MOAB = Mother Of All Bombs, Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb, I like the first name better...

The Polish President welcomed the US troops which he believed would protect the country’s sovereignty from the threat of Russia.

The 900 American troops will serve alongside 150 British and 120 Romanian soldiers in Orzysz, after landing in Poland in March.

Nato deployed troops as part of the bloc’s strategy to contain Russia and protect allies in Eastern Europe.

The troops will be stationed near the Russian border enclave of Kaliningrad, which is a relic of the Soviet Union and is separated from the rest of Russia by other Baltic states.

About 4,000 Nato troops have been placed across Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia and has become Nato’s biggest deployment of troops since Afghanistan.

According to RT, President Duda described the deployment of US troops as a “historic moment”.

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Great. War with Syria, in Afghanistan, North Korea, and Russia all at the same time? It is really starting to appear to me as if WWIII is not just possible and even probable, but edging almost toward unavoidable. All we are really doing is recolonizing the earth and reorganizing the people farms for small groups of dominant men while they make efforts to eliminate existing populations in order to take those already occupied land masses over and slap a label for their human livestock on every geographic place on the face of the planet. Why do people support these idiot leaders again?