle of Olustee . The Union Army , in control of Jacksonville ran operations from there against confederate supply lines . Florida was of no real significance and there would total 93 dead confederates and 203 dead Americans at the Olustee Battle . 1865 End of the Uruguayan War . 1931 Congress approves the construction of The Bay Bridge. You would think the people of Oakland would have opposed it . 1933 Congress proposes the 21st Amendment while Hitler secretly meets with german industrialists to raise money for his party .

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    Feb 21 in history , 1245 first known bishop of finland is granted resignation after he confesses to several felonies to include torture , murder and forgery. There are no surviving records of the bishops prior to him or the other crimes . 1543 Battle of Wayna Danga . Ethiopians defeat the muslim hoarde lead by the evil Imam . The Imam was killed by a Portuguese soldier . The Ethiopians were outnumbered 8k to 14k but took the battle easily , over 160 Ottoman musketeers were killed . 1797 1400 French soldiers invade britain and are defeated by 500 british reservists . 1804 first self propelled steam locomotive is used at Wales at the ironworks . 1808 without declaration of war russia invades finland . 1848 Marx & Engels publish the Communist Manifesto in an attempt to ensure the world will never be great again . So far it has been a success . 1862 Battle of Valverde ( modern day New Mexico ) . The ridiculous confederates thought they would take california ( confederate general Henry Hopkins Sibley ) .I have no idea what he though he might do with it but he might be surprised today to find out everyone else would like to be rid of it . 1916 Battle of Verdun begins . 1918 The last remaining carolina Parakeet dies in captivity at the Cincinnati zoo . 1952 Churchill abolishes govt ID cards . 1972 Nixon arrives in China . 1975 three are sentenced to prison from Watergate .

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    Feb 22 in history 1651 Saint Peters Flood , 15K drown . 1819 Spain sells florida to the US for 5 million dollars . 1847 Battle of Buena Vista , this will be southwest of what is currently Loredo Texas. 1856 Republican convention opens in Pittsburgh . 1879 first Woolworth opens in Utica . 1915 Imperial German Navy begins unrestricted submarine warfare . 1924 Calvin Coolidge delivers an address on the radio . First American President to do so . 1980 Oyarde watches as US hockey team defeats soviets 4 - 3 . 2006 Britains Big Robbery , six men steal 92 1/2 million from a Securitas depot in Wales . Soon it will be Feb 26 and there will then be just two months to Administrative Pro Day , Danke will buy us drinks .
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    Feb 23 in history , 1739 outlaw Dick Turpin is identified by his former school teacher at York Castle . He was hung as a horse thief , having survived the small pox but not the gallows . 1778 Baron Von Steuben arrives at Valley Forge to help with training Continentals . 1820 Cato Street Conspiracy is uncovered , attempt to kill all the british cabinet and prime minister . Thirteen arrests were made , five were executed , five deported to Australia . 1836 the siege of the Alamo begins in San Antonio at de Mision San Antonio de Valera , once home of the Payaya Indians , who often took wives by theft from other tribes . A small but fierce group that would be hard hit by the filth and disease of the euro trash . 1861 lincoln secretly arrives in DC after an alleged assassination plot in Baltimore . 1870 End of military control of Mississippi and it is admitted into the union . 1885 French Army takes control of the Tonkin Region in Nam . 1887 Earthquake in French Riviera area kills 2k . 1942 Japanese submarines attack the California coastline with artillery near Santa Barbara . 1998 Central Florida , tornados destroy 2600 buildings . Today we hit 48 readers per day .
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    Feb 24 in History . 303 Persecution of Christians becomes rampant in the roman empire . 484 King Huneric ( homely ,wicked heathen King of the Vandals and Alans of North Africa and likely one of Dankes ancestors )removes the Christian bishops , banishing some to Corica and martyring others . 1386 King of Naples and Hungary is assassinated . 1831 First Indian Removal ,Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek , the Choctaws of Mississippi move west . 1863 Arizona becomes a territory . 1920 the Nazi Party is founded . 1942 Battle of Los Angeles ( california defeated ) . 1944 Merrill's Marauders begin the 1000 mile journey through Jap occupied Burma . 1968 Tet offensive grinds to a halt as Hue is retaken from the communists. 1989 United Airlines Flight 811 rips open during flight and nine passengers are blown away from business class . 1991 I am in Iraq . 1996 two american civilian planes are shot down by Cuban Air Force , Danke does nothing .

