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Thread: Anyone here knows what strategic energy management is?

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    Anyone here knows what strategic energy management is?

    Does anyone here knows what strategic energy management is? Can it help commercial companies to continuously improve their operating performance while reducing energy costs over the long-term?

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    Strategic management is a good approach towards energy efficiency. This helps save cost by merely reducing operating and maintenance costs continuously. You may get assistance from an advisor or a service provider about a strategic management program.

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    Management on energy that is strategic.

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    No , managing energy costs will not improve operating performance , nor can you really manage the costs . Electricity will be charged by KWH , you cannot purchase it and store it and use it at a later date if costs rise . You could do that with diesel fuel but the cost of doing it would be too high . All you can really do is see if there are places where you can reduce usage without hurting production.
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    Things like staggering peak electrical load does help. Having one machine start up at a time for instance, reduces the loading on the electrical system and cuts costs.

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