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Thread: Anthem Blanchard Discusses Gold Backed Cryptocurrency

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    Default Anthem Blanchard Discusses Gold Backed Cryptocurrency

    Check out this interview of our CEO Anthem Blanchard discussing Gold backed Cryptocurrency with MadBitcoins:

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    That didn't turn out too well for Egold
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    anytime power is centralized, the point of failure is found.

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    Other alternatives:

    Other commodity-backed cryptocurrencies are more esoteric. Consider the Uro Foundation's UroCoin, also launched last year, which is supposedly backed by 1 metric ton of a widely used fertilizer called urea. It's meant to track the rise in energy and food prices.

    CannabisCoin, one of the more actively traded commodity-backed currencies on the cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex, has been gaining traction. The coin is backed by 1 gram of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis.
    Some gold cryptocurrencies were bitcoin operators trying to expand their market. In this case, I think it is a gold dealer trying to expand their market to bitcoin users.
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