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    Feb 25 in history 1336 4k defenders of Pilenai commit suicide and burn the fort to avoid surrender to the invading Teutonic Knights and deprive them of plunder . Only I know for certain where the fort was located . 1836 Samuel Colt was granted patent for the Colt Revolver . 1866 california miners discover the Calaveras Skull , a Policene period skull 130 feet below the surface under volcanic lava . Radiocarbon dating in 1992 revealed the skull may be Halocene period . Of course there are rumors of witnesses that it may not be the original skull . 1919 Oregon levies a one cent per gallon gasoline tax , the first state to issue a tax on fuel . 1948 Communist Party takes control of Czech govt . 1987 SMU becomes first football program banned for infractions .

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    Feb 26 in history , ( Two Months to Administrative Professionals Day ) 1233 , Mongol - Jin War , the Mongols capture the Jin Capital . 1936 Jap officers attempt a coup of the Japanese govt . 1960 New York bound Airliner crashes into a cemetery at Shannon , Ireland killing 34 . 1993 World Trade Center bombing . 1995 UK's oldest Investment Bank ( Barings Bank ) collapses after Nick Leeson loses 1.4 Billion on the Singapore Exchange in futures . 2013 A hot air balloon crashes near Luxor Egypt killing 19 . 2018 Good news for Danke , Oyarde passes his annual physical and looks to be here to help Danke celebrate Administrative Professionals Day !
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    Feb 27 in history 380 the Edict of Thessalonica . 425 University of Constantinople is founded due to the nagging of the Emperors wife . Mrs O can hardly read but I secretly believe she has studied this . 1560 Treaty of Berwick which will expel the French from Scotland . 1776 Battle of Moores Creek Bridge ( in north carolina ) , 1600 southern Loyalists are defeated by 1000 revolutionary militia who killed 50 while losing one , 1844 The Dominican Republic escapes Haiti . 1861 Russian troops murder five civilian protesters in Warsaw Poland . 1864 Andersonville prison takes in first Northern Prisoners . 1881 Battle of Majuba Hill , 92 Bristish Infantry will die while the South Afrikans lose one . 1933 Reichstag Fire . 1943 Berlin , the gestapo arrest 1800 Jews with german wives . 1991 President Bush announces that Kuwait is liberated . 2002 Ryanair Flight 296 catches fire at London . 2004 leader of japanese doosday cult is sentenced to death for 1995 tokyo poison gas subway attack .2007 The Shanghai Stock Exchange drops 9 percent . 2013 Switzerland , five die in factory shooting . 2015 Assassination of Boris Nemstov .

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    Feb 28 in history , 1525 Cortes is busy executing the Aztec King . 1710 Danish invaders are defeated on Swedish soil . 1784 John Wesley charters the Methodist Church . 1827 Baltimore & Ohio Railroad begins commercial passenger transportation . 1838 leader of the Patriots ( Robert Nelson ) declares independence of Lower Canada ( quebec ) . 1847 Battle of the Sacramento River which will lead to US capture of Chihuahua , the largest state of mexico , larger than the UK . The american invaders lost only one man in this battle , US Artillery ensuring victory . 1893 USS Indiana , first in class, the greatest American Battleship is launched . 1940 Basketball is first televised . Fordham - Pitt at Madison Square Garden . 1942 Heavy Cruiser USS Houston is sunk at the battle of Sunda Strait , 693 crew members are killed . 1947 Civil unrest in Taiwan is put down with 30k civilians killed . 1948 Christianburg Crossroads shooting in Gold Coast . A british policeman opens fire on WW II Veterans killing three . 1954 first color tv's are offered for sale . 2013 Pope resigns . 2018 Oyarde looks around Dankes place , notices a general lack of diversity and reports it to the local Party leader ( Democratic Farmer Labor Party ) who claimed to already be interested in Dankes re education .
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    March 1 in history . 1562 63 Huguenots are massacred at Wassy , France starting the french wars of religion . 1628 decree in Feb that every county in England pay ship tax by this date . No longer applies to just port cities . Hopefully Republicanguy has pd his taxes . 1633 Samuel de Champlain reclaims his role of Commander of New France on behalf of the cardinal . 1642 Georgeana , Mass. becomes americas first incorporated city ( now York , Maine ) . Fort Neoheroka of the Tuscarora Tribe ( north carolina ) is attacked and burned by evil colonists of south carolina . The surviving Tuscarora move north to live among the Iroquois assuring the carolinas will never be great . Those captured were sold into slavery by the evil race of men that would populate the carolinas . 1790 first US Census is authorized . 1836 Washington On The Brazos , Texas , delegates from 57 Tejano communities meet to conspire secession from mexico . Mexico will have other ideas about these . 1881 Minnesota State Capital burned to the ground by the wrath of God . 1896 Battle of Adwa , Ethiopians defeat the italians . 1961 President Kennedy establishes the Peace Corps . 1998 first film to gross over 1 billion worldwide is a story that everyone already knows how it ends , proving the low mental capacity of the masses , The Titanic .

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    March 02 in history , 537 Ostrogoth Army lays siege to rome . 1127 The Count of Flanders , Charles The Good was assassinated two years after expelling the jews from Flanders . A Friar Erembald, provost of the Church of Saint Donatian was the leader in the conspiracy of the assassination . He was hacked to death by Knights with Broadswords while kneeling in prayer at church . The Erembald family was arrested and tortured to death . 1687 Great Fire of Edo ( Tokyo ) , burns three days killing 100K . 1776 brazen patriot militia troops arrest the Royal Governor of Georgia . 1825 Caribbean Pirate Roberto Cofresi is defeated and captured . Later , he and most of his crew were executed by firing squad at San Juan . Cofresi had loot stashed at the time that is now unknown . His ear rings were on display at the National Museum of American History and may still be . 1859 the two day Great Slave Auction begins a 436 men , women , children and infants are sold in Savannah ( evil state of georgia ) . In 2008 a steel marker was put at the site . 1933 King Kong opens at Radio City Music Hall . 1946 Ho Chi Minh becomes president of north vietnam . 1962 Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 points in NBA game , Philly beats NY at Hershey 169 - 147 .

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    March 03 in history , 1284 a statute issued from Rhuddian Castle incorporates Wales into england . 1776 first amphibious landing by Marines begins The Battle of Nassau . British had 63 artillery pc.'s at Nassau , 1875 first indoor hockey game was in Montreal , Quebec ( canada ) . 1923 Time magazine is first published , no mention of Danke . 1931 Star Spangled Banner is adopted by US . 1972 Mohawk Airlines Flight 405 crashes . 1974 Turkish Airlines Flight 981 crashes near Paris killing all 346 . 1985 earthquake in Chile kills 177 . 2013 Bomb blast in Karachi kills 45 .

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    Mar 04 in history , 1238 Battle of the Sit River , the Mongol Hordes of Batu Khan with 10k Cavalry surrounded and wiped out the 3k russian infantry scout advance . Ending unified resistance to the Mongols who would dominate the area for two centuries . The only men brave enough to resist were killed at the Sit . 1493 Columbus arrives back in Lisbon from his voyage to the bahamas that he thought was china . 1519 the evil Cortes arrives in mexico to kill and plunder with intent to steal Aztec gold . 1628 Sadly , Mass Bay colony receives a Royal Charter . 1776 the Continental Army fortifies Dorchester Heights with Cannon causing the british to leave boston . 1797 John Adams is inaugurated second President . 1804 Irish convicts rebel against the british authority in New South Wales ( Australia ). Called the Castle Hill Rebellion . Nine Irish were executed after surrender while the area was under martial law . The Irish force of 233 surrendered to the british force of 97 after losing 15. Never surrender . 1814 Battle of Longwoods ( ontario ) 164 Americans armed with rifles and Tomahawks defeat the british force of 240 killing 14 while losing 4 . At nightfall the british withdrew . The british Rangers and Indians had flanked the Americans but did not press the attack . A battle that nearly ended in the demise of the Americans turned positive on the british withdrawal . Know when to press the attack . 1861 the Stars and Bars is adapted by the confederacy . 1908 Ohio near Cleveland , Collinwood School fire results in 174 dead . Only one of the two exits was not blocked by fire . Half the children and two teachers lost . The city pd for burial of 19 unidentified. 1962 Caledonian Airways DC -7 crashes killing 111 . 1966 Canadian Pacific Airlines flight explodes on landing killing 64 . 1970 French Submarine explodes under water killing all 57 . 2012 ammo dump in Brazzaville explodes killing 250 or more .
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    March 05 in history , the 64th day of the yr , meaning tomorrow leaves 300 days to 2019 . 1496 King Henry VII of england gives permission to John Cabot and sons to explore new lands. His 1497 visit to the coast of north america on commission from the king was the first recorded since the Vikings in the 11th century . 1770 five americans including the now famous Crispus Attucks are shot by british in what is now called the boston Massacre . 1936 Samuel Colt patents the first production model revolver , the .34 caliber .1906 US Army murders 1000 Moro people on Jolo Island at the Moro Crater Massacre , only six would survive . 1933 president roosevelt declares a Bank Holiday closing all US banks and freezing all financial transactions on the same day Hitlers nazi party wins 44 percent of Reichstag . 1940 six of soviet politburo including Stalin sign execution order for 25 , 700 Polish , called the Katyn Massacre . 1942 Japs capture Batavia , capital of Dutch East Indies . 1953 Stalin dies . 1965 leftist uprising in Bahrain , I escaped .2003 Haifa bus 37 suicide bombing kills 17 Israeli civilians .
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    Quote Originally Posted by oyarde View Post
    March 05 in history , the 64th day of the yr , meaning tomorrow leaves 300 days to 2019 . 1496 King Henry VII of england gives permission to John Cabot and sons to explore new lands. His 1497 visit to the coast of north america on commission from the king was the first recorded since the Vikings in the 11th century . 1770 five americans including the now famous Crispus Attucks are shot by british in what is now called the boston Massacre . 1936 Samuel Colt patents the first production model revolver , the .34 caliber .1906 US Army murders 1000 Moro people on Jolo Island at the Moro Crater Massacre , only six would survive . 1933 president roosevelt declares a Bank Holiday closing all US banks and freezing all financial transactions on the same day Hitlers nazi party wins 44 percent of Reichstag . 1940 six of soviet politburo including Stalin sign execution order for 25 , 700 Polish , called the Katyn Massacre . 1942 Japs capture Batavia , capital of Dutch East Indies . 1953 Stalin dies . 1965 leftist uprising in Bahrain , I escaped .2003 Haifa bus 37 suicide bombing kills 17 Israeli civilians .

    1966: Passenger jet crashes into Mount Fuji
    A Boeing 707 has crashed into Mount Fuji in Japan killing all 124 people on board.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zippyjuan View Post
    Ron Paul know some weird people...

    Quiz: Test Your "Income" Tax IQ!

    Short Income Tax Video

    The Income Tax Is An Excise, And Excise Taxes Are Privilege Taxes

    The Federalist Papers, No. 15:

    Except as to the rule of appointment, the United States have an indefinite discretion to make requisitions for men and money; but they have no authority to raise either by regulations extending to the individual citizens of America.

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    March 06 in history , 845 The 42 Martyrs of Amorium are executed at Samarra for refusing to convert to the wicked islam . 1521 Magellan arrives at Guam . 1788 First Fleet arrives at Norfolk Island to establish a penal colony of convicts . The majority of these british dregs of society were first distributed to Virginia , Maryland and Georgia ( estimated 50K ) and then later to Australia . 1836 Battle of the Alamo , 187 Volunteers die as 3k Mexican soldiers bring an abrupt end to the 13 day siege . 1945 Cologne is captured by American troops . 1967 Stalins daughter defects to the US . First football games of USFL are held . The following season the New Jersey Generals will be sold to Donald Trump who will soon lobby to have games played during the NFL season in an attempt to make america not great and bring a demise ( 1986) to the wonderful USFL . Only guy to profit from the USFL was the Denver owner that sold the team after one season .
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    Mar 07 in history , 238 roman subjects in the african province ( modern Tunisia and northern Algeria )revolt against Maximinus Thrax and elect a new emperor ( Gordian I ) who is overthrown a month later by the Maximinus loyal and committed suicide. 321 Emperor Constantine I decrees Sunday as Day of Rest in the empire . 1799 Napoleon captures Jaffa in Palestine and executes all the Albanian prisoners ( 4k )that were there for the Ottoman empire , 1862 Battle of Pea Ridge ( Northern Arkansas ), 2k confederates will die , overwhelmed by a much smaller Union force who will lose 1384 . 1876 Bell is granted patent for telephone . 1945 American Troops ( US 1st Army, Motto - " First in Deed " ) seize the bridge over the Rhine at Remagen . The Army deployed six divisions across the bridge in ten days before it was recaptured and destroyed . It was never rebuilt. The towers on ea side though can still be visited . 1951 Korea , Operation Ripper , assault against chinese troops begins. Sometimes called the Fourth Battle of Seoul . The Americans lose 566 and kill thousands. The end result will be the US reaching the 38th Parallel . 1968 US launches offensive to root out Cong around My Tho ( in the Mekong Delta ). Oyarde also decrees Sunday as Day of Rest for his empire .

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    March 08 in history , 1777 Regiments from Ansbach and Bayreuth being sent to fight with the british mutiny. 1782 in ohio ,Gnadenhutten Massacre , 96 Christian Lenape Indians are murdered by evil and godless Pennsylvania militia. Of course , no charges were brought and the murderers would spawn more ignorant americans . 1817 New York Stock Exchange is founded . 1947 13K chinese troops arrive in Taiwan killing thousands .1957 Egypt re opens the Suez Canal . 1971 Frazier - Ali fight that Frazier wins in 15 rounds at Madison Square Garden . Oyarde wins his bets . 2014 Malaysian Air Flight 370 carrying 239 people disappears .

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    March 09 in history , 1009 the first known mention of Lithuania is found in The Annals of Quedlinburg , a Monastery in Quedlinburg Germany . It records an Archbishop monk ( Boniface )with 18 others slain by some pagans at the Rus and Lithuanian borders . 1276 Augsburg becomes a free imperial city . 1566 Edinburgh , private secretary to queen Mary is murdered ( David Rizzio ) . Stabbed over 50 times and thrown down the stairs , buried within two hours at the instruction of the queens husband . 1842 Californio ( california ) at Rancho San Francisco , gold is discovered . It was a 49k acre land grant belonging to a Mexican Army Officer that would be currently Eastern Ventura county and Northwestern LA County . Santa Clarita lies there on the Rancho . The gold was found near Placerita Canyon , once home of the Tataviam Indians . 1847 Siege of Vera Cruz begins. US Army invades with amphibious assault . 1916 Pancho Villa and 500 of his men invade Columbus , New Mexico . 1933 Roosevelt submits Emergency Banking Act to congress . 1944 Jap troops counter attack American forces at Bougainville Hill 700 in what will be a five day battle . 1945 Incendiary attack on tokyo . 1959 Barbie Doll makes debut at american international toy fair in NY . 1967 mid air collision in Ohio kills 26 on TWA Flight 553 . 1997 Danke is excited as an eclipse permits Comet Hale - Bopp to be seen in daylight in Mongolia , Siberia and China .

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    Mar 10 in history , 241 romans sink the Carthaginian fleet bringing the Punic War to a close . 298 roman emperor Maximian concludes his campaign against the Berbers and enters Carthage .1762 French Huguenot Jean Calas is tortured to death for a murder he did not commit . 1804 Formal ceremony for the Louisiana Purchase is held in St Louis . 1848 Treaty of Guadaloupe Hidalgo is ratified by US senate . 1865 Execution of white american teenage slave Amy Spain for theft in barbarous Darlington South Carolina , convicted of treason for theft by the cowardly confederate military court . 1906 1099 miners die in a mine in northern France . Coal dust explosion . 1945 US Army Air Force fire bombs Tokyo killing 100K . 1949 Axis Sally is convicted of Treason . 1968 Vietnam , Battle of Lima Site 85 in Laos , US loses 13 killed and 42 Hmong die as the communists prevail . 1969 Memphis , James Earl Ray pleads guilty to murder of Martin Luther King Jr. 2018 TheTexan begins giving stock picks and financial advice , PM him for details .
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    March 11 in history , 222 in Rome , the Emperor ( Elagabalus , 18 yrs old) and his Mother are assassinated by the Praetorian Guard . The bodies mutilated and dragged through the streets before being thrown into the River . It seems the emperor was married 6 or 7 times with several wives and a couple husbands . 1824 The US Dept of War creates the Bureau of Indian Affairs for the purpose of stealing more land . 1961 The constitution for the confederate states of america is finished ( adopted ) . 1888 Great Bizzard of 1888 ( Eastern Seaboard ) kills 400 to 500 . Snowfall in some areas reaching 40 to 60 inches . The real problem was the wind which created drifts that were so large they were not measurable , then flooding from the melt . 1927 the Roxy Theatre opens in NYC . 1946 Rudolph Hoss , Commandant of Auschwitz Concentration Camp was captured by british troops . 1977 Hanafi Muslims attack washington DC , committing two murders and taking 149 hostages . 1993 Janet Reno becomes attorney general ( elections have consequences ) .

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    Elegabalus Drowns Everybody In Rose Petals

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    March 12 in history , 538 a Byzantine General is in control of Rome as the King of the Ostrogoths breaks off his siege and leaves . 1885 French capyure the citadel of Bac Ninh ( north vietnam ) .1894 coca cola is bottled for the first time and sold in Vicksburg by the local soda fountain owner . 1928 California , Saint Francis Dam fails killing 431 or more . The dam was under The Bureau of Water Works and Supply ran by chief engineer William Mulholland . Human Remains were found into the 1950's. Mulholland retired and got a 500 dollar a month consulting engineer fee salary , died in 1939 at age 79 . 2009 Bernard Madoff pleads guilty in NY to 18 billion in fraud .

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    March 13 in history , 624 Battle of Badr , the Qurayash lose to the muslims dooming everyone there forever. 874 the bones of Saint Nikephoros are interred in Constantinople . 1862 Fed Govt forbids any Union Officers from returning any fugitive slaves , abolishing the terrible 1850 fugitive slave act and bringing the barbaric country of america and its citizens of low moral character closer to being civilized. 1933 Some banks in the US begin to reopen after Roosevelts bank holiday . 1943 germans liquidate the jewish ghetto of Krakow , sending them to extermination or slave labor camp . 1954 Viet Minh unleash artillery barrages on the French at Dien Bien Phu . 1991 Dept of justice announces Exxon agreed to pay 1 billion in cleanup of Valdez oil spill . 1997 the Phoenix Lights are seen by thousands of people ( mass UFO sighting ) . 2008 Gold prices on NY Mercantile Exchange hit 1000 for the first time ( currently 1323 .10 ) .
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    March 14 in history 44 BC Cassius and Casca decide to spare Mark Antony while Julius Caesar is assassinated the next day . 1757 Admiral Sir John Byng is executed aboard the HMS Monarch by firing squad . 1780 Spanish forces capture Fort Charlotte at Mobile Alabama . 1900 Gold Standard Act is ratified , a price is set per ounce of gold . This act would be done away with in 1933 . 1951 Seoul is captured for a second time from the communists . 1961 US Air Force Broken Arrow nuclear weapon mishap ( Yuba , Calif. ) . 1964 Dallas , a jury finds Jack Ruby guilty . 1967 The body of John F Kennedy is moved to Arlington National Cemetery . 1980 Poland , Flight 7 crashes near Warsaw killing 87 and the American Boxing Team . Hopefully we can hit 49 to 50 readers a day by Apr 26 .
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    Mar 15 in history , 474 BC celebration in Rome for ending the War against the Veii and securing a truce ( Etruscan city ) . 44 BC Julius Caesar is stabbed to death by Brutus and others . 1493 Columbus returns to Spain with no real idea of where he had come from . 1564 The Mughal Emperor Akbar abolishes the jizya tax . The Great Oyarde will never surrender or pay the Jizya of the wicked . 1781 Battle of Gulliford Courthouse , 4400 continentals are defeated by a british force of 1900 . 1916 4800 US Troops enter Mexico in pursuit of Pancho Villa . 1931 SS Viking explodes off Newfoundland killing 24 of the 147 present . 1978 Somalia and Ethiopia sign a truce . 1986 Hotel New World collapses in Singapore killing 33 . Shame you guys did not get to check out the bar , pretty good food ( Universal Neptune bar and restaurant if I recall ) .

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    Wow, uncle Oyarde's traveled into Thursday to write in the "today's history" thread for us!
    Quote Originally Posted by Torchbearer
    what works can never be discussed online. there is only one language the government understands, and until the people start speaking it by the magazine full... things will remain the same.
    Hear/buy my music here "government is the enemy of liberty"-RP Support me on Patreon here Ephesians 6:12

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